Gooood Morning: Phillies a good mirror for Mets?

Phillies good measure for Mets.

Phillies good measure for Mets.

Really good chatting with you last night. Unexpected pleasure. I wasn’t sure what kind of activity there would be without the Mets, but apparently the blog, like the playoffs, goes on without them.

Jerry Manuel could finalize his coaching staff this week. There will be some changes, no doubt, and the speculation hasn’t cooled on HoJo.

I gather most of you would rather the Phillies crash and burn. But, I was thinking about this last night: Would it be better for the Mets if the Phillies run the table? That way the front office can’t dismiss it simply as being beaten out on the last day, but a real difference between the two?

Just wondering.

6 thoughts on “Gooood Morning: Phillies a good mirror for Mets?

  1. I would rather have my eyes burned out then have the Phillies win The World Series.Consider this an understatement.

  2. I agree. It should be made apparent that the Phillies are better and that we have work to do. I don’t love Wallace Matthews, but he makes a good point when he says that when the Phillies needed to play better and win, they did. We have failed three years in a row when it came to winning the big game.

  3. Being beaten out on the last day this year and the last week last year is proof enough of the difference between the two. Running the table would just add insult to injury.

    The best scenario is for LA to come back and win the series. Humble the Phillies. With the last two seasons in their pocket, they have a little bit too much attitude for any team in the NL East to overcome.

    I’ve said it in another blog post a while back, the difference between the Phillies and the Mets is The Phillies KNOW they can win, the Mets have been HOPING they can win.

    When they go out there day after day with the mindset that the game is theirs from first pitch any season will be turned around.

    That’s what was great about the ’86 Mets and Darling said it a number of times. From wire to wire they knew they were going to win it.

  4. well the 2007 mets seemed to “know they were gonna win it.” they just forget to play the last 17 games.

    i am definitely rooting against the phils. lowe needs to pitch well today

  5. I don’t want the Phillies to be the MLB champions.

    The Mets organization should realize there is a lot of work to do to make this a winning team.

    Before they created the wildcard you either won or lost. You could be a loser after winning 95 games.

    We are not a winning team. We had two reliable starters, an awful pen and half a lineup. I don’t expect the bottom half to be stocked with 30 hr/100rbi guys; I would just like them to be major league hitters who are not automatic outs.