Talkin’ Baseball: Dodgers trying to stay alive.

Dodgers trying to stay alive

Dodgers trying to stay alive

Joe Torre’s Dodgers trying to stay alive tonight in LA. Torre was roasted for his handling of the bullpen in Game 4, in particular, for not bringing in his closer early in what amounted to a do-or-die game.

Willie Randolph has surfaced the past couple of days. He says he wants to manage again. And, from what I hear, Tony Bernazard is still in it for the GM job in Seattle.

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  1. John, today on the FAN, Francesa made two points which were that he believed that Longoria is better than Wright and that if the Blue Jays offered Halladay for Wright, the Mets would be crazy not to take it.

    It’s obvious he has some personal problem with Wright as he has been Anti-Wright for a while, it could be that Wright got angry with him for proclaiming that David told Delgado not to take the curtain call.

    What do you think?

  2. i think francesca is as biased as they come and anything he says about the mets needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt

  3. I think Francesa is trying to ensure his ratings now that Doggie’s gone…
    With that said the flagship station of the Mets in a large baseball market not having a Mets announcer to compliment the Yanks for this many years during drive time is crazy….

    Mike has always been a Mets hater and is just stiring the pot with Wright bashing as he did saying Church was unhappy and Beltran for Cano I’m sure started there…

  4. there is a clip on youtube where francesca says inge from detroit is better than wright. he is a yankee assclown. not to be taken seriouly.

  5. Torre is no genius. He stepped into a very nice situation with the yankees. Gene Michael put together a very nice team for him with a great young nucleus. He has been the culprit behind many relivers injuries over the years. He was in the worst division in the majors this year and was rescued by manny being manny.

  6. Azy (1): What we have to understand about Francesa is he’s not a media journalist but an entertainer. He says things to get people stirred up. … Given that, Halladay for Wright is intriguing. Blue Jays won’t do it. You don’t trade pitchers of his caliber. … As far as Longoria is concerned, I raised that the other day when I asked who would be better in five years. Wright is an All-Star and Longoria has played one year. To say Longoria is outright better is absurd.-JD

  7. Jim (3): If you want to know what’s going on about baseball, you don’t listen to Francesa. And, to say Inge is getter is being irresponsible. It only proves my point about stirring the pot.-JD

  8. Something I just don’t understand about Omar ( and I am a Supporter), while I watch this post season I keep seeing players contribute who were made available that in years past would have been Omar pickups – its almost as if he passed on this season- I dont mean Manny I mean the little ones. Guys that made it through waivers and were just waiting for a team…

  9. I think its time to admit the Phillies are a pretty good freakin team. Getting Blanton was a key move for them and now they are four deep in thier rotation. Happ looks like he can contibute too. Its not just thier boppers.

  10. Well with marlon Anderson and A. Reyes on the bench it’s not hard to find alternatives for offense…. when I made the comment they had just shown Matt Stairs who is being called a great club house figgure along with last nights HR…But Eryre’s been a nice lefty and last year they picked up JC who did the same as a lefty…

    I know it was a trade but Casey Blake is a player I was screaming for

  11. Rays picked up Gabe Gross for one prospect, Brewers Ray Durham, etc,… the little moves just off the top of my head sometimes something is better then nothing …

    I just think they needed an influx and for some reason this year he did nothing….

  12. John is right when he says Francesa is a clown not to be taken seriously. Peter Gammons is far more intelligent when he says trading away Wright is the dumbest idea he has ever heard. You can argue merits of trading away a hitter for a pitcher. Sometimes it works (Dodgers trading Frank Howard for Claude Osteen). sometimes it doesn’t (Mets trading Rusty Staub for Mickely Lolich. Giants trading Cepeda for Sadecki)> But Francesa says these things with malice in his heart. The Mets have made plenty of mistakes in the 20 years that Francesa has correctly taken them to task. But he never gives credit willingly when they do something right.

    Phils up 2-0. Dodgers will be a pretty good team 2 years from now. But not in 2008.

  13. Kinda shows how much he’s hated – were not even playing and there referencing him, shouldn’t surprise us teams get up to play us…

  14. In case none of you have heard, There is a very hot prospect named Wilmer Flores who plays shortstop in the mets minors. He played at a ball this year. If he produces at AA we may be saying bye bye to Jose this time next year.

  15. You know whom I have a high opinion of? Steve Bartman. There was a story on him (linked thru “Final Score” on Newsday). Keeps out of the spotlight, refused to cash in on his notoriety by doing Super Bowl commercials. It’s unfortunate he caught the hate for trying to catch a ball every fan tried for and that should be aimed at Dusty Baker, Kyle Farnsworth and Alex Gonzalez.

  16. Dan ….

    ownership targeting asian community marketing wise and Ichiro basically is the GM…. the amount of Seatle merchadise over seas from what i read is ridiculous

  17. Flores would have to be something to make me want to trade away Reyes. But it’s good to have talent available in the system.

  18. Dan (19): The way Cubs’ fans vilified him makes it easy to root against that time. … I can’t say I would have done the same. If it were me, I might have cashed in. … Everybody forgets the Gonzalez error prolonged the inning. … If the Cubs had any stones, the should’ve had Bartman throw out the first pitch of the first game at Wrigley. If there is a curse, that would lift it.-JD

  19. Delcos, Im not. I Love Reyes. However, Flores is our best prospect now, according to minor league websites. If Flores is for real, and AA is always the league that seperates boys from men, I say Reyes could be converted into a very nice package for our team. dont hate.

  20. One more thing about Bartman. It was in Game 6. The Cubs had a chance to win the next night and didn’t.-JD

  21. JD, I’ve been hearing Jason Varitek’s name being thrown around, as much as he doesn’t hit for shit he does bring that veteran leadership with championship experience. What do you think about the chances of this?

  22. I already said it, Boy. “They won’t trade Reyes for a while. His contract is so cheap and he’s irreplaceable.”

  23. Cubs had a lead in Game 7 too. Not to mention when they had a 3-1 lead, Josh Beckett shut them out in game 5 to keep the series alive. Motto: when you are up 3-1, never assume it’s over. I was in Baltimore in 1979 when they went up 3-1 and everyone thought it was over because the Birds had Palmer, Flanagan and Dennis Martinez.

  24. Whats funny is dramatic losses for a team, pitchers are generally given a pass… Bucky Dent who was the pitcher Stanely…. Boone cant rem. the pitcher, same with Gibson etc… we rem. Buckner, Bartman and I use to rem. that annoying kid who robbed the Orioles..

  25. ed (42): Mike Torrez served it up to Bucky Dent. … Tim Wakefield to Boone. … Eckersley to Gibson.-JD

  26. Thank, you Kyle for falling into my trap. Reyes is not irriplacable. As a matter of fact There are several shortstops in the NL east who are at least his equal. I said lets wait until next year and see how things work out. Do you even know who Wilmer Flores is ? go look him up fool.

  27. hahaha, yes i know who he is, a nobody prospect. Do you know who reyes is, an all-star shortstop who is signed to a cheap contract. I’d pick him over Rollins anyday to start my team.

  28. Wilmer Flores, sounds like willie mays. Milledge and Gomez are the next great things too, right.

  29. Yes, thanks again, Kyle. I never saw you here before and now I know you know nothing. No need to respond to your idiotic posts anymore.

  30. Red Sox catcher Gedman blew it too. McNamara was a poor manager. Schilardi was scared. Every win and loss has lots of heroes/goats.

    Is this the last time we see Greg Maddux? A legend. Unlike Clemens a legitimate one

  31. I guess you dont’ understand sarcasm. Wilmer Flores is a prospect, thats it, to say he could start next year is unfair him and really just stupid. Theres nothing proven about this guy and theres everthing proven about Reyes. Watch baseball for a little why and you’ll understand this.

  32. John (21) If Tony is not getting the Seattle job, did they announce who is? Seems to me they have interviewed a lot of candidates.

  33. Enjoy your dodger dogs. Phils going to the WS. Going throught the Brewers and Doggers. How much easier can it be.

  34. Annie (56): They are in the second round of interviews. They have three or four guys ahead of him. This could be wrapped up next week.-JD

  35. Kyle (60): If he’s healthy the Mariners will probably keep him, and maybe deal him at the trade deadline.-JD

  36. Bedard’s got a one year deal and I’m sure the Mariners would love to get something back, I wonder if Nick Evans and another prospect would be enough?

  37. Kyle (62): Depending on the prospect. The prospect would have to be higher rated than Evans.-JD

  38. Do you actually see the mets going into the season with Niese as the fifth starter. Assuming they sign Lowe, which is deff not a given, they would have 4 RH starting pitchers.

  39. Kyle (66): Assuming they don’t bring back Pedro Martinez, yes, I see Niese as going to spring training as the fifth starter.-JD

  40. Sorry, but does anybody want to commment on the weak oppostition to what the phlliies are facing. God, even without a Bp the Mets could have got to the WS against these clowns.

  41. Ray (68): The fact is the Phillies beat their competition. The Mets couldn’t beat Atlanta and Washington – teams with losing records – and Florida down the stretch.-JD

  42. Hi Annie (63):

    There’s been nothing mentioned about the GM finalists in the local papers. They’ve only mentioned who has been interviewed and the long list of people who have declined to be interviewed or whose teams have denied permission.

    I hope Ng is still in contention.

  43. Ray (72): How do you figure? The Phillies are going to the World Series because they beat the teams they had to. The Mets didn’t even make the playoffs because they were unable to beat even lesser caliber teams. Had the Mets somehow gotten into the playoffs and faced the Phillies in the NLCS, they would be getting waxed, too.-JD

  44. Ray (70) I have been busy with another obligation, but am back now for the rest of the game. I always try to answer questions and will answer this one from you. I am familiar with Kim Ng from her work with the Yankees and believe she would do a good job for Seattle. Simple as that.

  45. John, this is my point. the phils are the team that took the division. The Mets were up 3 and a half with 17 to play. All the mets had to do was keep that lead. Maybe the Phils would have got them later, but once in everybody has a chance. Phils were better than the rest of the league, but didnt the Mets beat them over the year?

  46. well the phils look unreal right now… whoever comes out of the AL better bring their best

  47. the whole playoffs are different if the mets get in…dodgers would have opened in philly. everything would have changed, cant know what would have happened. the mets may have gotten hot. we will never know

  48. Ray (80): I see where you’re going with this, but when you say “beat them over the year,” isn’t the year 162 games. The Mets might have beaten the Phillies in their season series, but Philadelphia won over entire season and that’s what really counts.-JD

  49. The Veteran’s Committee is in a hopeless state but is it time give Pat Gillick serious consideration as a HOF executive? The honor may not mean much anymore since Bowie Kuhn made it.

  50. Jim (84): You’re right, of course. I said the Mets would’ve gotten beat based on presuming their bullpen would have performed as they did during the regular season.-JD

  51. John – (77) Exactly. Baseball really is a simple game, and as Billy Chapel says in “For Love of the Game” they count everything.

    I don’t want to say the Mets don’t care enough, or don’t try enough, but there is some evidence of that now for a second straight year.

    I exclude Johan Santana from those remarks. I marvel at him and his ability and courage on the mound and wish him a complete recovery.

  52. From what little I know about Kim Ng, isn’t she more of a financial type and not a “scout” GM? I’m all for woman getting a chance but you would have to get someone who knows players to advise her.

  53. Seventh inning/Two on, two outs with Kent coming up. I think you have to pull Hamels now. Especially since both runners reached on walks.-JD

  54. 85. Delcos. the fact that the Mets beat these guys over the season proves something to me. Phils are not so much better. They are not the 98 yankess. Mets were better competition than they are getting now.

  55. Just read the interview with Kunz one thing I think I’d like to see is jerry less reluctant to give the youger guys a ty he burried Kunz and Parnell even Muniz who was once a closer prospect and granted hasn’t looked good when given a try… Also at one time burried Murph/Evans till injuries forced him to use them….

  56. ed (95): Manuel waffled for more than a week about giving Kunz a shot with the game on the line. When Kunz gave it up, he never went back to him. I maintain had Manuel went to Kunz when he first said, and went back to him after he blew one, then he might have rewarded that confidence.-JD

  57. Dan (89):

    You’re correct that Ng is a “financial type.” I don’t know, however, what her scouting credentials are. That said, she was an outstanding college softball player, and some of the Sabermetrics GMs are doing quite well. I suspect she’s pretty solid in all areas if she’s made it to Asst. GM and will be on a lot of short-lists each year.

    JD knew Ng when he was covering the Yankees. Perhaps he has some insight.

  58. Dodger stadium looks like a neat stadium to watch a game such a retro 70s feel – with the seasts behind the plate, the cheesy yellow and the zig zag roof in the outfield

  59. 101. Patrick thanks for that. She was a great softball player. Good. At least as she goes to somebody else. I notice her Original backer has nothing to say. Yes, I hate political correctness. Prove your worth , I say.

  60. There are several links about Ng in the wikipedia article about her. She has been listed as a future GM by Baseball America.

  61. If CC goes to the Yanks, Lowe stays out west and Dempster stays with the Cubs the best FA pitcher would be Garland then it drops off significantly….. If the pen is to be rebuilt and peterson is gone the best alternative might be the player who shall not be mentioned……A.H.

  62. ed (107): You’re such a hell raiser. Do you think the Mets have the nerve to try it?-JD

  63. Never been to Dodger Stadium but people say it still rates high as a place to see a ball game. Walter O’Malley was a money-grubbing rat fink but he was an architect and knew how to design a stadium.

  64. Based on what Gurney? could you please share with us. Sorry to be this strong, I know there will be a female Gm someday, but why should it be this one? what has she done? is that not a fair question? Annie thanks you for coming to her rescue, but it answers no questions.

  65. FOX just showed the Kirk Gibson home run. Okay, but he killed a rally in game 6 of the NLCS when he popped into a DP against a rattled David Cone who settled down.But Hersheier had it in game 7 while Darling and Gooden didn’t.

  66. JD- never they will move him for Eli Morreo before they give him a shot and give him the possibility of proving that Peterson wasted three years of his Notre Dame – first round pick potential … that said he has no business in our pen….

  67. there is a link I hope I get right. It’s from the Dodgers so there is some homerism. But Ng has worked for two successful organizations and that helps you get a GM job

  68. Ed (106):

    I think “the player who shall not be mentioned” should be given a chance to compete for a spot in the rotation during Spring Training. The guy obviously doesn’t want to be a reliever and he’s been erratic (to say the least).

    Didn’t he throw a one-hitter as a starter with the Mets?

    I think he should be given a shot (depending on what happens during the off-season, of course) and it he fails, then send him back to the bullpen.

    The flip side to that argument, though, is that if he flops as a starter, his trade value might hit rock bottom.

  69. Now to stop beating the dead horse. What did the Phillies give up to get Blanton? what did the Rays give up to get Bradford. I gave Omar the benefit for too long. this year, he gave us no chance. One more year and he has to go.

  70. This could have been our Mets.
    This SHOULD have been our Mets since we had a 3 1/2 game lead with 17 left.
    If the Phillies were the Mets we would love them deeply.

  71. Now the question is: Did the Wilpons tell Omar not to spend anymore, Or was Omar that dumb? I lean to the latter.

  72. JD:
    Now that I’m thinking about Heilman (whom Ed has humorously and aptly called “the player who shall not be mentioned”), I’m wondering why he was hammered so often? He has good velocity and movement on his fastball and has a good change-up.

    It seems like his mistakes got hammered more often than those of most pitchers. Is it possible that he was tipping his pitches?

  73. No way leopards dont change their spots …. he’s always been an over aggressive trade happy GM who the biggest knock was that he was over aggressive and gave he gave up too much …. trade just to trade type mentality…

    suddenly he shuts it down,,, I smell a penny pinch…

  74. When you get right down to it Minaya thought Bradford was not worth the $3.1 million Baltimore offered after Bradford was making $1.4 million. Penny wise, millions of dollars foolish.

  75. Ed, your right. I meant the former. Omar has to cover for the Idiot wilpons here. there was plenty of pitching talent out there and the Mets stood pat. Something stinks here.

  76. This may be sheer speculation but Minaya has been ripped pretty good by rhe Moneyball crowd that worships Billy Beane. Could it be he looks at anything coming out of Oakland (Bradford and Beane) with corresponding contempt? I guess he did initially sign Bradford from Oakland but didn’t resign him, even when Sanchez was injured.

    I am probably making too much of this but I don’t think it’s totally outrageous.

  77. i think he was told all he got was Johan hold pat at the rest and wait for the Citi field money…. Bradford was a decision based on concerns about his back, the year before 06 was a wash in Boston because of the back – Omar was convinced to bring him in by Peterson who knew him from Oakland,,, Bardford’s back held up which makes the decision look real bad…

  78. Gurney, You never did answer me. It only proves that polical correctness is absolutely opposed to MLKs teaching that people should be judged by the content of thier character rather than the color of thier skin. ( Or their gender). Think about it.

  79. Ray, did the link work? If not there are several links in her wiki biography. I’m not saying Kim Ng must be hired as a GM. But if you are an assistant with two successful organizations, you are in the hunt to get a GM job. May not be the best system but what is?

  80. Gurney, I didnt see a link. so you can give us something here. Is it that hard? just give a few things here. Dont tell me she was part of a sucessful org. that tells me nothing. What did she do to make them successul? btw, none of those orgs have been sucessful at all unless you call making the playoffs and getting destroyed there sucessful. Utopia is grand isnt it?

  81. Ray:
    I know its late but here is who the Phillies
    traded for Blanton.
    Adrian Cardenas – this guy is a Dan Uggla type 2nd baseman good bat weak fielder.
    Scouts love this guy.
    Josh Outman LHP reliever looks like he could be a good logy.
    Matt Spencer – OF more of an extra body
    The Phillies gave up alot.

    The player for Bradford has not been named yet.

    The Mets simply did not have the players to make this deal. Unless they wanted to completely bankrupt the farm system.

  82. The Mets also had a 3 game lead in the loss column in the wild card with a week to go. So let’s not forget that they blew that which is worse than 3 1/2 games with 17 left for first place. As far as Flores goes, he is rated as one of the top 3 prospects I believe in the Met organization. But that doesn’t mean you have to trade Reyes to make room for him. Plus Flores is very young and probably won’t be ready for at least 3 years or so. Sorry to keep rambling but as much as we hate Jimmy Rollins, he started the nail last night with a leadoff homer. It would have been nice for Jose to have done that in the last game of the Marlin series.