Maine optimistic after surgery ….

Maine: Anxious to get going.

Maine: Anxious to get going.

The Mets did the right thing when Jerry Manuel shut down John Maine down the stretch.

“They told me it was the biggest one they’d ever removed, the biggest one they’d ever seen,” Maine said of the bone spur removed from his right shoulder. “They couldn’t believe I could throw with that in there.”

Maine said it was the size of a softball.

Nobody knows had Maine tried to work out of the pen if the spur would have rubbed against and/or torn a muscle or ligament. Instead, he’s now anxious to get going. He said he feels great and wants to start throwing immediately, but won’t until December.

8 thoughts on “Maine optimistic after surgery ….

  1. Hopefully this was something that had been plaguing him the entire year which might help explain why he had to throw so many pitches per outing.

  2. Optimistic? Doesn’t a bone spur get created by weak ligaments or something along those lines? I wouldn’t be optimistic about having the “biggest one ever” removed. Though I’m sure his elbow feels a lot better.

  3. TJ: I’m not sure how bone spurs get created or if they can grow back. How did it get this big? It seems to get that big it would have had to be in there for awhile. If so, how did it get missed earlier?-JD

  4. Having never been anything more than a 6 pack athelete, it’s amazing how these guys can “shut it down like that” His attitude about waiting until December is great, but, it’s got to be awfully hard to not have that temptation to “test things”. I suppose when you’re staring at a multi million dollar future, you have a bit more temperance :)

  5. JD- I still think Maine would be a very good closer if not dominant… 20 pitches a night seems alot less stressful then 120 every fifth day…. When he doesn’t hold back and airs it out that rising fastball is nasty…

    Johan, Lowe, Pelfrey, Pedro ( bring him back under those circumstances) and Garland type….

  6. SamG,

    i am one to tell you, i tested out myself after hernia surgery, many many moons ago. felt ok. then i moved oh just the wrong way. i picked myself up. and said. i’ll be back in a few months.

    Better safe than out for the count. 😉
    After any surgery, let the body heal and recover.

  7. Steve C.: I concur. Several years ago during spring training I had emergency hernia surgery. I didn’t feel right until late June. He needs to rest.-JD