Gooood Morning: Destiny has taken a turn.

Red Sox: Did they regain control of the series?

Red Sox: Did they regain control of the series?

Like the millions who would watched last night, and like most of the guests to this blog, we watched the Tampa Bay Rays whip the Red Sox to advance to the World Series. … You mean they didn’t?

We watched a historic comeback last night. Down seven, the Red Sox blitzed the Rays to stay alive and send the ALCS back to Tampa down 3-to-2. The Red Sox have Beckett and Lester going the next two games, Saturday and Sunday, so it’s not crazy to be thinking they might pull it off again.

Do you believe that will happen or will the Rays’ magic ride continue?

7 thoughts on “Gooood Morning: Destiny has taken a turn.

  1. JD

    Pls add to your links section.

    I found them on your previous site and found it informative and entertaining. Tajesh really is into the minors and even now we are able to follow our fave young player Dan the man Murphy in winter ball.


  2. BH (1): I’m kind of leaning the other way. I think I’d be shocked if they lost. I can see this one going seven.-JD

  3. JD: With Beckett hurting the way he has been and the way the Rays have played at home, I too think they’ll bounce back and win game 6. I think if game 6 were played today instead of tomorrow, the Rays might have had a hangover. But I think the day in between will help them refocus.

  4. Only great teams do what the red sox did thurs. night. I remember the phillies doing the same thing to the mets this year, but I don’t recall the mets ever coming back from a 7 run deficit this year.That’s why I kept saying all year that the mets had a good team,not a great team.