Burgos to be jailed while awaiting trial

Burgos: Jailed and awaiting trial. Denies anything happened.

Burgos: Jailed and awaiting trial. Denies anything happened.

Ambiorix Burgos is to be jailed for three months while awaiting trial for a hit-and-run accident that killed two women in the Dominican Republic. Burgos told the Dominican AP he was ordered jailed out of concerns for his safety. That sounds odd to me. I thought it was because he was a flight risk. He did take a week to turn himself in.

Said Burgos: “I am going to come out of this fine because my conscience is clear, and I’m not worried this will affect my career because I haven’t done anything.”

Burgos has an Oct. 23 court date in New York for assaulting his girl friend that he said he’ll attend. Burgos didn’t say when he’ll start throwing off the mound.

8 thoughts on “Burgos to be jailed while awaiting trial

  1. Spend three months in jail when he hasn’t been convicted of anything? I guess the D.R. has different values than we do.

  2. Well it is DR. I can see the family out of anger committing vendetta.

    Whether he is guilty or not, hmmmm. I wasn’t there.. i don’t know..

    Time will tell.

  3. If vendetta is all that they are concerned about, I’m sure Burgos is one of the few D.R. residents who could afford private security/bodyguard.

  4. Omar says that is only a sprain, and the Burgos is “day to day”..

    Seriously, this is a joke. The only reason I can see that Burgos is still on this team is the obvious reason.

  5. 😮 Cracking jokes on my country eh? Anyways, this is weird, i saw an interview where he said that nothing happened…

  6. Chucky, Maybe you didn’t know this, but there are people put in jail without bail, right here in the USA!!!!!

  7. Roy (5): Well, something must have happened. Two women are dead and Burgos was on the run for almost a week.-JD

  8. If someone killed 2 people and took a week to show up i would put them in jail too.

    As far as guilty or innocent, as they say in Shawshank Redemption – ‘We’re all innocent’