Gooood morning: Responses to the overnight.

Browsing the overnight posts.

Browsing the overnight posts.

Good morning all. Logged on this morning and saw a lot of responses from out West. A lot of good reading with my cereal. Let’s get to it:

-KEVIN: The lead domino is getting rid of Castillo. If that happens, Murphy can play second. The AFL was to get him ready. If they can’t deal Castillo, then I presume Murphy goes back in left. Omar Minaya did say they’d pick up Delgado’s option. I don’t think they’ll trade him, but don’t forget, the Mets did not have a viable back-up to Delgado. That could be Murphy this year.

-SCOTT: The rules: The FA filing period begins the day after the World Series and lasts for 15 days. This is the window in which FA can negotiate only with their teams. … On the 16th day, FA can negotiate with other teams. … Teams can talk trade at any time.

-PAUL: I’m not for trading Murphy, but I will give you this: His value is high right now.

-HARRY: Agreed. Make pitching their first, second and third priorities. … Murphy played real well in left considering it was new for him.-JD

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  1. JD- I think too many people are putting too much on Murph. It was 49 games from a Kid out of AA who as an infielder is a defensive nightmare. I would’nt trade him unless it was a no brainer but i wouldn’t pencil him as a starter either. Make him a super joe if he’s still hitting .300 by the all-star break then find him a spot and if he struggles then going down wont put a huge hole in the team….

  2. ed: Jerry said he wanted to find a way to keep Murphy’s bat in the lineup on a regular basis. He proved he can deal with pressure, but you’re right, it was only a handful of games.-JD

  3. Hey John – just an idea. I often can not make it to the chat’s and going back and doing the re-read is generally not a good user experience (best done live). So I was wondering, if you had time and inclination, if when you do a live chat to just throw some bullet points together the next day or afterwards – whenever – recapping the chat.
    Thanks and keep up the awesome job.

  4. ed has a good point. Look to the great job that Davey Johnson did with Kevin Mitchell. He played him everywhere to get his bat in the lneup, even put him at SS when a fly ball pitcher was throwing. Mitchell played 6 positions in ’86. But Murphy wouldn’t be a Joe Mcewing, he’d be Mitchell.

  5. Hi John,

    I agrre with Ed from Mets Fever regarding Murphy. I would say every team has a prospect who is in the same mold as Murphy. I like Murphy, but I don’t see him as a viable option as an everyday player. His last 10-15 games showed Murphy to be much more vulnerable to breaking pitches as he was fed fewer fastballs and saw a huge drop in his batting average.

    In a system that has very little in terms of A Type Prospects, a guy like Murphy looks like a cant-miss guy, but the truth is that he is just a mediocre talent without plus power.

    I believe Nick Evans has much more power potential than Murphy.

    The Mets need more than a 10-12 homerun guy to play everyday in left field.

    If Murphy can prove that he has a future at second base, than of course that changes everything. But playing second base in the AFL does not make you a second baseman. Murphy needs to open some eyes defensively.

    By the way, can you add Mets Merized Online to your blog roll? I added your site when you first launched. Thanks!

    Also, would you like to participate in a Mets Bloggers Roundtable we are planning for December? We would be honored to have you participate.

  6. Joe: I will add you to the blogroll and I will participate in your roundtable. Just tell me when.-JD

  7. I really think Delmon Young would be an ideal addition to the team – he can really hit, he’s a righty, and he has an absolute cannon arm. Is there any possibility of the Mets packaging, say, Daniel Murphy, Ryan Church, Aaron Heilman, and Bobby Parnell for Young?

    We really need to get younger – the argument that the offense doesn’t need to improve doesn’t make much sense, because so much of last year’s offense fell on Delgado and Tatis, and I highly doubt either will repeat their last year. A young player, like Young, could contribute quite a bit.

    If not Young, is Miguel Cabrera available? The Tigers are in need of a big shakeup.

  8. John, I thought that during the 15 day period after the World Series, teams can talk to players, they just can’t offer contracts?

  9. J_k, don’t you think that is a pretty steep price to pay for a still relatively unproven player in Young.

    Yes, he is talented, but he has makeup questions and looking at his stats his OPS is pretty poor for a corner OF compared to the league.

    I’m not so sure Murphy alone won’t be more productive the next few years…

    If we are putting together a package like that, I’d like to get more of a “sure thing” for the next few years…

  10. Yes, it’s extremely steep, but usually when you post on boards like this, people just respond with “The Twins will never do that,” and I’m more interested in discussing the merits of acquiring Young. I really think that, for the future, a core of Wright, Reyes, Young and F-Mart could be great.

    How about this, then, we give them the four guys I said above, AND Delgado, and get back Pat Neshek, Carlos Gomez and Delmon Young?