Mets after Midnight: The Left Coast edition.

Shining on the Left Coast.

Shining on the Left Coast.

I mentioned this to Patrick, but if there’s enough interest, I’d be interested in doing a Mets Chat Room at midnight one night next week. If you’re game, I’ll be there. Please let me know your interest.

Derek Lowe lost it all at once tonight. We were giving him props over Oliver Perez when Chase Utley and Pat Burrell took him deep. Phillies lead, 1-0. No worries yet.

The playoffs, what the Mets should do, and anything else on your mind, the floor is yours.

4 thoughts on “Mets after Midnight: The Left Coast edition.

  1. John:
    I’ll be around for the West Coast Mets chat as long as I know which day it will be. Hopefully the other misplaced Mets fans will suggest a day that works for them.

    Other …
    It looks like my new Phillies Voodoo doll is not improved. I thought it would bring a Dodgers sweep. Hmmm … maybe my pin placement is the problem. I’ll consult my Shaman and see if we can get the issue rectified by the morning.

    I really dig Lowe. He pitched a good game. I thought he made a decent pitch that Utley hit for a homerun.

    A starting staff of Santana, Lowe, Big Pelf, Maine and a lefty (I still like Perez as a back-end starter at a reasonable price) would be far better than most.

    Castillo had a very bad year and his contract is widely considered a colossal blunder. That said, was his egregious performance due to injury? Diminished skills? Attitude? A combination thereof? What is the likelihood that he surprises us with a resurgence next year?

  2. Correction: I just saw a replay of the Utley homerun. It was a horrible pitch.

    Three lashes w/a wet noodle for me. I’m also putting myself on restriction for a week.

  3. I’m in the Bay Area but I am in grad school Monday and Thursday nights, but I’d love to talk some Mets/baseball Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

    Lowe is a name that has been talked about a lot. I seem to remember him having some troubles with the Boston media his last season or so there, so that is something that might be concerning. But he certainly is a guy I’d look at to fill out the rotation with Perez likely moving on.

    Speaking of Perez, I don’t know THAT much about him, but he strikes me as the kind of guy who might get comfortable after his contract and revert to his old, VERY inconsistent form. Just a hunch and not really backed up by anthing but opinion..

  4. to brian (msg# 3):

    i think perez is a mystery to most of us. sometimes i think he’s simply dumb. other times i think he tries to think too much. and at other times i think he’s emotionally unstable. i have no idea if he has the sort of personality that would lead to complacency if he inked a new contract. perhaps JD has some insight into this matter.

    regardless, i’d take his stats/performance as a back-end starter as long as he doesn’t cost too much.

    i’m in the minority on perez, i know, but his ERA has been far better w/the mets than in any season since 2004. is that an indication perez may be getting close to fulfilling his potential?

    perez is 27 (??) right now which is typically the age when baseball players hit their prime years. IMO, the $64/k question is if and/or when he’ll be able to “put it all together.”