Commentary: Trading Murphy.

Murphy: Maybe his greatest value is as trade bait.

Murphy: Maybe his greatest value is as trade bait.

There’s a lot to like about Daniel Murphy.

He plays the game hard and smart; he’s the grit the team has been accused of lacking. A third baseman by trade who will not get the opportunity because of David Wright, he was moved to left field, and now in the Arizona Fall League is playing second and first.

Versatile defensively, and patient offensively, Murphy is on the inside track of being a star. All this, and he’s not making any money.

Yes, there’s a lot to like about Murphy, and no doubt, other teams have noticed. He could very well be the Mets most tradeable commodity on the major league level. That’s why the Mets should think about dealing him now when his value is high.

Let’s face it, the Mets aren’t going to deal Wright or Jose Reyes, and Carlos Beltran’s contract makes him difficult to deal. As far as Carlos Delgado, his age, contract, and the question if his second half was a fluke makes him hard to trade.

Who else on the major league level can be used to acquire the pitching that’s needed. Trust me, I like Murphy. I think he can be a star. But, the Mets’ have pressing needs that maybe he, in the right package, can can solve.

Given that, dealing him might be the way to go.

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  1. there is no way I deal Murphy. He is teh kind of hitter that would be perfect hitting behind reyes and ahead of Wright for years to come. If he can become adequate playing 2B, he needs to be there. I would trade Delgado though. To toronto for Overbay and Downs. Sign Burrell or Manny for LF. They need a power RH bat for LF. Sign D-Lowe.

  2. I’d be hard pressed to trade him but I wouldnt go as far as to say i wouldnt. I guess i would need to see the kind of deal we’d be talking about. I love what he brings to the table, however I agree with everything JD says about commodities the mets currently have.

  3. JD

    I agree I like him a lot. That said I would trade him for the right package.

    But I would not trade him for a middle reliever or some crappy pitcher.

    He has shown a lot. He tries in LF and actually works at his game. More than once I have heard the announcers mention he is out there in whatever stadium they are in learning the angles, learning where the wall is etc.

    I think he has played a solid LF all things considered.

    But it is at the plate that he shines. Like Church he has become a bat that the team depends on. He has gotten the clutch hit more times than I can think of. He seems to have the right attitude towards the game and so far has not shown a swelled head that will get him in trouble.

    Many people here have longed for the gritty clutch hitter that we need to import to make the team better.

    Here he is. True he is a rookie and has a lot to learn, but I like what I see.

    That said, he is not untouchable but I want to see something real good come back or I say no thanks.

    At this point I would trade FMart over him. FMart at this point is injury prone and has not shown the ability to hit lefties nor the pop that will bring him up soon.

    Again, we need to be smart about trading our future to make the team better. Not sure what is out there but filling the needs from within has to be part of the plan.


  4. Found this on the Mets site.

    Eddie Kunz is blogging from the Arizona League!

  5. JD: Some food for thought…if Duquette had been given the keys to the castle like Omar has, how do you think he would have fared?

  6. I like Murphy alot but I really don’t think we have a place for him unless he surprises most people and turns into a stellar second baseman in the AFL. Being that we desperately need pitching, I’d trade him for a good young pitcher like Jesse Litsch from Toronto or someone similiar who has about as bright a future as Murphy does. We could even throw in Castillo to sweeten the deal :)

  7. You FIND a place for Murphy. Simple as that.

    If he even breathes at 2B, that would be more than Crapstillo has given the Mets in his time here.

  8. It’s JMO, but the Mets are making a big mistake if they don’t trade Delgado (assuming the option is picked up).

    Sell high!

  9. David R.- Team first. Nobody is bigger than the team even if they are one of your personal favorites and I can see why he would be one of your favorites. Second base is a very demanding position to play. Some may even argue that it’s harder than SS because you can’t see the runner bearing down on you on a DP ground ball hit to the left side. It’s not a place where you “hide” a hitter. I could see him at first even though some think he doesn’t hit without enough power. We used to have a guy named Hernandez who played there and usually hit only 15-20 homers a year and he did well. But the problem I see is if we try to trade Delgado, how much will other teams be willing to give for him with one year left? If I were an opposing team’s GM I’d be asking which Delgado will I get. The 2007/early 2008 Delgado? or the 2006/ late 2008 Delgado?

  10. Nach on trading him. There’s no other homegrown talent coming up that has the poise and patience he’s shown.

    I understand you have to trade prospects for a decent return, but, I would consider Murphy at this point all but untouchable.

  11. I definitely don’t want Murphy traded for anything less than someone who’d fill a MAJOR hole. The Mets need a Closer and a SP (assuming Perez leaves). When I see names like Oswalt, Peavy, Soria and Putz, I see them fitting nicely at Citifield.

    I have no way of knowing if those guys are at all available, but IF they are, and Murphy were needed to close the deal, I’d have to consider it. We’re not getting top talent for Evans, Parnell, et al.

    If we sign Hudson, and keep Tatis/Evans/Endy in LF until Martinez is ready, but can get a rotation of Santana, Maine, Peavy/Oswalt, Pelfrey and Niese, I’d give up Murphy.

    But not for mediocrity.

  12. I’m not saying he will be a star, but I wouldn’t trade Murphy right now unless it was for a big time starting pitcher (NOT a reliever, although a reliever in addition would be nice).

    Jake Peavy is being shopped . . .

  13. obviously we all love murphy but as omar likes to say.. i would take inquiries…i like the comparison i have heard to youkilis. let him be the super sub for a yr then find a spot for him. (probably 1st after delgado leaves after next yr)

  14. I think Delgado gets moved this off-season and Murphy takes over…..

    His every at bat 3-2 count, small ball, move the line style fits the mgr and his grittiness is what the club house needs. As far as defense could he be any worse then Delgado the first half…..

    They will need a HR threat but that could be the left fielder….

  15. delgado, prospect, heilman/schoenweiss to tigers???? if sheffield is done with them they have an opening at DH…and they want to cut some salary so maybe magglio ordonez back

  16. I think we’re getting carried away with what we saw in a limited time from Murphy last year. I think he’s a perfect super sub off the bench. Think Ty Wigginton with a better eye. He’s young, and he can get better, but i’m not sure you want Murphy in anymore than a platoon/utility position at this time in his career.

  17. I think they can sell him to an AL team who will use him less at first and more at DH – Frank Thomas style…. I don’t have a team or even a player i just think it makes sense for last years numbers he’s pretty cheap…

  18. Murph. at first with a guy like Wes Helms, Audrey Huff, daryl Ward type player on the bench and a solid hitting left fielder and it makes sense to move Delgado maybe get a decent return while changing the clubhouse

  19. JD,

    What about a deal with Minnesota to pick up Delmon Young ? They said that he could be available and they are definately in need of a 3rd basemen. This would be one of the few deals that would make sense bor both sides.

  20. My biggest concern going into the offseason isn’t the bullpen; I believe Omar will address it. I have no confidence, on the other hand, that Delgado can come even close to his 2nd half 2008 form in 2009. This team could struggle to score runs if he tanks.

  21. Oakland seems like a team that would want the Murphster – he profiles for a great OBP – what about Murph for Huston Street?

  22. RJ44 – I love the Delmon Young idea, I am 100% on the Delmon Young express. Even though he’s kind of nuts, he is really talented and a right handed bat.

  23. I can’t trade Murphy…. The only time this team excels is when the youth is playing. Murph can be the Kevin Mitchell of ’09 and be moved around all over the place, and be given a permanent job in ’10. Delgado trade is also a bad idea. Aging, last year of contract…. what you gonna get for a guy who the new team has for only one year. Very little that you want. Omar should sign 1 starter, (it doesn’t have to be great) offer arb to OP, if he doesn’t get the dreams of Boras he’s back for one year, other wise let Niese, Heilmann etc and whomever OPmar finds on his favorite scrap heap fight it out for the 5th spot, and then he should do nothing but find relievers.

  24. I’m a believer in the whole small sample size thing and sure Murphy’s stats are small sample size BUT… if anyone watched him everyday, you can tell he’s for real.
    Its hard to find an eye like that, that plate discipline he has is amazing and its real. In my opinion, he’s a keeper.
    He’s a Billy Beane kind of player. Murphy will get traded for Huston Street, watch…
    Then Murphy will go on to post .400 OBP 20 HR 100 RBI seasons