Chat Room tonight at 7

I’ll host a Mets Chat Room tonight at 7. The last two turnouts have been great and I’m hoping for the same. There’s a better than even chance I’ll open the Room early because of the Rays-Red Sox.

For those of you who are off today, Happy Holiday.

Talk with you later.

6 thoughts on “Chat Room tonight at 7

  1. I really think you need to set up an entirely separate chat room to discuss Marcia Brady’s admission of coke and ‘ludes usage. A part of me has just been ripped…the pages of my mind are stripped.

  2. On another note, my understanding is that all those nightclubs are gone from the Flats. As one person told me recently, “The Flats is where you go now when you want to get mugged.”

  3. Jerry Manuel should be able to bring in all new guys.

    Keep the pitching coach and everyone else is up in the air. Especially the third base coach, and a coach who can keep reyes’ head on straight.

  4. John, do you know what type of free agent Ollie would be? Because if we offer him arbitration and signs elsewhere we can be looking at 2 draft picks if he’s a Type A correct?