Randolph wants to return ….

Randolpoh: Wants another chance.

Randolpoh: Wants another chance.

Former Mets manager Willie Randolph told the New York Post he wants to manage again, but said he’s open to a return to coaching with the Yankees. He’s owed $2.25 million from the Mets.

Said Randolph: “I don’t get a sense much will open up. … Seattle is expected to open after they hire a GM and there is a chance the Brewers will have a vacancy. I will keep an eye on managing. To go back to the field as a bench coach or third-base coach is an option to explore. Let’s wait and see.”

Should Tony Bernazard get the Seattle job, that’s not going to work out for Willie.

I hope Randolph gets another job, but for that to happen, he’ll have to admit he made some mistakes and learned something with the Mets. That’s something he hasn’t done.

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  1. very interesting article from davidoff.. willie to nationals and eventually acta to here…JD- were u impressed with acta when he was w/ the mets? and now with the nats?

  2. Jim (1): I always liked Acta. The players always seemed to hold him in high regard.-JD

  3. Randolph should try managing in the minors to gain experience. I understand he refused to do that because he was afraid of not being visible if he was in Syracuse or Portland.
    But there is a difference between being a coach and actually managing. Frank Robinson did that after his first job in Cleveland ended. Managed in Rochester for a year. People knocked him at the time for taking a step back but he ended up managing three big league teams.