7 thoughts on “Rewind: Where did it go wrong?

  1. The season went bad the same way it went bad in 2007, the bull pen. When the bull pen is blowing big leads almost everyday it is hard to win consistently not to mention it places allot of pressure on the offense. The main thing Omar should be focusing on in the off season is to get rid of the crap in the bull pen and replace it with relievers who can get somebody out.

  2. I think it happened during the Philly series, thye had just swept the Brewers and were on a high. They lose that tough Friday night game and then lost a horrendous Game 1 of the doubleheader and Santana won Game 2. After that, they won 2 games from the Nats (10-8 and 13-10), the Braves came to town and the Mets blew 8th inning and 9th inning leads in 2 games. They went to Washington and lost the 1st two and then rebounded to win the next 2. They went to Atlanta and lost 2 out of 3 again with the bullpen giving up Sunday’s game. That whole chunk of 15 games led up to the disastrous final week.

  3. I wouldn’t say any one thing suddenly went wrong. This team had one gigantic hole and an assortment of other problems that were more typical. The bullpen was never right even with Billy Wags, and downright dysfunctional without him. What really stinks is that for most of these guys there horrifying performances were somewhat out of character with career numbers. Feliciano’s historically been decent against righties. Filthy Sanchez pitched well, but wored down following his surgery. What do you even say about Heilman? Worst season of his career.

    The other problems were things you could live with. Pedro got old but we knew that was coming. We never really found a fifth starter, but who really has one? We had good Opie and bad Opie but he came out about where many expected. Despite a flood of injuries, necessitating a good bit of duct tape, they still managed to hit and defend pretty well.

    But from day-to-day there was just no one you could really count on from the bullpen. Even when we went up 3.5 games toward the end of the season I said, “this isn’t the last time Philly will be in first place. I just hope it’s not the last time for us.”

    Going forward, it would stupid to say “K-Rod or bust.” We’ve got to build a bullpen or Mariano Rivera himself won’t be able to save us.

  4. i was at the game in DC where it took 6 or 7 releivers to get the last 9 outs. ouch

  5. honestly, i kept my faith in this team to the very end. i really felt they were making the playoffs this yr, i just did. i felt the air come out of the balloon after wes helms hit one into the bleachers. i was optimistic until that point.

  6. July 3rd. Every year, there seems to be a game that is a microcosm of the whole season. I felt the july 3rd 8-7 loss to St. Louis was that game, representative of the entire season. The mets fell behind early 4-0 after pedro gave up four first inning runs, but the mets scratched and clawed there way back into it. However, in the end, the bullpen gave a 7-5 lead right back the the cardinals in the 8th and 9th and the mets lost 8-7. In the game, just like the season, the mets fell behind early, but fought back to finally take a lead in the late. However, the bullpen eventually gave both away. After that game I said I was giving up on the mets winning this year. Of course, they immediately won ten games in a row to renew hope, but ended up missing the playoffs by one game yet again.

  7. It went wrong in April…….I knew we’d never make it through the season with that bullpen. Omar should have fixed it during the off season, and he didn’t. He stuck with guys like Show and Heilman who should have been gone. But in fairness to him, who could have guessed Wagner would receive a career ending injury. But seriously, he should have had a back up plan. Omar’s failure to do anything useful with the pen is the reason. Kunz wasn’t exactly the greatest draft pick in the world also. I’m livid that they rewarded this man with a new contract. He was basically rewarded for being a failure. I don’t know of any other job where that happens.