Mets after Midnight: Night owls edition.

What's keeping you awake tonight?

What's keeping you awake tonight?

For those of you on the West Coast, or can’t sleep, this thread is for you. Let’s have your thoughts on where you thought the season might have turned, the playoffs, the free-agents you fancy, or anything else on your mind.

16 thoughts on “Mets after Midnight: Night owls edition.

  1. I read over at Metsblog today that Minaya has already stated they are going to pick up Delgado’s option but that they are also considering Daniel Murphy for first base. Now, if they end up trading Delgado I guess that makes sense but I thought that Murphy’s “natural” position was second base? If that is the case then why wouldn’t they just hang on to Delgado, get rid of Castillo and play Murphy at second?
    I understand why some of you think we should “move on” from Delgado so to speak, and the last three months of the season could certainly have been an aberration. But if I where GM I would be more willing to stick my neck out for one more year with than Delgado than even half of spring training with Castillo. He is dead weight as far as I am concerned. He is doing squat on the field and he contributes nothing to the club house.
    That’s all I’ve got. And thanks J.D. for remembering all of us displaced Met fans here on the left coast.

  2. does anybody know what the first day is that teams can make offers to free agents or begin trading negotiations?

  3. Actually Murphy is a “natural” third baseman. Though I don’t recall if he was much good defensively. First base seems like a logical spot for him actually, but they’d need a decent backup option as well. Is Doug Mient…Mientk…Doug Eyechart a free agent again?

  4. i’m from binghamton and daniel murphy is probably the worst defender i’ve ever seen at 3b: he gets horrible jumps on ground balls (reaction time is almost nil), he’s got concrete for hands, and his arm/accuracy is below average. we should trade him now while he’s a unknown hot commodity.

  5. great thread for me, im alwyas up late….
    what do you think we should get for murphy…
    maybe him, heilman, prospect
    bullpen arms?

  6. O.K. I lied. One more thing.
    When did it become so popular to blame the Wilpons for everything that is wrong with the Mets?
    Please correct me if I am wrong but considering the fact that they own the team and can do whatever the hell they want with it I would say they get a nine out of ten on the stay the hell out of the way and let Omar and his crew run the show scale.
    Yes, this team has issues and yes, as the owners the Wilpons have something to do with that but I think we could do a hell of a lot worse. (see Seattle, Baltimore, oh, and the Yankees)
    I would say we should thank our lucky stars for having owners that are willing to make the ridiculous investments necessary to field a team that at least has a chance of winning and then basically just shuts up and lets the man they hired run the show.
    Oh, and for all of you getting so upset over the new stadium prices. Get over it. What do you expect them to do? You couldn’t get in to SAFECO Field here in Seattle for three years after they opened that place and you can sit in the bleachers for 6 bucks. It’s all about supply and demand. The high prices reflect the market the Mets play in, not the morals or caring of the Wilpons. But enen if they made it free there would be a hell of a lot of us “regular fans” unable to get in for a few years.

    O.K. that’s all. I will now sit back and watch as I am reminded why I do not comment on web sites anymore.

  7. Paul,
    He must be pretty terrible if you are suggesting we trade as good a hitter as him, or was that an aberration as well?

  8. Scott,
    Free agency begins 13 day’s after the world series ends. I assume teams can start tendering offers as soon as a player files.

  9. to kevin (msg# 1):

    i’d like to have delgado back. he caught fire in the second half and will be playing for another contract; moreover, i simply don’t see how they could replace his power especially since the mets will need to spend a ton of money filling other holes.

  10. to kevin (re msg# 6):

    you live in seattle, too?

    where do you catch mets games? i’ve had some luck at floyd’s and the spectator on queen anne (where i live), but i’m the only mets fan there, which means i often get overruled on tv choices.

  11. Jerry Manuel on the Fan said Delgado is the leader of this team. I dont see him going anywhere. Murphy did well in LF for a guy who has been an infielder all his career. I dont think hes going anywhere either.

  12. Now for a question to JD: To add to the hot stove chatter, Are there any international free agents the Mets could sign to fill some of their pitching needs? Anybody in Japan coming out this year?

  13. I never knew that Omar Minaya’s full name was Omar Kevin Minaya! Just teasing you Kevin but it sure sounds by your defense of everything Met ownership that you are on the rolls. Actually Kevin, I think Omar gets the bulk of the hits on the team , and the Wilpons for their small new Ebbets Field and love for the Dodgers, and fan unfriendly attitude.

  14. kevin and jim,
    i would suggest trading murphy while his stock was high (he is undoubtedly a good hitter so use that as leverage) or at worst stick him at 1b. however, i’m not lying in saying delgado is a better 1b than murphy given from what i’ve seen.

  15. I saw Murphy play 3B in Binghmaton but not first. I agree with Paul. He was bad. Keep him in left and trade Church at the ed of next year to make room for F-Mart. Delcos wants Burrell but Murphy will be a better LF than Pat the Bat and will hit for a much higher average. Let Evans and Carp develop one more year and if neither looks like a big leaguer after 2009, then don’t trade Church and move Murphy to 1B. Omar is good at finding guys like Tatis to fill a void for a year. Omar should do nothing but fix the pitching staff this Winter.

  16. Patrick, Re: Message six.
    Hey, I actually live in Bremerton not Seattle but you get the gist. I get the games on MLB extra innings my friend. It’s not cheap, $160 for the season but I get about 145 games per season so I think it’s worth it. I tried doing it your way the first few years I lived out here but it drove me nuts. Later man.