Wright willing to help

Wright: Only an idiot would think of trading him.

Wright: Only an idiot would think of trading him.

David Wright said he wouldn’t lobby the Mets’ front office as to what free agents they pursue, but is willing to help out should he be asked.

“I stay out of the whole front-office decision making, who they go after, who they are trading for,” Wright said. “But if they ever came to me and asked me to speak to a free agent and show him around New York, I live there now, so I would be more than happy to do that.”

There are those who have foolishly suggested the Mets trade Wright, but he’s not going anywhere. He remains the face of the franchise.

I covered the Orioles for a long time and told him he reminds me of Cal Ripken in how the club promotes him. He said he was flattered, and like Ripken, wants to play his entire career with the Mets.

Quite simply, you don’t trade players like Wright.

4 thoughts on “Wright willing to help

  1. I can’t imagine anyone thinking the Mets should trade David.

    Today on WFAN – Francesa’ guest is Frank Isola – who is having a hard time getting a word in. Most discussion is about the death yesterday of 71 year old Tom Tresh.

  2. Did Mike go in to one of his 15 minute monologues about how much he likes Brandon Inge?

  3. Bryan -(2) No Mike didn’t – in fact now he and Frank are discussing the debate and politics in general and both are very informed.