Commentary: Get angry at Reyes, not Victorino.

Reyes: Less dancing and more playing is needed.

Reyes: Less dancing and more playing is needed.

Interesting report last night on Fox when after Shane Victorino’s slam against Milwaukee in which which he raised his finger in the air as he rounded the bases.

Prior to the next game, teammates taped to Victorino’s locker the photo of him running the bases and wrote ‘J. Reyes’ above it.

Victorino doing his best Reyes.

Victorino doing his best Reyes.

A slap at Reyes? Of course it was. But, if this irks you, blame Reyes, for it is stuff like this that upsets other teams enough to put the Mets in their sights. Reyes is a good player with the potential to be great, but he’s been given a free reign for the most part about his celebrations and behavior.

Reyes provided the motivation to the Florida Marlins for the season finale in 2007, and undoubtedly inspired teams against the Mets this year.

29 thoughts on “Commentary: Get angry at Reyes, not Victorino.

  1. Good. I don’t care that the Phillies or anyone else use this to fire them up. If it wasn’t this, they’d use something else about the Mets. Teams don’t like New York teams. If Reyes wasn’t there they’d find something else.

    Plus, nothing Reyes does is over the top to me. How does he differ than JC Romero pounding his chest like an ape? Victorino hopping on homeplate and staring in to a dugout? Ryan Howard staring at long home runs for 5 minutes before starting his trot that takes another 5 minutes.

    He shows emotion on the field. Sometimes it might be a bit much but I don’t feel he needs to apologize for that.

    If it fires up other teams, so be it. Get a better bullpen and this doesn’t matter…

  2. I thought the players on opposing teams were supposed to be men.

    “BOO-HOO! Reyes is showing us up! WAAAAAH! He gave a high-five to his teammates! BOO-HOO-HOO! He’s got hios finger in the air!”


  3. How about being angry at those who truly deserve it…. let’s start with Omar, and the Mets players, for failing to do their jobs TWO seasons in a row.

    IMO, this is nothing but wasting time and blog space. I really don’t care what Victorino does or what the Phillies do. All I know is that bottom line they are in the World Series, and we’re not.

    And our problems are beyond just tweaking the bullpen.

  4. Jose still loves what he does. He isn’t jaded yet. And people are jealous of that, and of his exuberance, and most importantly, of his talent.

    One of our favorite sayings at home is, “We have [insert player name here], and YOU DON’T”.

  5. I’m tired of all the “wounded egos” and one-upsmanship in sports. Frankly all of these guys who have to overtly celebrate every good deed irritate me (including Reyes), but it’s the celebrations to show-up someone else or rub their faces in it that make me see red. Jose falls into the first category but not the second.

    There are definitely a few Philies in the second category and each of them (and others around the league, e.g. Manny) deserves a fastball to the head…yes, head.

  6. We all saw how Reyes was when he didn’t celebrate and tried to be robot during the 1st month of the season, Reyes did the dances during 06 and no one cared because the Mets won. This only gets brought up because the Mets lost 2 years in a row.

    If the Mets win the division next year, Reyes’ dancing won’t be brought up.

  7. Give me a break. This distaste for Jose Reyes and his celebrations is ridiculous. If the Phillies need to do crap like that to fire themselves up, go for it.

  8. In recent years, it’s become all about showmanship, on and off the field. In New York’s “Golden Era” (1947-57), we had 3 great teams, and the cheering gimmicks came from the fans (Hilda Chester’s cowbell, the “Brooklyn Sym-PHONY”, et al).

    Now, the PA system leads the cheers; Rock music blares during what used to be between-innings quiet time; every player has his own “entrance music” when he comes to the plate or takes the mound.

    The clenched fist pump, pointing to the sky (indicating thanks to God for favoring the pointer by giving him the HR), and curtain calls after significant HRs, are part of the game.

    I’ve got ZERO problem with players dancing in or near the dugout, giving hip-hop handshakes, and all the rest. Even fans in the stands give high-fives to total strangers.

    If Mets fans get psyched by Jose’s dance, or Phils fans by Victorino’s, so much the better. We hear so much about players going through the motions and “not caring”, but then the exciting ones get belittled.

    In the WWE, the most popular “heroes” are the ones that used to be the most-hated “heels”. In MLB, when the “enemy” Clemens became a Yankee, fans loved him. And I can guarantee that if the Flyin’ Hawaiian became a Met, he’d get the loudest cheers as long as he played well.

    For now, let’s “hate” him and use that to fire up the troops. And let the opposition’s fans do the same for Reyes, Delgado, and other “celebraters”.

  9. Jose Reyes is the Mets family’s spoiled child. Signed at age 16 – before he could play in the US, he has been coddled from day one. He was so young when first came up that his parents came with him and the Mets rented an apartment for the family for the season.

    Jose is now 25, has a new contract, a wife and children and a house of their own. Yet he still behaves like a child at his job. It’s time he became a man – and only he can make that change.

  10. please, the game has changed since baseball was dominated by the “white gentlemen who acted cordially while excluding immigrants” era of the early 1900s. celebrations, showmanship, and wearing your emotions on your sleeve are becoming more and more acceptable everywhere, including tiger woods and golf.

  11. And once again, Reyes came up small in September. .243 avg and .314 obp does not cut it. I give grudging credit to the Phils, their players stepped it up in september and our guys choked again. Next year we will know if Flores is for real. After ’09 we will be looking for a new first basemen and pitching help. Jose could be a valuable trade chip is all Im saying.

  12. JD: The motivation b.s. is so overrated and I am so sick of it. You mean to tell me that all of a sudden players become better ballplayers against a certain team? That’s riddiculous. In 2007 the Mets lost the Friday night game to the Marlins before the “showing up” of the Marlins..what motivated them that night?

  13. Its kind of sad when a guy is blasted for having fun at his job. I think it is jealousy, not an indictment of Reyes or Victorino. I guess some people enjoy the boring emotionless effort put out by such stellar figures as Aaron Heilman and Luis Castillo. Sad.
    And this line that the Marlins won the last game because of Reyes… Get Real…. Glavine sucked just like the entire Mets pitching staff did for most of the last 17 games. If Glavine pitches well the Marlins don;t knock him out in the 1st noi matter what Reyes did to inspire them. And what did Reyes do to inspire the Maerlins for the last game of 08???? This is probably the line Minaya will use if he ever trades Reyes.

  14. If it’sin to celebrate after a homerun then why the apple why would the fans yell and scream, just let them sit there real quiet. As a matter of fact why don’t we just play ball at our local church then everyone can just start praying instead of screaming.For crying out loud we pay to see these guys perform and put on a show, celebrating is part of that show,can you imagine baseball without emotions.I have only two words for the phillies but I can’t print them here.

  15. And in actuality, I think what the Phillies did was pretty hillarious. And I think it was more to poke fun at themselves for making such a big freakin deal of Reyes doing that. Did Larry Anderson call for someone to put a ball in Victorino’s ear by the way? Yeah, we know the answer to that one.

  16. Ray: To be determined, but the Mets won’t trade Reyes. They’ll use Flores beside him maybe at 2b after O-Dawg finishes his contract with the Mets.

  17. Chiti, The real question should be: What did Reyes do to inspire the Mets to win? Maybe if he dropped down a bunt or two he could have created some excitement. But no, all I saw in that last series was that upper cut homerun swing which always results in popups and strikeouts for him. I think he had 1 hit the whole series.

  18. I don’t believe in this stuff about inspiring other teams to play better, if you’re a good ballplayer you don’t need anyone to inspire you, you either play good and win, or you play bad and lose.I hope next year when Reyes hits a homerun he’ll continue to celebrate and take a couple of curtain calls.BTW I don’t mind if the visiting team celebrates as well.It’s a game lets have fun.

  19. Yeah, this is getting real old. The Mets have spit the bit the last 2 years because they suck, not because Jose Reyes or anyone else celebrates too much. It was never an issue in 2006 when they blew away the division; and Reyes makes the game fun. The bigger question is why Reyes has stunk the last 2 Septembers.

  20. Maybe Reyes isn’t the superstar we wish he were Sadecki, but the great hope Wright acted like a bigger baby all September but he is the “face” of the chokin franchise so he’s left alone for the most part,but when the fans start beleiving that anyone on the O was the cause of not making the playoffs they are as delusional as the lousy GM we have. I guess the Phils knew what they were doing when they named their last GM. I won’t forget the Minaya proclamation after getting Santana. He said he was done and man did he mean it….. And despite the Omar is God rantings of people like Pelham, which would you want; the annual choke or the World Series. I guess some want the annual choke.

  21. Chiti, I know Wright had some key strikeouts. Your post made me curious to see what he did in September. Here it is:
    BA-.340 OBP-.416 SLG..577 HR-6 RBI-21.
    Wright is the best Third baseman in baseball. Reyes is very good, But he would be much better if he concentrated on getting on base. Like Annie said, He is not a kid anymore. He is not getting paid to hit homers his job is to get on base and disrupt the other pitcher.

  22. Good look up Sadecki, but Wright was acting like a baby in September, throwing helmets and stuff like that, that when Reyes does it the world comes down on him , but not on Wirhgt, and I think even the most die hard Wright fan would admit his hitting in the clutch was off from ’07, despite the RBI totals. The bottom line is though that the offense did enough to make the playoffs. Scored as many runs as the Phillies. The difference was in the the pen. It sucked for two years now, and Minaya loves it when something other than his lousy work is blamed on the chokes. All i know is he built a great pen in ’06, let two key members walk 3 if you count Roberto Hernandez, which I won’t, and replaced them with garbage, and then followed up by adding Wise who probably did the team a favor by being hurt all year.

  23. Chiti, Throwing helmets is different than celebrations, but never mind. The Mets have the big payroll and are from New York so the others will find a reason to hate. I remember Bobby V. was the reason before. I remeember the white rat calling us pond scum. I dont care if Reyes does a little dance. I just want him to play up to his potential.

  24. In todays age many players like to look in the mirror because they be trippin.

    I think Reyes needs to cut it out and just play. Unfortunately it seems it somehow affects his play when he is not allowed to ham it up.

    He is not the worst offender and many in the game think its normal to play can you top this. And this is not limited to baseball.

    As for the comment above about 1900’s white men..

    Vida Blue would have put Reyes in the hospital if he or anyone tried this crap.

  25. i dont agree JD- I love jose’s dances. im sure id hate them if it werent for the mets but i love to see Jose jose jose jose dance

  26. Phillies should worry about the playoffs and not the Mets.

    Everyone else in baseball plays with “enthusiasm” and “fire” but Reyes is immature and shows people up. Whatever. Maybe he should throw gatorade buckets on his teammates like Melky and Cano. That is “firey!!”

  27. “Jose is now 25, has a new contract, a wife and children and a house of their own. Yet he still behaves like a child at his job. It’s time he became a man – and only he can make that change.”


  28. listen, you can talk about what the phillies need to fire them up, but the fact of the matter is at least they get fired up. the mets are one of the highest paid teams in baseball year after year, and they fold like a deck of cards because they have no heart. they have been challenged two years in a row, and when the pressure is the greatest, they don’t respond at all. do you think the phillies or their fans care about reyes or the mets, there are only two teams they care about, the rays and the red sox. so go out, spend another $100 million, so you can sit at home and watch other teams play baseball in october

  29. also, if you go to fans around baseball, there are very few who don’t respect the phillies because of the way they play the game. if one of the mets managers benched either wright, reyes, or one of the other stars for not running hard like charlie did for rollins, that player would have sulked and cried about it for two months, but instead, rollins took it like a man, and sat out the game. the respect the players have for the organization and the manager goes a long way into determining the success of that team, especially if they are as talented as the mets, and the mets don’t seem to respect their organization, nor their manager.