Loose Threads: Saturday morning edition.

What's going on with you?

What's going on with you?

The Mets are quiet today, and we’ve got only one game tonight. Perfect time for a “Loose Threads,” where you tell us what ever is on your mind.

It could be about the playoffs, what the Mets may or not do, or anything else that trips your trigger. Have a great day.

21 thoughts on “Loose Threads: Saturday morning edition.

  1. From the NY Times “What New Yorkers are Looking forward to in the Fall”

    I’m looking forward to going to a Giants football game, being a fan and cheering for my favorite team. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the guys and it’s a great form of relaxation after playing as long as we do. I think they have a great chance to get back to the Super Bowl again. I’m also looking forward to my annual Do The Wright Thing Gala [on Nov. 12 at the Hard Rock Cafe], which helps raise money for children’s charities.

    Third baseman,New York Mets

  2. While I can’t agree with those people (cough Mike Francresa cough) that think the Mets need to trade one or all of Wright, Reyes, or Beltran, just for the sake of making a trade, I do think the Mets would do well to add a player or two that are real dirty uniform grinder types with fiery personalities . Someone like Wally Backman. Here’s a thought. Why not add Backman to the coaching staff? I think he would do a fine job and though no longer a player, I think Backman would be well suited to give a kick in the pants to a player that needed it. Not to mention yet another connection to the never say die 1986 team.

  3. I hope that the Mets are watching this post season cause it shows what you need to win, starting pitching, bullpen, defense, timely hitting, reminds me of 69 Mets. What we lacked was hitting w/risp and good, not great, bullpen. Why all this breaking up of core? Why do we have to start all over again? A goo gritty player like Byrnes, Hudson would be great and would push the younger stars on Mets to go all out all the time plus work on situational hitting. Just my 2 cents. Sad to see Phillies doing good, sheesh, come on Dodgers, come on Manny.

  4. I’m looking forward to November, when free agency hits. Are the Mets going to give me a couple of nice winter presents or break my heart?

    The wait is on.

  5. If the Mets are going to make changes to the coaching staff will they do it after the WS ?

  6. Sam G; Your comments exemplify what is wrong with Omar as a GM. He makes you happy in the Winter, and then thinks he’s done so your heart is shattered the last weekend in September. Omar clearly stated last Winter after getting Sanatana that he had done his job, so he slept through the season….. Thanks Omar for making the Winter so enjoyable, but guess what the Giants did that better than you did!!!!!

  7. I hope Mr Wright doesn’t teach the Giants some of that late season magic he and his buddies do so well!!!!

  8. To Harry(10):
    Do you think the G-men are for real? They gave me a good scare against the Bengals and they’ve yet to play a good team (the ‘Skins seem like a different team now).

    Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Redskins and two each against the Iggles and Cowboys are ahead. That’s brutal.

    If the Giants can head to Pittsburgh at 6-0 and then split the remaining ten games, that should be good enough to get into the playoffs.

  9. It strikes me how many ex-Mets relivers were on postseason teams this year. Bradford, Oliver, Wheeler off the top of my head. It killed me when the announcer said of Bradford. ” He is effective against both Righties and Lefties.” He was available at the deadline. Omar is full of crap. there were valuble relievers out there to be had. Now we are going to watch the loudmouth Phillies go to the series. Yes Omar, something was missing: a bullpen you freaking idiot.

  10. Grady Little has to be watching these series playing the “what if” game. What if Theo Epstein didn’t saddled him with the stupid “bullpen by committee” in 2003 but instead had signed a Keith Foulke and developed a Jonathan Papelbon. What if the Colorado Rockies hadn’t had their run last year and the Dodgers made the playoffs last year. He could have managed the Dodgers and Manny Ramirez to 84 wins and received the accolades Joe Torre is getting.

  11. Would the Tigers be a potential Beltran trading partner? Perhaps we could somehow pry Cabrera away from them – salaries pretty much match up. Or, what about something like Beltran and Delgado and Heilman and Parnell for Granderson and Cabrera?

  12. Well Patrick, maybe the Redskins looked bad agains the Giants because the Gaints are good. The Bengals may be the best team who can’t win in a log time. They fought the boys to the end last week or whenever.
    Sadecki: go get em man. I had the same thoughts when I saw Bradford.
    Dan: The Dodgers finished 8 out last year. The rockies push had nothing to do with their failure to make the playoffs.
    J_k: Why do you want to get rid of a centerfielder who wins gold gloves every year and gets over 100RBIs? And why oh why would a pitching very thin org give away one of its few pitching prospects for a guy like Cabrera? Where would you play him since he has no glove and who would be your Centerfielder?

  13. If we got Cabrera, we’d have to trade or non-tender Delgado – I like the idea of a trade that nets Granderson and Cabrera – maybe also Dontrelle – because you get get significantly younger at two positions and you get a much better (right handed) bat at first. Throw in an Adam Dunn signing – and you’re in business…

    Your lineup could be:
    1. Reyes
    2. Granderson
    3. Cabrera
    4. Dunn
    5. Wright
    6. Church
    7. Murphy
    8. Castro/Schneider

  14. JD… I’m an ternal optimist. I’d like to think he’s got something up his sleeve. Reality says otherwise. I don’t think there’s going to be a lot to love in this offseason. I’ve got a feeling the Mets are going to the dance but they won’t get a dancing partner. As that country song goes “The girls all look prettier at closing time” and I think it’s going to be that way this winter.

  15. Harry, I can’t argue with you. The good GM’s never sit pat during the season they’re always working for deals. I got the feeling from his comments Omar sat back and waited for the deals to come to him.

  16. “Or, what about something like Beltran and Delgado and Heilman and Parnell for Granderson and Cabrera?”

    Seriously? Why in God’s name would the Tigers make that deal. If you are saying Cabrera and Beltran are a wash, then that means they would trade Granderson for Delgado, Heilman, and Parnell? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Cabrera and Beltran are not a wash – Beltran should be more valuable – especially because of Cabrera’s contract and the fact that he can’t play 3B.