18 thoughts on “Deposits for 2009 season tickets being accepted.

  1. But, do we know that there are cheap seats available? I can’t pay for anything more, so if I make a deposit, I will lose it if there are no cheap seats available…

  2. j_k (1): I am going under the assumption there’s no such thing as a cheap seat.-JD

  3. John, first, you should remember me as the tall guy that was on the same plane with you back in April from Cincy to Chicago … later we met briefly by the Mets dugout at Wrigley.

    Have you heard anything about partial ticket plan renewals? I have been a Saturday plan holder for 12 years but heard nothing about renewals on partial plans … just wondering if you might have heard any buzz. Thanks.

  4. There are seats for $2025 – cheap in a relative sense – and they aren’t saying if any of those tickets are still available. There are also $50,000 tickets, and as a teacher, I can’t pay for those. My point is, will they tell us if the cheapER tickets are still available at some point?

  5. Ron: How have you been? Email me your contact info: jdelcos@yahoo.com. … Nothing on the partial plans yet. From what I’ve been able to find out they are still defining the various packages.-JD

  6. j_k (5) I know what you are asking, but I don’t have an answer for you. My understanding is all the partial plans will go on sale at the same time.-JD

  7. Everybody should read Wallace Matthews article in newsday today. He says the Wilpons plan is for every seat to be a season ticket. According to wally, They dont even want to sell partial plans and forget about walking up and buying a ticket. Now I understand Chitis rants. If this is true, it sickens me. I heard a fan on wfan say they threw him in jail for 2 days for trying to sell his own extra ticket at Shea. No Doubt Freddy coupon doesnt want his partners at stubhub to lose any business. Wilpon you are a greedy bastard.

  8. j_k,

    Be proactive! Call the Mets ticket office (718-565-4348) and explain to them that you’d be interested in purchasing full season tickets but can only afford seats in the Promenade IF Reserve ($25) or Promenade OF Reserve ($19). Tell them that you’d be willing to put down a deposit for full season tickets but only if seats in those particular sections are available.

    As for partial plans, the Mets will announce their intentions with respect to them as soon as they have locked in their full season ticket planholders (i.e., they have received payment in full for such plans).

    As for Wally’s article in Newsday, some of what he says may be true but a lot of it is pure speculation on his part (remember he’s not known for his objectivity when it comes to the Mets). While the Mets want to maximize their full season ticket base, even they understand that they won’t be able to sell 42,500 full season ticket plans (or anything close to that amount). Instead, by being silent on partial plans, they were able to sucker numerous people into purchasing full season plans for the past few seasons and even pennant race packs late this season out of the fear that they’d be shut out of Citi Field.

    The only cost to them was the potential alienation of long-time partial planholders. As a partial planholder, I think its a terrible way to treat one’s loyal customers. That said, the Mets know that they can do this because most partial planholders will sign up for partial plans as soon as they are announced. Only when fans stop purchasing their product (Mets baseball games) will things change.

  9. Jeez……everything I’m reading on the news sites indicates we have a failing economy. You’d never know it from reading what people are paying on here.

  10. Hi Sadecki: I am honored by your post!!!!
    I’ll go to games in Pittsburgh and DC. They suck but at least you can go to a game without declaring bankruptcy. I think the Wilpons will next want ticket licenses like the NFL has. I hope the Wilpons lose it all in this turbulent time we live in. Just think, Wilpons declare bankruptcy. Wouldn’t it be sweet… As well as Hankee the Yankee……

  11. Chiti, Youre welcome. Here in Arizona they kept 2 nosebleed sections open for a dollar until last year. You can still get a ticket for 5 dollars some games. It would be something if the Mets and Yanks got caught with thier huge payrolls and empty ballparks, wouldnt it? Now go get Fmart already Omar!

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  13. I think the Mets management is greedy and self serving. Why would they not give loyal Sat or Sun season tickets holder comparable seats in the new stadium? Instead they want to sell as many full season tickets for pure greed? This will come back full circle on them and cast a negative image of this organization. The kids and lower income family will be shut out of baseball, because the greedy owners! Let this be said if this continues and the fans don’t have a price friendly team I think Congress should step in and sanction the owners for ruining the game.