Loose Threads: NFL Edition.

Watching some football until first pitch.

Watching some football until first pitch.

Sunday afternoon. I’ve got ribs in the oven. I figure they’ll be done by the start of the third quarter of the first game. Fall-off-the-bone, of course.

Baseball game doesn’t start until 8:30 tonight. No other comment is necessary.

Ran all my errands and shopped this morning. Plan to watch football this afternoon. New York is absolutely the worst place to watch football because of the blackout and the Jets and Giants are always on at different times and they don’t telecast against the home NY team. Good thing the Giants are on Monday night.

We’ve got the Bengals and Jets and Cowboys and Cardinals this afternoon. Oh boy! Come to think about it, I might not watch much after all. But, if there’s something on your mind, feel free to leave a post.

Of course, I’ll see you tonight for Dodgers-Phils.

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  1. As I watch the Jets, I’m also thinking a bit about free agency. I’m not sure why people think the Mets won’t have a lot to spend. They have 12M for Pedro, 7M for El Duque, 7.5M for Alou, 6.5M for Perez, 4M for Delgado’s option, 2M for Sosa coming off the books. That’s 39M. You’d also have to imagine the Mets are willing to count Wagner’s 11M as a loss and go a little over budget for the year. If they did, you’d have 50M to work with.

    That would be enough to sign: K-Rod, Sabathia, an offensive free agent (O Hudson, Dunn, Burrell, M Bradley) and a bunch of low/mid relievers. I completely forgot about the 7M for El Duque and 7.5M for Alou – because, really, who remembers that they were on our team – but those numbers would almost offset a K-Rod signing.

    Just a question, what free agents would people spend this money on?

    Also, let’s go Jets.

  2. j_k (1): There’s no disputing the Mets have money or that they have a willingness to spend. It’s just that some of the people out there are pricey and come with risks.

    1. K-Rod’s delivery makes him an injury risk, something that must be considered because he’s already lost something off his fastball.
    2. Sabathia is a conditioning question.
    3. Dunn strikes out a lot and isn’t keen on playing first base.
    4. Bradley is bad news waiting to happen.-JD

  3. I agree with all of that, but, we don’t have significant trade assets, we clearly need to change the team in some way, and I think K-Rod, in particular, changes the team. Even if he does get injured, he’s in his twenties, not his forties. I’d rather see the Mets risk 15M/yr on a top closer in his twenties than on two people who never were tops at their position in their forties. It seems to me that Fuentes, a 33 year old, is as great an injury risk over the length of a contract that will take him to 36-37 as K-Rod is in a contract that will take him to 32. As far as his dip in velocity – Santana was clearly 5-7 mph off his peak this year, and his contract already looks like a steal. K-Rod at 15M per is certainly a luxury, but is it that more luxuries than an older, less effective Fuentes? Unless you see us trading for a closer, he seems to make the most sense.

    As for Dunn, his defense isn’t significantly worse than Burrell’s or Murphy’s, so again, unless we can trade for an lf (Crawford?), I wouldn’t mind seeing him in lf. His K’s should be offset by his high HR’s and OPS, no?

    I agree on Sabathia, he’s a little tubby. What about Lowe or Dempster?

  4. j_k (3): I have no problem with Lowe or Dempster. …. With K-Rod, you have to take into consideration you are already paying $11 million to Billy Wagner, which would make your expenditure for a closer nearly $26 million. Fuentes would be cheaper.-JD

  5. Howdy all!

    It’s nice to be here for the Sunday Hangover thread. :)

    What’s your favorite football movie? Remember the Titans tops my list. In a close second place is Brian’s Song.

  6. Patrick (5): Good question. What was the Tom Cruise movie when he was a high school player? Craig T. Nelson was the coach. I always liked that one.-JD

  7. To JD(6):

    Was it All the Right Moves (or something like that)?

    Didn’t Craig T. Nelson also play a football coach on a sitcom?

  8. Patrick (8): That’s right on the movie name. Yes, Nelson was the coach in “Coach.”-JD

  9. Upset in Washington? St. Louis is beating the ‘Skins 16-7 end of 3rd quarter.

  10. Let’s hope – Redskins might be minor fakes, but it would still be nice to see less competition for the Giants.

  11. The Raiders are a joke these days. They won’t get better until Al Davis sells the franchise.-JD

  12. j_k: I want to bounce a question off you. Suppose I did a chat room tomorrow night at 7 and at 9 broke off and we talked about the Monday Night game with the Giants. Do you think that would work? Just wondering.-JD

  13. To J_k(11):
    I hope you’re right re: “minor fakes.” They sure did look good against Philly and Dallas though. The Giants need a cushion before they hit the brutal part of their schedule.

  14. Makes sense to me, though these late start times on the games are killing me – I teach little kids and have to wake up early. Maybe early risers should boycott all these late start games.

  15. Redskins took the lead. Less than four minutes remaining. I’m beginning to think if the Mets don’t make the playoffs next year I might have to invest in the Sunday ticket.-JD

  16. To J_k(15):

    JD made some good points re: starting times in last night’s game thread.

    I empathize w/your situation, J_k. When I was a teacher on the East Coast, I never saw the conclusion of a Monday night football game because I had to wake up at 5:00 am the next day.

  17. Patrick (18): There was one year when MNF started at 8 instead of 9. It was terrific.-JD

  18. Patrick (20): I don’t know. I thought you could get it on cable. If they don’t, they should have prorated packages. I’d buy it for the last two months of the season. I supposed it is worth a call.-JD

  19. St. Louis – 1st and 10 at the ‘Skins 16 yrd line with 1:13 remaining.

    Bears take a one-point lead with 11 seconds left on the clock.

    Wow – a couple of great games so far!

  20. Houston beats Miami. Dolphins try the milti-laterals play and may have lost yardage.-JD

  21. The box score suggests the ‘Skins totally dominated the game, but they had three turnovers.

    Pay attention G-Men: Hold onto the football tomorrow night!

  22. John (13) Tomorrow, Monday, there are two baseball games Boston/Tampa @ 4:37PM on TBS and Philly/LA @ 8:22PM on FOX.
    What’s your plan?

  23. Wait – if you’re watching the Dallas game – how was that not a fumble? I mean, really, what kind of a call was that?

    I have to say, what with the NBA scandals, I’m not sure there isn’t some game fixing/bias going on from time to time. America’s team fumbled there. That was clear to anyone from any angle. If there isn’t any ref bias, then ineptitude has reached an astonishing level this year.

  24. Justice or not, that’s an absolute joke of a call. Cowboys, by the way, are a joke of a team. As much as people want to salivate over their talent, they are simply not a well-coached, disciplined unit. As long as they keep getting big point spreads, betting against them is usually a good idea.

  25. I wish the Cowboys game was televised in my area. The only game on TV is the Seahawks/Packers. Blah.

    At least there will be a decent night game and some baseball.

  26. Seriously, the tuck rule makes no sense. Absolutely horrible rule. At some point, someone needs to realize that quarterbacks are football players, not glass columns – they won’t shatter if they’re touched.

    If they need to make a thousand rules protecting the QB, then there should also be rules restricting what the QB is allowed to do.

  27. Typical Cardinals. Just gave up big play TD. Then fumble away kickoff. Just a miserable team. Is there a worse organization in professional sports?-JD

  28. j_k (36): Wasn’t it Jack Lambert who said they should make quarterbacks wear dresses?-JD

  29. There certainly is a worse organization in sports – the NY Knicks.

    And yes, they should wear dresses – unbelievable.

  30. j_k (39): But, weren’t the Knicks a decent team about ten years ago. Can you remember when the Cardinals were anything but bad?-JD

  31. JD: How’d your ribs turn out this afternoon?

    I’m making chili today. No tomatoes or beans. Stew beef, dried Anaheim peppers, onions, garlic, various seasonings, corn tortillas and crumbly bleu cheese. It’s a simple, traditional recipe that you may have had on your travels down south.

  32. Giants got gift today from Rams. Niners beating Philly. Cardinals driving to tie Cowboys. Could be a good day for them.-JD

  33. Watching the Cardinals. Fitzgerald is pretty good. I don’t know how much better Owens is over him, if at all.-JD

  34. Who is the worst franchise: the Arizona Cardinals or the Detroit Lions? Like choosing between Aaron Heilman and Doug Sisk.

  35. Wouldn’t it be something if three teams in the NFC Beast lost today and then the Giants won tomorrow night?

    I’ll be telecommuting tomorrow so that I can catch the Giants only MNF appearance of the year. I’ll keep an eye on the baseball thread during the game (albeit only during commercials).

    BTW, I thought the defending Super Bowl champions were scheduled to play on MNF three times the following year. What’s the deal?

  36. Is MNF that big of a deal anymore since it’s on cable? The Sunday night on NBC might have more cachet. How many times are the NJ Giants going to be on that?

  37. A Packers safety just intercepted a Seahawks pass. His celebration was a formal handshake (and head nod) with each of his teammates who were on the field.

    “Nice play, chap!”
    “Thank you, kindly sir.”

  38. Dan (47):

    Great point, Dan.

    I just checked the Giants schedule and it looks like they have NBC night games against the Eagles on Nov. 9 and Dallas on Dec. 14.

  39. Jd-

    over the weekend Giants gave up on Hennessey draft two behind Heilman, he wasn’t worth what he’d get in arbitration.

    I think the Mets should give him look but why do they have such a hard time cutting ties with guys.

  40. Greetings Ed … I’m watching the Cardinals trying to gift wrap their game to Dallas.-JD

  41. JD- you should see if word press offers a refresh feature or at least message that a new comment has been posted. This is really more of a chat then a comment section.

  42. Does anybody remember the Cardinals game against the Bears a couple of years ago? That’s why I’m never sure of Arizona winning until the Wednesday after the game.-JD