REPORT: Burgos surrenders to police.

Burgos: Turns himself into police.

Burgos: Turns himself into police.

Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos turned himself in to police in the Dominican Republic Tuesday night. He had been on the run for a week after a hit-and-run accident that killed two women.

There’s news the mother of 29-year-old Angely Fana – Eudosia Ruane – claims Burgos intentionally ran down her daughter over because she refused to go out with him. She has filed a report charging homicide.

He faces up to two years in prison on the hit-and-run charges. Burgos also faces an unrelated charge of illegal weapon possession. He also has an Oct. 23 court hearing in New York on assault and harassment charges after he allegedly threw his girlfriend to the ground.

6 thoughts on “REPORT: Burgos surrenders to police.

  1. David (1): Probably investigating how to cut him without having to pay him anything.-JD

  2. i sure hope so because in the real world just being a suspect would get you bounce on your you know what….

  3. I am reliably informed that they are waiting for him to get arrested and/or go to jail, which means he has violated his contract and they don’t have to pay him anything. If they just drop him now, amazingly, they would still have to pay him.

    I wish they would be principled and just drop him already, but these are the Wilpons we’re talking about, selling bricks for $50.

  4. This situation reminds me of other problems within the Mets organization – and MLB as a whole. I’m not sure we are getting the whole story here.

  5. caryn (4): Yes. It is a morals clause, which if violated enables the team to void the contract. … There are other escape vehicles for teams to get out of a contract. Another if the player injured himself in a reckless manner and was physically unable to perform. For example, the Yankees got out of Aaron Boone’s contract when he was injured in the off-season playing basketball.-JD