Loose threads: Watching Joe and the Dodgers.

Anything on your mind?

Anything on your mind?

Have a lot of work to do. It seems like the letters I need to get out are piling up. Plan on knocking them off tonight while watching the Dodgers and Philly. If you’re watching and want to throw in your two cents, I’ll be around.

82 thoughts on “Loose threads: Watching Joe and the Dodgers.

  1. I’m excited 😀 if philly makes the WS, there will be some added pressure for the mets to win next year

  2. Roy (1): No question about it. It wasn’t so bad last year when Philly left in the first round.-JD

  3. Roy (4): I have a feeling if the Phillies win he’ll be talking trash non-stop since the champagne dried.-JD

  4. Manny has the Dodgers on the board all ready. Still taking his LA surge with a skepticism because this is a salary drive for him. His true colors will eventually show through.-JD

  5. Hey JD where do you see Manny landing? Dodgers’ fans want him to stay but do you see him staying?

  6. I’m thinking Lowe, even though he’s older. There’s less angst when he pitches. I know I’ll get innings and production. Not sure Perez will be able to match it.-JD

  7. Four years ago when Lowe was a free agent he was an afterthought. Everyone was arguing the merits of Carl Pavano vs Matt Clement. Now he’s a highly sought after soon to be free agent.

  8. Manny is awesome.
    Manny is a dirtbag.
    I’ll still go with the fact that Derek Lowe is awesome because he’s only been starting for 6 seasons. He was a reliever in his other seasons. Less mileage on the arm.

  9. Derek Lowe can induce a double play ball with a 3-1 count. Fancy that. That by the way, is why I loved watching Pelfrey way, way more than I liked watching Perez. Perez you had to pray for even a chance of a double play ball. Pelfrey was quite good at getting them.

  10. TJ (13): Do you ever get the feeling Perez will never really learn how to pitch.-JD

  11. He can shut a team down when he’s on, no doubt, but Perez isn’t exactly much of a ‘thinker’ out there. I agree that primarily, he’s just a thrower. I wouldn’t mind keeping him, but at the same time I don’t think he’s worth whatever figure Boras is dreaming up.

  12. As long as Perez can be rattled by almost anything from not getting a strike call to a homerun hit against him, he will always be a hot and cold pitcher.

  13. i wish my manager had picked a different week to go out of the country. just got home and turning on the baseball for a few minutes. it’s just TOO HARD to watch the phillies. mighty hard.

    as for OP, he thought too much. overthought without the maturity to process it. that’s my armchair psych analysis. also cannot get his emotions under control. whoever pays what Bora$ asks for is going to inherit a burgeoning prima donna, mark my words.

  14. Lowe is superb tonight. Torre talking about Lowe now. Said Lowe will go as long as he can. Can’t say that about Perez.-JD

  15. All of a sudden, Lowe is in trouble in the fifth after two outs. We saw this from Perez a lot during the season.-JD

  16. Lowe is the type of work horse that they Mets could slide in behind Santana and make a strong 1 2 punch. He has pitched over 199 innings 6 out of 7 seasons. Easy to swap him for OP.

  17. ed: I don’t have any faith Perez will ever pitch according to his talent potential.-JD

  18. Ollie would get a two year offer from me, which I know he would turn down. you never know what your getting and could easily eat that small a contract if he turns into bad ollie.

  19. I love Derek Lowe but man seeing that number “39” scares me. That’s crazy.

    Thinking about Delgado and the thought that the mets could pick up the optino and trade him, realistically, who can have him? Looking around the rosters, not many teams need a 1st baseman. I see the Blue Jays, Orioles, Nationals, and the Angels (IF they lose out on Teixeira). I mean, with that said I don’t see the Orioles or Nationals making a play for him because it doesn’t make sense.
    So that leaves the Blue Jays and Angels, and the Angels only if they don’t resign Teixeira. So with my good ol’ pal process of elimination, only the Blue Jays are reasonable trading partner for the Mets and Delgado. Meh.

  20. Perez can be overpowering at times, and underwhelming at others. Lowe is more consistent, and I place value in that.-JD

  21. Benny(26): If Toronto is the only trading partner for Delgado, then he won’t go anywhere. For all the reasons he’s a risk for the Mets to re-sign makes him difficult to trade. He’s not going anywhere.-JD

  22. Bad throw, but doesn’t Loney have to get off the bag more to make that catch and surrender the out to keep the runner from advancing?-JD

  23. I’m not as worried about Delgado if he goes great but if he stays he’ll contribute – I wonder how they can unload castillo – because Hudson would be a perfect fit

  24. ed (32): What’s not to like about Hudson? The key in what the Mets might be able to do in the offseason with non-pitchers is Castillo. They’ll have to eat some of his contract. I can’t imagine the Mets eating Castillo’s whole contract. The Mets don’t do things that way.-JD

  25. All this raving we’ve done tonight about Lowe? Well, he lost it quickly, just like Perez has done. … And, there’s my guy Burrell.-JD

  26. Don’t worry kiddies its only the bottom of the 6th.. Manny has atleast 2 at bats to knock in some runs and give the Dodgers the lead and tack on some insurance runs.

    I don’t think Delgado goes anywhere.

  27. Thats the problem with trading Castillo everyone knows that they are going to. So they will get almost nothing in return and will need to eat BIG money. I want the Mets to move him they need to move him can they move him?

  28. I don’t think Delgado goes anywhere.

    – that was the poit I was trying to make when I made the comments about the Blue Jays being the only team that matches up to get him.

  29. Any body roll the dice on Mark Prior as the closer with say Juan Cruz as the backup plan…. If he’s healthy which is a huge if he has the stuff, thinking out of the box of course

  30. Bosco (39): You might be able to move Castillo to a desperate team, but who is desperate in the off-season? Eating the big money might be the way to go, but the Mets don’t do business that way. If they did, it would be a big departure.-JD

  31. Prior is a guy that you sign and if he gives you anything its a bonus, you just cant count on him.

  32. Everybody said that about Kaz but they chose to keep him until they could satnd eating what was left even though he was ineffective…. Thats one thing I always disagreed with about the Wilpons, you see teams cutting their lossing often the Mets will just bench the guy….

  33. ed (41): I’ve equated Prior to Lieber several times, and I’m for the gamble. It’s something you would do not expecting anything. It’s something that might not even happen for a couple of years.-JD

  34. I guess that if they cant trade him and wont release him then let him play in ST and he’ll get hurt and be gone anyway.

  35. Trading Castillo is their first hope, but trades usually happen when a team isn’t able to sign a FA. If the Mets’ thinking is they will not have Castillo next year under any circumstances, then they should be prepared to get rid of him sooner than later. Stalling might cost them a chance at somebody else.-JD

  36. I don’t konw where I said this but I said somewhere that regarding mark prior?
    might as well donate that money to charity.
    He just had SHOULDER surgery…. funk that noise. No point in dealing with him.

  37. Benny he’s only 27 y/o commands four pitches- his FB still high 90s despite all the shoulder problems – one of these days I’m betting he turns the corner

  38. Regarding Castillo teams that could use a second baseman would be the Blue Jays, Royals, Indians, Padres, Dbacks, and seriously, thats pretty much it.
    I would take out the Indians because Mark Shapiro is a smart man. I’d take out the Royals because… it just makes no sense for them to trade for him, he provides nothing they’re looking for. I can see the Padres being dumb/desperate enough to do something like trading for Castillo.

  39. ed (51): I’m agreeing with you on Prior. It’s a chance to have something happen in a few years. Low risk because you’re not expecting anything.-JD

  40. Benny (53): So, what you’re saying is it will be dumb luck if Omar is able to trade Castillo.-JD

  41. edfever, look, he hasn’t started more than 10 games, pitched more than 50 innings or thrown more than 1000 pitches since 20052005!!!!

    Here’s his injury history:

    Midseason 2003 – Shoulder after on-field collision with Marcus Giles.

    Sprig Training 2005 – Elbow strain

    May 27, 2005 – Throwing elbow – comeback line drive off the bat of Brad Hawpe

    Sprig Training 2006 – Strained shoulder

    August 14, 2006 – Shoulder tendinitis

    Spring Training 2007 – Shoulder surgery

    May 16, 2008 – A tear in the capsule of his pitching shoulder; shoulder surgery

    Major shoutouts to wikipedia (thanks!). Umm, I dunno about you but thats not the type of player I’d commit anything to. We’re talking 4 shoulder injuries/surgeries and 2 elbow injuries.

  42. John, with only about three teams that even LOOK like they might need a 2nd baseman, it won’t be luck if Omar is able to unload him. It will be pure SKILL! Skill that would need to be recognized.
    And I must say Omar has been skilled in the past with Kaz Matsui and Guillermo Mota so I have faith.

  43. And, that luck would apply if they got Prior and he panned out. Nobody expects it. The cost would be minimal, but take a chance.-JD

  44. Benny (59): Luck or skill, does it matter as long as the deal is made? Omar has done well in the past in making these kinds of deals. He’ll need to do that again. … The issue is their willingness to eat the contract if Omar can’t make a trade.-JD

  45. I see Prior as a high risk, high reward kind of player.

    79-0 the Phils are after 8, it’s gonna be 80-0. Man that hit by Manny in the 1st seems large now.

  46. I know in relative baseball terms, $1 million is nothing/peanuts/chump change BUT… the man got paid one million dollars to rehab. I’ll pass. All those sohulder and elbow injuries show me that GM’s and teams are dumb.

    BTW, seeing the Phillies win makes me sick, ugh.

  47. If the Phils run the table, do you think they’ll bring back Burrell? I’m inclined to think they’ll try to keep things intact as much as possible.-JD

  48. Tony B. gets the seattle job maybe – Castillo for Silva – swapping bad contracts Silva thrived with good friend Santana – Murphy ( who Tony is so proud of finding) for JJ Putz – might have to throw in Parnell

  49. I don’t think the Phils will run the table… the Dodgers are very tough at home. Yeah if they do move onto the series Burrell isn’t going anywhere. I’d suspect he isn’t going anywhere at any point.

    10 yrs is a long time to be with one team and he’s been a gamer for a while. He’ll want to finish out as a Phillie.

    Again I hope he comes to the Mets so he can pound them like he pounded the Mets :)

  50. Was there anybody a year ago calling for their team to acquire Brad Lidge?

    I don’t care who wins these series, I just want them to be exciting.

  51. Oh man, Luis Castillo or Carlos Silva?
    HAHA, I think we found a player thats so bad, I’d rather keep Castillo.

  52. In 2007 Billy was begging Omar both publicly/privately to trade for his buddy get him out of Houston where is confidence was an all time low. Omar wasn’t buying he could turned around for the cost especially as a set-up man… Only reason Philly got him was because it was a cheap way to get a starter by moving Myers back to the rotation

  53. (74) see there out there Silva get five starts as the fifth then become the long man with Niese coming up… Somebody specualted earlier in Sept. that it would be a smart move to get Silva back with santana

  54. The thing about Silva is that he was never any good even when he had his career year in 2005 when he posted a 3.46 ERA with a 1.17 WHIP.
    The guy is a lock to give up over 200 hits with or without Johan.
    Aaron Heilman has more strikeouts than Carlos Silva. And despite and OVER 600 inning advantage Heilman trails Silva by only 65 strikeouts, thats NUTS!!!!
    Thanks for making me look up those numbers ed, because I forgot just how BAD this guy was. Brutal… just brutal. He’s super bad.

  55. lol would you swap the bad contracts thats all im looking for i could careless if they cut him by june if it means they sign hudson… sorry about the homework

  56. Well, Carlos Silva signed a 4 year 44 million contract.
    Castillo a 4 year 24 million. I’d rather just release Castillo, lol.

  57. that ballpark is an absolute joke. utleys ball is out only in that park and probably very few other places…its a shame playoff games are decided in a bandbox.

  58. frustration speaking there…my oh my how i hope the phils dont win it and please mets, have a great yr next yr