Mets Chat Room: Talkin’ Mets and baseball.

CHAT ROOM: What's on your mind?

CHAT ROOM: What's on your mind?

Hi folks. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday. Especially if you had the day off. The Mets are quiet, but of course your imagination and passions about them are not. So, we can talk about that.

Then there are the playoffs. I hadn’t planned on blogging during the playoffs, but your response has been terrific, so I’ll continue.

Rays and Red Sox are on this afternoon, followed by Dodgers-Phillies. We have Giants and Browns tonight on MNF, so there’s a lot to talk about. If you’ve got any comments or questions, let’s have them. Looking forward to talking with you.

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  1. John, do you know what type of free agent Ollie would be? Because if we offer him arbitration and he signs elsewhere we can be looking at 2 draft picks if he’s a Type A correct?

  2. pvhornet05 (5): Yes, but it would be a few years before Mets would see anything from those picks.-JD

  3. JD i love d wright but wow does longoria look good. seems to strikeout less than wright??

  4. (8) – Definitely Longoria, he has a better glove than Wright and looks very comfortable up there.

  5. John – (8)If you’re talking stats – Longoria, if you’re talking all-around, Wright.

  6. annie- couldnt you say the opposite? Dwright had a ton of rbis and such but missed a lot more in other opps

  7. Just want to let you know at the Islander game today they had about 10 team mascots there. Both Mr Met and Sparky fell on the ice. It figures.

    Any chance of Tony Bernazzard getting a GM job (Seattle?).

  8. JD: Well they are looking for guys now just like Cliffy aren’t they? Character guys. I still can’t believe Willie sent him up to hit in the bottom of the 9th though in game 7. :-(

  9. I was reading somewhere that Bobby V. sent emails to the Brewers and the M’s saying that he wanted to manage in the U.S. again.

  10. interesting about bobby v… id like it to see him stay in japan… back up plan in case manuel doesnt work out hhaha

  11. Dan – (15) I hope Tony B gets a GM job somewhere just to get him out of the Mets organization.

  12. Jim (14) No, I couldn’t – I see David Wright as the face of the Mets – on and off the field for his whole career. And I think the Wilpons and Omar see the same thing from David.

  13. i agree with you annie but im sure the front office of TB sees longoria the same way

  14. pvhornet05 (17): I’m sure he wants to manage in US again. It is the highest level. … I’m sure he will, too.-JD

  15. Jim (21): I believe the Rays think of Longoria as their future. It will be interesting to see what they do this winter. Keeping a winning team intact is expensive.-JD

  16. John – When you talk about keeping a winning team intact, I think of the Marlins – that didn’t work out too well.

    Think the Sox can climb out of this hole?

  17. Longoria is going to be better all around but not by much.

    DWright still has another season to mature before he can be considered “blossomed”. What he does next season will pretty much show how the rest of his seasons will go. This is not to say DWright won’t be good, he’ll still be good. Can he take that next step that his potential holds. All he needs is the consistency that he lacked at times this season.

    He’ll be the face of the Mets for a long time because he’s earned it.

  18. Dan(15):

    Not much has been reported in the local media about the GM position. But that’s not surprising since the sports media are pretty weak out here.

    I’d like to see Kim Ng get the position. She seems bright and I think it would be good for the game and society if a woman succeeded in that role. Yet another barrier hurdled and glass ceiling broken.

    That said, she’d have to succeed but that shouldn’t be too difficult considering how bad the Mariners are.

  19. Hi Patrick – I didn’t realize that Kim Ng was up for that job – didn’t she work in New York for a while? At any rate, I’ve changed my mind – let Tony go somewhere else. As I recall, Kim is a very impressive woman.

  20. Patrick (27): I know Kim from when I covered the Yankees. She’s sharp. Also, very tuned into the Japanese market, which would play big in Seattle.-JD

  21. Very important inning for Garza. I once did an interview with Clemens, who told me one of the most important parts of a game for a pitcher is to hold a team scoreless in the inning after your offense gives you a lot of runs. It keeps the momentum going.-JD

  22. Fourth inning/They are talking about Baldelli’s illness. If he has shaken it, he’s worth the Mets taking a chance with in the free agent market.-JD

  23. What are the chances the Mets look into signing Luis Gonzalez, think about what he did leadership wise for the Marlins, and he has respect around the leage.

    He’s as good as Marlon Anderson.

  24. Kyle (34): Can’t see it. They want to get away from older players for their bench.-JD

  25. Hi Annie (30):

    She’s one of seven people the Mariners have interviewed so far.

    I don’t know if she worked in NY, but I recall an incident several years ago when one of the Mets new super-scouts was fired for making drunken, offensive, racial and/or sexist comments to her. I think she was working for the Dodgers at the time.

  26. John – I agree with you about Baldelli – I think he would be good for the Mets and vice versa.

    FYI – Market closed up 956 points – highest mark in years.

  27. Yeh true, so I can assume they won’t go after Cliff Floyd either?

    If they want to get younger does that mean Easley and Anderson are in trouble?

  28. Kyle (38): Easley and Anderson are in trouble, especially the latter. But, I have no problem with Easley. He produces.-JD

  29. JD (31):

    Good point. Not only would her knowledge of that market play well in Seattle due to our sizable Japanese population and tourists, but this is also a very progressive city that will embrace a female (and minority) in a leadership position. It’s a perfect situation for the first female GM.

  30. Fifth inning/What a great play by Youkilis. That might have stopped a potential big inning. … Very heads up also by Pena.-JD

  31. Worthless Trivia Department:

    Just heard on red sox radio… BJ Upton’s intials have nothing to do with his name.

    His name is M.E. Upton.

    His Dad, a basketball referee is nicknamed “Bossman” so he’s “Bossman Jr.”

    Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

  32. Wow – That’s the second bonehead mistake Upton made this series. The other was when he got picked off first (game 1) while looking toward the outfield.

  33. Jd- Castillo on the Licey winter league roster…. A hungry to prove himself and health kneed Louie… might be the grinder we need or am I being overly optumistic

  34. Kyle – he stunk last year on bad knees and hip but he was once and not too long ago the pesky 2B everybody wanted… gloves, All star and WS… Going to winter ball tells me he’s healthy and he has something to prove…I’m still not in his corner but curious to see what happens down there

  35. I was never a fan of Castillo’s game to begin with. While I understand he was struggling, he didn’t exactly look like he had the greatest attitude.

  36. JD- Call Omar up tell nim to throw us a bone, maybe something little like a coaching decision…… You got that pull right…

  37. Annie (37):

    NASDAQ and S&P averages are up quite a bit too.

    Shortly after the close of trading, a Mets spokesman announced that ticket prices for next season just increased by 15%. (I joke.)

  38. Sixth inning/TJ (50): Castillo had his moments where hustling was an afterthought. Was it the knees? Not all the time it wasn’t.-JD

  39. He has a bad attitude, he should have been in good shape coming into the season. He also should have been another team but Omar didn’t think this one through.

    Sign Hudson and dump castillo for nothing.

  40. Kyle (55): You can’t dump Castillo for nothing. You have to eat the balance of his contract, which is $18 million.-JD

  41. well i mean get nothing back but take as much contract as possible, I think Omar understands this. He did this with Kaz Matsui and Mota.

  42. Kyle (57): I get you. I thought you meant just cutting him outright. … Omar has been able to make what were thought to be impossible deals before, such as Kaz Matsui and Guillermo Mota.-JD

  43. Patrick (53) Long Island’s Newsday paper had several article last week about sports and the change in everyone’s finances. The Mets claim to have sold all the luxury boxes, but I’m not sure……….Of course the Jets and Giants have the same issues in front of them including the PSLs.

  44. Do you believe Delgado will stay on the Mets for next year, and if so whats the better chance Murphy starting LF or 2nd base. I’d say left field and take my chances with O-dog.

  45. With the game stalled at 5-0 I expect the TV picture of the moon over Fenway at any time – It’s full tonight and rising through the clouds here on the East Coast.

  46. Kyle (60): Yes. I think the Mets will pick up Delgado’s option and he’ll be on the team next year. As of now, I see Murphy starting in left because the Mets won’t dump Castillo. … Murphy is learning first and second, just in case.-JD

  47. Seventh inning/I might have bunted with Upton to try to get one more run. You can never have enough.-JD

  48. I’m extremely intrigued by Murphy. He seemed to have even better patience than Wright in his first taste of the majors. Though he showed less power. I do believe he’ll be a good offensive player, but is he ready to produce at the major league level for a full season yet?

  49. Agreed, we trade Delgado then we don’t have a real pop in that lineup. I do say we think about starting wright 5th (2006 style) and Murphy starts left and we take a chance on a young stud.

    So if the Mets can’t get rid of castillo then they won’t sign o-dog, which i believe is a mistake.

  50. TJ (64): His window was two months, which isn’t enough to dust off a shelf in Cooperstown. What was more impressive about Murphy than the numbers was his patience and presence. You got the feeling watching him that he gets it at the plate.-JD

  51. His patience is what makes me think he can hold his own if given the chance next season. I’m just hoping there’s no obvious flaw that was not revealed in two months time.

  52. Murphy working out at first is interesting, but there’s more to playing the position than just getting used to a bigger mitt. If you are the contender the Mets claim to be, the fewer questions starting the season the better. Delgado is a proven first baseman. Why create another question by dealing him and going with Murphy unless you get gold in return?-JD

  53. I’m sorry but if Gimps McHitless is any part of the Mets plans next season.. then Omar has already not doing his job.

  54. Questions: Second Base
    Left Field
    2 Starting Pitchers.

    If the Mets sign Lowe, then they should go after a LH SP, if not then 4 RH (including Niese) and Santana the lone LH.

  55. I keep getting this sick feeling that just about 90 percent of the team that failed miserably again, will be back in ’09.

    Where is the accountability? Omar is blameless. So is Jerry. That leaves the players… and it looks like the Mets are going to act again as if nothing happened, just like last winter.

  56. JD: Have there been any early rumors of what will happen with Mark Teixeira? Or just the usual assumption that the Angels are willing to spend or the Yankees will hand him a dump truck of cash?

  57. They are going to blame something, and that’s the bullpen. I get the idea Omar believes if the bullpen is the reason this team didn’t make the WS. Right or Wrong the core will be here.

  58. Well i’d say 86% of the reason they didn’t make the playoffs was the bullpen. Then 13% clutch hitting, 1% other.

  59. That “other” should be the dynamics of this team, and probably carries a higher percentage. This team does not have a true leader, much less some of the grind out types (see Red Sox: Pedroia and Yukilis)that all championship clubs seem to have.

    The bullpen? Hey, OMAR was the one who put that together. true leader.

  60. Kyle (70): The priorities in order to be filled are:
    1. Two starters.
    2. Closer.
    3. Bullpen bridge to closer.
    4. Second base.
    5. Left field.

    Should the Mets get more out of their starters inning wise, that improves the pen by reducing its innings.-JD

  61. David R (71): It’s premature to make that assumption. Omar is very much aware of what he needs to do.-JD

  62. Annie (59):

    Sports Illustrated reported last week that the Mets have sold all 49 of their luxury suites at a cost of $250/k-$500/k per year w/a three-year commitment. The author also reports (but can’t confirm) the Yankees have done the same albeit at much higher prices. Using the midpoint of those two figures, the Mets are looking at close to $20mm/year from luxury suite revenue.

    I hope the fellas (and their clients) from “Mahogany Row” enjoy the games. Feh.

  63. True, I’d have to agree with you, the offense is not the issue here, pitching/pitching/and more pitching.

  64. TJ (72): What you said is what I’ve heard about Teixeira. I think he’ll stay with the Angels.-JD

  65. Kyle (73): Do you want to trade the core? The Mets were second in the NL in runs scored. The timing of scoring those runs was a problem, granted. However, breaking up the core makes no sense, especially Wright and Reyes. Where are you going to get that talent for that price? And, they are signed to multi-year deals.-JD

  66. Eighth inning/Excuse me, but the one hitter I want the Mets to get just hit a three-run homer for the Rays. Rocco Baldelli. That’s a guy to get.-JD

  67. Patrick –

    Even though I rarely go to games anymore, I sure would not be going to sit in a closed-in luxury suite watching the game on TV and eating food other than hot dogs and sodas.

  68. John – Isn’t this great for Rocco? Hometown boy makes good, feels good back in the game. Let’s call Omar, NOW.

  69. About Omar. The definitive story about Omar is in the Sports Illustrated Issue of June 18, 2007. Those of you who have never read it, should. My copy is not leaving my condo, but either Google it or go to your local library. If you are a real Mets fan, you should know about Omar, and this article, by Gary Smith, will tell you.

  70. Philly at LA: I’m liking the Dodgers with Lowe to even the series tonight. The home team has prevailed in this series and will do so again.-JD

  71. First inning/Phillies intentionally walked Manny Ramirez. No problem with that. McCarver didn’t like it.-JD

  72. JD, I like Baldelli. Agree that it would be a nice “get” for Omar.

    THAT said, if the Mets look to sign him, I’d want someone OTHER than the Mets doctors to check him out thoroughly.

  73. First inning/With two outs, I would have thought Ramirez should have scored, but he was running all the way. Victorino played it very well.-JD

  74. I know Mets fans can;t stand him (more likely because of the “laundry”), but this team could really use a few players like Victorino… smart, always plays hard, loves to play, etc…

  75. With 2 outs its a better gamble to send the runner because if you hold him he probably won’t score.

  76. The Dodgers winning the LCS would be at least a double shot for Mets fans. Phillies don’t get the Series, and the Yankees take one on the chin (because of Torre) as well.

  77. David R. (97): So many posters on this board don’t like Victorino. They’d love him if he suddenly became a Met.-JD

  78. JD, it’s got lots to do with the laundry.

    I for one, would take the guy on my team any day. Same goes for Werth.

  79. Obviously Mets fans don’t like the Phillies. I don’t hate them that much though. I mean We blew it the last 2 yrs AND the Rollins boast was way overblown. It was just an offhand comment. When I actually heard it wondered what the big deal was. Anyway I want a good series so go Dodgers and even it up.

  80. Well, Victorino’s clapping after any little hit would fit in with the Mets HR celebrations that bug the Phillies so much 😉

  81. Clapping after a base hit isn’t really the same thing as doing the samba OUTSIDE the dugout after hitting a HR..

  82. John – Just got back from looking at the site of the Elway Drive. Is that the same stadium or not?

  83. Second inning/Casey Blake is one of those players the Mets should look at. He can play several positions and is a gamer.-JD

  84. Not when it’s about a dozen hyper claps in a row. I feel neither is appropriate unless it’s in response to a huge moment. Otherwise just play the game please.

  85. TJ (111): I second that. Act like you’ve been there before. And, it’s in all sports.-JD

  86. John: If Tony B gets the Seattle job, how do you think his relationship with Omar and familiarity with the Mets farm system might play into possible trades between the 2 teams?

    Bad contract for bad contract—Castilla for Silva?

    Prospects for Putz?

    Jose Lopez for 2B if we can’t get Hudson?

    Any others you’d target?

  87. Annie (116): Same location. It was built while Cleveland was waiting for a new NFL franchise. BTW: Browns are leading the Giants, 3-0, in the first quarter.-JD

  88. JD: Do you get any sense that Delgado is a negative presence in the clubhouse? I do believe that picking up his option is a necessity but considering Wagner’s comments, is Delgado someone that needs to go to change the team dynamic for the better? Or was that simply Wagner’s famed big mouth?

  89. Bill (117): It could help in some degree, but don’t expect Bernazard to give away the farm.-JD

  90. Can you believe Victorino got find for yesterday? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  91. TJ (119): Manuel has gone out of his way to say Delgado is not a negative presence. Now the onus is on Delgado to live up to that.-JD

  92. Hmm I wonder if Manuel was being genuinely honest. Rumors seemed to suggest that Delgado became very at odds with Willie, especially after the dirty uniform comment. Perhaps Delgado lives up to it and produces for Manuel.

  93. John – (118) OK. I’m sort of watching the game. Confession: I grew up watching Ivy League football and the Giants played in the Yale bowl early on. I simply don’t like the violence, nor Chris Berman or ESPN people, but that’s another story.

    I’m also watching LA/Philly.

  94. Sam G (121): If anything, they should have fined Ramirez more. He was the most animated of any player. … Victorino was fined for appearances, but he showed restraint. Dumb.-JD

  95. I always love Joe Buck’s comments. “And there’s one right down the middle”, followed by their very own pitch track that shows the pitch as being outside.

  96. Update for those of you watching the baseball game:

    Giants 7 Browns 3 early in the second quarter.

    Brandon Jacobs pummeled yet another defender on his TD run. No tip-toeing on that one.

    Antonio Pierce left the game with a quad injury in the 1st quarter.

  97. John–

    I didn’t mean I expect him to just give players away. But he knows (and reportedly LIKES)Omar better than other possible trading partners, and he knows more about Mets Minor Leaguers he might want.

    Do you see Castillo/Silva possible or even desirable? We could do worse for a #4-5 SP, and reportedly was very close with Santana, who might be able to help him in NY. And it would free up 2B for Murphy. Hudson or other available players.

  98. Somehow Joe Buck got appointed the voice of Fox. I don’t find him all that great of an announcer. He’s semi prepared and doesn’t know as much as he’d like the viewer to think.

    Then there’s McCarver. Suffering through him with the Mets I thought was punishment enough.

  99. Bill (130): I’d do Castillo for Silva because I value the arm potential. It would be an exchange of bad contracts.-JD

  100. Sam – Joe Buck doesn’t know half of what he thinks he does, but please don’t knock Tim. He caught some of the best pitchers during his long career and he knows more about the game than most.

  101. Lowe has settled down. However, working on three days rest, I wonder how long Torre will stick with him.-JD

  102. Good to see the Browns knocking Giants fans down a notch so far. They are quite obnoxious to me, as a Jets fan.

    Dodgers need to get some offense going here.

  103. Awesome atmosphere down there in LA too. Surprising to me… It seemed so dead during the ’06 playoffs, but I guess down 0-2 in a 5 gamer is a much different situation.

  104. I’ll bet Keith is watching from his couch saying, “If Furcal did that stupid hand slide, he’s out right there.” And Keith would be correct.

  105. John – Manny is turning into a lovable guy. Check in MaryAnn’s book about what she wrote about him and how he behaves.

  106. Castillo for Silva would be fantastic, and it would make sense for both sides. You’d look at it like signing Silva for 5M per year. It would make the offseason staffing situation a lot clearer, too.

  107. Annie (140): I trust you’re being sarcastic. Ramirez is selfish and anything but lovable. I’ve dealt with him enough personally to know he’s a jerk.-JD

  108. Had Ramirez advance to third on the groundout as he was supposed to, he would have subsequently scored and the Dodgers would be leading, 4-3. … McCarver made that point. … That’s Manny being Manny.-JD

  109. David R (102):

    I agree. I’d take Victorino on my team any day. The Mets could use a couple of guys like him.

  110. Marlon, pack your bags. Omar, this is the guy you gotta call. He did that with one hand on an almost awkward swing for the end result being a homer.

  111. So John, as a follow-up to our discussion earlier — just curious if any Met fans would consider a bad-contract-for-bad-contract swap of Andruw Jones for Luis Castillo? Or am I losing my mind?

  112. Ron (153): I haven’t broached it. I thought I’d let you do the honors. The floor is yours.-JD

  113. I would do it …. but it would mean committing $12M additional to the 2009 payroll …. of course, casey Blake would need to leave LA, move Blake DeWitt from 2B to 3B, insert Castillo into 2B … Mets could look to re-energize Andruw and put him in left ….

  114. Ron: I think the Dodgers would have to throw in some money to cover Andruw’s catering demands 😉 The problem I see with it though is you can’t keep Andruw on the bench and he strikes out way too much. I’d rather hope for Castillo to have a comeback season. I’d like a Castillo-for-Byrnes. Or the aforementioned Silva idea wouldn’t be bad either.

  115. I don’t want to touch Andruw Jones. I just don’t think that is the type of player the Mets need right now and as you said, it would be committing $12M extra in payroll.

    Casey Blake IS a guy I have interest in and as John has mentioned before I love the idea of Rocco Baldelli being a Met. He probably can’t play everyday, but is the type of versatile player the Mets could certainly use.

  116. I saw the Silva idea above and could go for that.

    My thinking is that you can move Castillo for Andruw and the contracts are a “value” wash — but $18M due …. the net for the Mets is $12M sinc ethey would have to pay Castillo $6M in 2009 anyway ….

    Andruw will be in another contract year, is a RH hitter which we need …. either way, we are hoping for a player to have a comeback year … Andruw is younger and it’s hard for me to believe he’s done.

    The only issue is the additional $12M hit to the payroll ….

  117. Re: Andruw Jones. I’d have to check on this, but Jones came to the Dodgers as a FA, and if traded he has the right to demand a trade after the 2009 season. What could derail that deal is if Jones demands an extension or compensation to waive a no-trade clause.-JD

  118. What are the exact details of Baldelli’s illness? Is it possible he was misdiagnosed? Is it treatable? Or just something he has to manage and would require possibly being a part time player no matter how good he is?

  119. TJ & Bryan … no disagreement … I just do not want to see Castillo in a Met uniform again … I do not think the Mets would ever do an Andruw/Castillo swap …. but if the only way to do it is bad contract for bad contract, he is a RH outfielder and them Mets could use one of those …. only 1 year left, could keep LF warm for FMART …. as Omar might say “You know what I mean ….”

  120. TJ (161): I don’t know the name of illness. They talked about it during the Rays game. It took awhile before they came to the diagnosis (causes lethargy and weakness in limbs). … I would be guessing if I said he could or couldn’t be a fulltime player in the future. He needed frequent rest at the end of this year.-JD

  121. John, you my be right … but Andruw signed a 2-year deal for $36M before the 2008 season …. I do not know if there is a no-trade involved ….

  122. John, moving away from the Andruw discussion …. I forgot to ask you this earlier …

    (1) do you think the Mets will increase the payroll beyond the $138M it was at in 2008?

    (2) did you ever notice whether Ryan Church was in fact unhappy in NY with the Mets during the season? Aside from his concussions and the way the Mets handled tht, did he seem unhappy with New York or his teammates?

  123. 161

    He has a mitochondrial disorder that fatigues his muscles very quickly. We’re not talking about cramps, but his muscles literally shut down.

    Word is he has it under control and is being treated, which is why I think he can be had at a very good price.

    He is a hard-nosed guy, which is something the Mets desperately need.

  124. TJ — I understand your point … but I am not sure you got the quote right … it says “I’m an everyday guy or I need to move out” … I think “I need to move out” is different then “I want out” …. frankly, it’s the “I need to move out” comment that has me thinking he might be available … but again, I only brought him up becasue it’s a bad contract and a player that his team may want to move ….

  125. Bryan (168): Thanks for picking me up on that. I liked Baldelli when I watched him when I covered the Yankee and I like him now. I think the Mets’ priorities are pitching, but if they add offense I like Baldelli and Blake.-JD

  126. (168) I’m assuming this is something rare for athletes. Is there any precedent for treatment being effective for someone as active as a baseball player? If he could play while needing a day off or two a week, that wouldn’t be so bad.

  127. Ron (166): I had several conversations with Church this summer and not once did he say he was unhappy in New York. He never even said he was unhappy with the way the concussion was handled, but I wouldn’t expect him to. … And, yes, their payroll will go up. It was $143 million this year and it should be higher, even with the money off the books.-JD

  128. (169) Understood. Yeah I was just paraphrasing. I just think after two bad seasons he’d phrase it a little differently. More like needing to earn everyday status again. However, he did bring up the extreme depth of the Dodgers OF so I suppose he’s justified in saying what he did.

  129. TJ (174): I read the story, but I didn’t get the impression he was angry and wanted out. I’m guessing here, but his ego took a hit this year and he hasn’t dealt with it the way he’d like.-JD

  130. Annie.. there’s no question McCarver was a great backstop. He caught some amazing games with amazing pitchers. I’m sure his knowledge of the game is right up there. For me, his delivery leaves a lot to be desired.

  131. As for the game …. the Dodgers have left to many on-base — especially in scoring position — and have not tacked on any runs …. doe not give me a good feeling. Maybe I am just used to it ….

    I must say that whn you see guys like Kuo, Broxton, etc an one side and Madson, Romero, Lidge on the other side, it really is amazing that the Mets got as far as they did with the bullpen they had.

  132. I have a hard time understanding how Kuo isn’t a dominant starter. It must be his arm problems, because he has some of the most dominant stuff I’ve seen.

    My father and I always joke around on the phone when the Mets play about him being “Kuofax” against the Mets like I posted earlier.

  133. FOOTBALL UPDATE: Manning just got picked and returned for a TD (90 yards or so). Browns blowing out Giants.-JD

  134. The guy everybody hates just tied the game. Again, I remind you, had Ramirez ran the bases properly a few innings ago the Dodgers would be up by a run.-JD

  135. I was surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed watching that Browns/Giant game tonight. I guess it’s because I’m so nervous about the baseball – I really want the Dodgers to win for Joe.

  136. Eight inning/Let me see … a bullpen breakdown. … Wasted scoring opportunities. … A base running blunder. Yeah, I’ve seen this game several times this year.-JD

  137. See #181 above … I too have seen this game …. well, Lidge is due to blow a save at some point this year, don’t you think?

  138. Bryan (189): How does that Giamatti quote go: “It is designed to break your heart.”-JD

  139. John, no. But, if he does blow this one, I ope it;s a devasting blown save — you know — 2 out, 2 on, 3-2 pitch … 3-run bomb. Maybe it will take him another three years to recover.

  140. John – Here’s the quote:

    “It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone.”
    A. Bartlett Giamatti

  141. You’re welcome. I was at Yale when Bart died – he was beloved by the Yale community and is buried in the Grove Street Cemetery in the midst of the campus.

  142. This is simply awful. However, it’s not the same feeling as watching the Braves go farther than the Mets in the postseason. If Omar can make the right moves, I feel the Mets can take back the division next year. It’ll still be a long winter of course.

  143. Even though Lidge looks like he is going to get through this, I still think it was incredibly stupid to bring him in to pitch to Manny in the 8th.

  144. Just got back to see the Phillies win. Oh well. Maybe the Dodgers can win the next one and make it interesting.

  145. Daniel Murphy went 4-4 including a double with a walk today, knocking in two while scoring three times. The dude is offensively ready. I am really crossing my fingers hoping he’s atleast decent at 2nd base.
    Murphy seems like a kid who works hard and I see it this way, if Utley can learn and work hard to be the type of defensive player Utley is, then why not Murphy? Also if Dan Uggla can pass as a second baseman, why not Murphy?