Responding to some comments

Ramirez: He had to go.

Ramirez: He had to go.

Sorry … a little late today in responding to your comments from last night after I logged off.

1. chucky (about Manny Ramirez): I understand what you’re saying about burying grudges for the good of the team. But, I disagree that placating Ramirez would have been the way to go. I thought the Red Sox made the right decision to get rid of him. Even if it means not getting to the World Series (of course, we don’t know that, yet).

2. Jim (on dealing Delgado to Minnesota): The Twins might need a DH/1B type, but I don’t see them trading a top prospect in the offseason for Delgado, who has these red flags: salary, injury history, age and the question of whether his second half was a fluke.

3. Steve (The Original) (on Phillie fans at Citi Field): Tickets will be a premium next year at Citi Field. Plus, there are fewer of them to go around. If I had season tickets, I would sell my Yankee and Phillie tickets to pay for the whole package. I’m sure I’m not the only one with those capitalist leanings.-JD

8 thoughts on “Responding to some comments

  1. Anybody see the story about willie going to the Nats as a coach? Its in Davidoffs column in newsday.

  2. JD: You’ll be able to buy them on stub hub, corporations will give them out to clients, the usual…all I know is that the Phillie fans will talk alot of you know what, and we won’t be able to say a thing back at them and that very thought is enough to send a chill up and down my spine.

  3. very interesting article from davidoff.. willie to nationals and eventually acta to here…JD- were u impressed with acta when he was w/ the mets? and now with the nats?

  4. Also interesting is that the Yankees fired thier third base coach, but dont seem inclined to offer the position to the beloved yankee.

  5. Ignoring the talent level in DC, the fact that Acta’s team did not show any fundamentals indicates trhat he is a bad manager. You may have less talent but you should then have more reason to play the game right.

  6. The Nats are full of problem children.

    If all your children do their own thing who will drill them on the right way to approach the game if they are convinced they know better?

    Their GM is intent on buying all the high ceiling problem children out there in the hope that somehow they will grow up and the team will get better organically and cheaply.

    Perhaps they are right, but professional sports are full of problem children who never grow up.

    Look at the Knicks with the self proclaimed Starbury as exhibit 1A.

  7. Harry (5): You make a real good point. The Nationals are a woefully inept team fundamentally. A lot of that has to go on Acta. … I can’t see Willie going to the Nationals as a coach unless he was made other promises.-JD

  8. Harry, Does that include your pet peeve Milledge? Sorry, I cant put that on acta. We saw the same thing here for a couple of years.