What songs lift your mood?

The Kids are Alright.

The Kids are Alright.

Kind of a down day today. Sluggish. Somewhat depressing. Whenever that happens, I’ll put on music to lift my mood. “The Kids are Alright” by The Who is my choice.

Do you have one? Is there a song you automatically sing to? Is there one when you’re in the car you’ll wait until it is over before you leave?

What’s the one song that presses your on button?

17 thoughts on “What songs lift your mood?

  1. Jim (1): Thanks for chiming in. I’ll be around later during the Dodgers game.-JD

  2. sounds corny as hell……..but true…..” Meet the Mets”……..nothing beats it on a cold winter’s day when you’re missing baseball………yeah I know……I’m messed up.:)

  3. This one is a little out there but “Golden Boy ” by the Mountain Goats will always do the trick.

  4. For me it’s old movies – recently “Chicago” and “For Love of the Game” have worked well.

  5. Brandy, you’re a fine girl. What a good wife you would be…but my life, my love, and my lady is the sea!

  6. For some reason (most of) the album “Exile on Main St.” by the Rolling Stones always makes me feel good. The album starts with good energy.

    “Steal My Sunshine” by Len has a peppy melody that always makes me smile.

    If you like more intense music, ya can’t go wrong with “Beer for Breakfast” by The Replacements.

    Reggae makes me feel like it’s summer.

    When I’m feeling blue I usually listen to songs that evoke (good) visceral memories. Regardless, the Golden Rule is: Always stay away from the likes of Cat Stevens and Elliot Smith. :)

  7. OK, so you weren’t happy with the old movies. Here’s the one piece of music that lifts my spirits whenever I hear it. It’s the theme song of the NFL (and Mike Francesa’s Sunday morning football program)

    It sounds as triumphant as an anthem from Handel – wish I knew where to get a copy of it.

  8. Actually, it’s Mike Francesa’s voice that does it for me when I’m down. No, wait, scratch that. It’s Ray Catena imploring me to take care of my job and my family, and he’ll take care of my car. Nah…It’s Guiseppe Franco.

    I read somewhere that the Mets’ fortunes went downhill once the Procede ads were pulled from SNY.

  9. i totally forgot a classic happy song: “i can see clearly now (the rain is gone)” by jimmy cliff.

  10. Brandy is a nice song..

    If I want to raise my spirits watching a pussycats dolls vid kinda does that..