Talkin’ Baseball: Rays at Red Sox

Talkin' baseball tonight. Let me know what you're thinking.

Talkin' baseball tonight. Let me know what you're thinking.

One of the great stories of the year continues tonight at Fenway when the Rays have a chance to take a commanding 3-to-1 edge over the Red Sox. Should Tampa Bay run the table it could be as stunning an upset as the 69 Mets.

The NLCS turned sour last night. The Dodgers’ bullpen collapsed and they squandered numerous opportunities. They are down 3-to-1 and the lights could go out on their season tomorrow night.

You want to talk about the playoffs or Mets or anything else baseball, we can do that tonight.

74 thoughts on “Talkin’ Baseball: Rays at Red Sox

  1. Hi John – I actually get NESN as part of my cable system and the Boston writers have just finished an hour of pre game discussion. They’re worried. Varitek is on the bench tonight as Wakefield has a personal catcher. Kevin Cash.

    These writers also spent some time ripping Torre for his bullpen mismanagement, as did Mike Francesa this afternoon.

  2. Annie (1): It happens. In hindsight he should have gone with his closer in the eighth.-JD

  3. Rays up 3 zip early. If the Dodgers lose to philly, I want to see Rays vs. Phils. Rays are dangerous. It would be a great story. Of course All Mets fans will grind thier teeth when we see Kazmir. Cant win can we?

  4. What would a Rays vs Phillies World series get in ratings versus a Dodgers vs Red Sox? I am rooting for the former but as a Mets fan I am used to not getting what I want.

  5. John, did you the crowd when Wakefield left, they DIDN’T BOO like some NY fans I know.

  6. OOOPs 5-0 now – where have we seen this before? and so, Wakefield departs.

    Nice to see that familiar clip of Darling – look at the hair.

  7. As much as I hate the Phils, Maybe It would be good for the Mets to see their rival get it. They could then be reminded 18 times a year what they gave away.

  8. Ray (12): I agree with you 100 percent. It would be a healthy reminder. Also, it might help the Mets in realizing they have a lot more work to do in the offseason than they think.-JD

  9. Rays are the closest I’ve seen to the the 69 Mets…….39 years later, but still I don’t think there is anything that could ever replicate that………..if you didn’t live through it………well……I’m sorry for you…..:) it was fatastic……..get the video. I doubt we’ll ever see anything like that again.

  10. 12………actually I hope the Mets are in town when the Phils get their rings at the ring cermoney. Might help light a fire under their you know what for ’09

  11. The announcers are talking about the Rays and saying “Who would have thought” in regards to them being in the playoffs, playing the ALCS.
    And I must say, I agree. I usually make good predictions before the season and thought the Rays were going to be very good and improve tremendously but jeeze… this is amazing. I didn’t think they’d be THIS good and have come THIS far, atleast not in 2008, 2009, MAYBE.
    Great team, great story.

    I’d be cool is BJ Upton gets his ring before his boy David Wright. ROokie David Price and Evan Longoria would get a ring, super awesome intro to the big leagues.

  12. Fourth inning/In comparing the Rays to the 69 Mets, the Mets had better pitching, but I believe Tampa Bay’s line-up is better.-JD

  13. 18……..true……’s the last to first angle that I was focusing on……….Mets pitching was much better, but the Tampa Bay offense was far superior…..

  14. John. Chucky – Basically Seaver and Koosman and a young Nolan Ryan for the Mets in ’69 – however this Tampa team seems very comfortable at bat and on the field. Must be the player friendly manager.

  15. Annie (20): From what I hear, Maddon is like Gil Hodges in that both are soft spoken but still command respect.-JD

  16. John – I have to be honest I really know nothing about Maddon as a manager. However if he is really like Gil Hodges he will be beloved by his players forever.

  17. Fifth inning/Darling was comparing the Rays to the Minnesota as far as keeping their young team intact. The Cleveland Indians of the mid-90s had that dilemma and they opted to sign their young players long term. Rays might want to go long-term with their young talent now to avoid the FA and arbitration years. They’ll have to pay up eventually, but if they do it now by the end of the contracts they might have a new stadium.-JD

  18. OT – I’ve got the music from The Sting going through my head – AMC showed that movie late this afternoon. I’ve seen it a lot of times, but it was bittersweet to see Paul Newman in that great role when he was at the height of his career.

  19. These guys not only hit the ball out of the park, but play great defense. Keep them together and they’ll be good for a long time.-JD

  20. It would be alot cheaper for them to do it now…….if now we’ll be more than happy to take a few of their young stars off their hands :)

  21. Annie (25): I saw that before I turned on the game. One of my all time favorite movies. … Robert Shaw was terrific in his role.-JD

  22. They really look as though they enjoy playing together. A happy, relaxed athlete plays better, too.

  23. The good news for the Rays is that Longoria, Crawford, Kazmir, Peña, and Shields are signed long term and we won’t be free agents for another 4-5 years.
    Navarro, Upton, Garza, David Price and Sonnanstine are not signed long term but are 4, 5, 6, 6, and 6 years away from free agency, respectively.

  24. John -(28) While I was watching it, I was working on another children’s afghan for the Hole in the Wall camp – I’ve made 29 of them now. Did you read in the Times about a couple of weeks ago, that the Director of the camp took Paul and Joanne up there in early September so that Paul could see his favorite place one more time? What a guy – loved by all.

  25. They are called tack-on runs. Constant pressure by the offense. It’s another thing we didn’t see on a consistent basis this year from the Mets.-JD

  26. 36……and Jerry Manuel spoke about it at length……it seems the Mets offense would shut it down after the fourth inning

  27. WHat the hell was Seger wearing? OH MY GOD! HAHAHA.
    Am I the only one seeing this guys goofy and psychodelic suites? That purple suede jacket he has on tonight is just… awesome!
    No one comments about it but me!

  28. The Rays are going to score in double figures if they keep playing like this.

    I know that most teams/players don’t like to watch post season games that they are not playing in. Maybe they should.

    For some,maybe most, it seems the only attraction to playing sports nowadays is the money. Very few seem to play because they love the game.

  29. Benny (38): That’s because we’re all speechless. The man is in a 60’s time warp.-JD

  30. Benny (38) I saw the purple jacket – with matching tie – that he had on tonight. Much more tasteful than the others particularly the lilac one – What’s up with that???

  31. 43……yeah…..but I still love the eccentricity………reminds me of the past……..and it’s sort of a buck against the corporate network types……..

  32. I know the ALCS isn’t over but I think what this particular game has proven is that the Rays truely are the best team in the American League.
    They proved it to their first AL East championship. They proved it by having the 2nd best record in the majors. They proved it by beating the Red Sox head to head in the season. They would be proving it by beating the Red Sox in the ALCS. Its legit. Unlike ya know… the Cardinals in 2006.

  33. I kinda like the average guy……type of announcer, who dresses in a tee shirt or an short shirt.who’s a fan. That’s why I loved Harry Carray. But if the network people make them dress up, I like the Lindsay Nelson/ Craig Sagar type…….who by the way they dress are kind of giving the finger to the corporate types…….guess that’s just my sixties upbringing :)

  34. I think the best part of Seger’s “uniform” however is his toupé.
    Who’s he trying to fool? LOL.

    Seriously, seeing, reading, and writing about Seger is making me laugh out loud like a fool.

  35. There should be a law passed that Darling,Hernandez and Cohen broadcast all playoff games in shorts and a tee shirt. They would beat the …………. out of any of the fox or tbs guys…except for Darling of course….:)

  36. He’s a long time Sox fan, listens to the games while he writes. I can’t read any of his fiction – it scares me to death. He did write a great book about the Red Sox winning the Series in 2004.

  37. I feel sorry for the Sox fans – they are very loyal, and this kind of blow out game especially during the post season is really tough to take.

  38. Eighth inning/Did you see how quick Maddon’s hook is in a blowout game? There were more than a few times both Randolph and Manuel should have pulled a reliever instead of hoping he’d work out of it.-JD

  39. John – I think that a lot of managers have pitcher problems. Pitchers are strange creatures. Not very many of them become managers either, but a lot of catchers do. Why is that?

  40. Annie (60): A catcher has to know pitching, and also helps in defensive positioning. His head has to be in the game at all times.-JD

  41. Catchers is one of the most involved positions in baseball. You have to learn/know the hitters in the league, understand your own pitchers in what they have and what’s working that day etc, etc.
    I mean in one way or another your involved in every play of the game.
    You just end up understanding all the facets of the game.

  42. The Sox management will be when they miss all the revenue they would have gotten if they had made the world series

  43. just Googled Joe Maddon and found out he was the Angels bench coach for years – which means he worked for Mike Scioscia, a former All Star catcher. Now I’m getting a more complete picture of Joe Maddon.

  44. 64……jason bay is a nice little player…I get the same feeling with him coming up as I would with Church……but he ain’t no Manny……Manny would have made a difference in this series…..the Sox hurt themselves.

  45. #65……yeah he was one of those baseball lifers that was just waiting for his big break and he got it in Florida.

  46. John (64) no you’re not seeing the Red Sox -Ramirez World Series, but you will be seeing a Tampa Bay and ………series, just as you predicted :) I was hoping it would be the Dodgers, but I think there is only a remote possibility of that. It’s going to be those pesky Phillies where Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams made a name for himself – last known to be pitching in Atlantic City.

  47. chucky (66): Where the Sox probably hurt themselves the most in regard to Ramirez, is losing the protection for Ortiz.-JD

  48. 69………true…..even if someone ticks you off personally…….sometimes you just gotta bury your grudges for the good of the organization……..guess Henry,Theo and Francona couldn’t do that.

  49. I’ve noticed a bunch of the Rays have mohawks. And now I’m watching Maddon’s postgame and he has his hair spiked into a “fauxhawk”. This amuses me.

  50. Jd saw others post their interest in delmon young….do the twins need a DH….i know some also mentioned delgado being moved

    for young and RP??

    not sure i love that but others may

  51. The Rays have been a great story so far, and hopefully their book will end with a world series victory. But no one should be surprised that the Rays have had their talent reach fruition. What should you expect from a team that had the #1 pick in the draft 10 years in a row? lol. As far as the Phillies go, well let’s just say that if you thought it was torture going to Shea with all those obnoxious Philly fans, how bad is it going to be next year in Citifield?