Gooood morning: Comments from overnight.

Morning folks. There were some interesting comments after I logged off last night. Let’s get to some of them:

-Casey Blake is an excellent suggestion. The concept of a roving starter is unique and worthy of exploring. Why not have somebody start four or five games a week at a different position. You’d give everybody more time off. It’s out-of-the-box thinking. But, even if you don’t go that way, Blake would be good for this team.

-As far as bench players are concerned, I wouldn’t be opposed to Rich Aurilia or Mark Loretta. It’s an upgrade over what they have now.

-Rocco Baldelli is worth exploring. You might get him for less because of his injury history. But, the guy has skills. I saw him score from first on a muffed pop-up vs. Chicago. He can run. Put him in left and have Daniel Murphy at second and your line-up is set.

-Sure Pat Burrell would drive everybody crazy. He does in Philly. But, I still like him. In the end he’ll hit 30 homers and drive in close to 100 runs. What’s wrong with that? And, does it really matter if he’s a career Phillie? The guy can go deep.

-Mark Prior is probably done. However, the Yankees did this with Jon Lieber and got some production. Sign him and stick him in rehab. If it works, great. If not, you haven’t lost much because you’ll do it for a minor league deal.

-You would have to look a Cruz and Marte. With what’s in the pen, how can you not explore any option? Even Gagne’s flat fastball is worth a look in spring training.

Look for this every morning. If you’re going to post, I’ll respond.

20 thoughts on “Gooood morning: Comments from overnight.

  1. Baldelli has a serious health condition, and they’re unsure if he can keep playing. He gets fatigued from work-outs fairly quickly.

    They say he may be able to DH and play the occasional game in the field if he’s willing to continue.

  2. i love the casey blake idea but i feel he will go somewhere where he is going to be an everyday starter…burrell ertainly has to be looked at but i dont see them signing him…i think loretta or someone like him (dont we already have easley for this??)to hit tough lefties would be a nice platoon with murph if he does indeed become 2nd basemen
    JD- do you think murphy will indeed be the 2nd baseman next yr? will he be able to pick up the position in the offseason

  3. i do like the burrell idea bc the mets need a RH- hitting bat for LF… any other suggestions?
    ive seen rowand, burrell, blake, bradley discussed here
    any others?

  4. I will say that the bench needs as much an overhaul as the bullpen does. We have absolutely (aside from Easley perhaps) NO big stick coming off the bench…. and enough with Endy Chavez. He’s a terrific 4th or 5th OF, nothing else. How much longer can he live off one catch?

  5. Wow, I had never really read much about Baldelli’s condition. I had heard he was suffering from muscle fatigue but I never really new how serious it was.

    I don’t see how any team is going to give him more than a 1 year contract. Still, I think he might be worth a look for a small, 1 year deal. He can be a good bench bat/4th or 5th outfielder, though I suspect if the Rays were to offer him a similar low $/years deal that he would stay with them.

    I remember watching him play in AAA Durham when I was in college and he was an absolute stud. Sad that he has had so many injuries and now this “mystery illness.”

  6. I’d like to see Ibanez here. I know he’s another lefty and doesn’t offer much balance to the lineup, but the dude can definitely hit. And David R. is 100% correct when he says that the bench needs to be upgraded.

  7. Bryan (5): It is sad. He had such promise when he broke in. If you can get him for one year with incentives and a couple of option years to follow, he’s worth the risk.-JD

  8. Jim (2): Given the choice between the Mets as a role player and starting elsewhere, he’ll do the latter. However, the Mets should have a take on Murphy at second before the FA market gets crazy. If so, promise him left field.-JD

  9. JD- the mets like his bat that much that he could be almost guaranteed LF??…
    do you see any chance of
    -delgado to an AL team for a reliever
    -murphy to first
    -manny in left (as much as u may not want him)

  10. I read a few days ago that the Mets don’t see Murphy at second but rather at first, even though he will be playing in the AFL at second. Do you have any insight to what they may be thinking in terms of Murphy?

    Frankly, I think one idea to explore would be a sign and trade of Delgado (a la Sheffield last year) with Murphy at 1B and Orlando Hudson, who seems to want to play for the Mets at second.

    Of course that leaves the Castillo $$$ question and we would have to get a power bat to replace Delagdo’s for a corner OF spot.

  11. Daniel Murphy is the candidate for the “roving starter”. He’s a 3rd baseman by trade; now plays LF; is learning 2nd base; he could play 1st base as well. His cost would be far less then Blake too.

    Burrel I don’t care for.

    Pass on Prior. Point taken about Lieber but at least Lieber had a track record.

    Rich Aurilia or Mark Loretta to replace who?

    Baldelli is intreging. The health issues are more then a concern.

    Juan Cruz is a must sign as is Jermey Affeld. Marte is over rated IMO.

    NOTE TO JOHN… I wonder how the economic situation will affect player salaries this offseason? You should do a story on this.

  12. Jim (9): If you’re talking about Baldelli, if he’s healthy, yes, I’d sign him to play left. … If you’re talking about Burrell, yes, I’d take him.

    In addition:

    -I don’t see them trading Delgado if they pick up his option.

    -Yes, I can see Murphy at first in the future.

    -No Manny.-JD

  13. Bryan (10): I’m not picturing the Mets signing Delgado to trade him.

    I wrote this summer the Mets could try Murphy at first if they didn’t bring back Delgado. As of now, I think they are serious at trying him at second and attempting to deal Castillo.

    I don’t see them investing in Hudson until they can first unload Castillo.-JD

  14. Pedro: You’re right about Murphy as a roving starter. That’s a good catch on your part.

    -Aurilia and Loretta for the bench.

    -I agree with you on Cruz. Marte might be overrated, but the bullpen is so poor you still have to consider him.-JD

  15. bernazard interviewing for the Mariners job.. don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

  16. 1. I like Casey Blake. I’d let him share time with Murphy at 1st if the Mets can pick up Delgado’s option then trade him to the team that loses the Texeira sweepstakes.

    2. I like Baldelli, but the guy is never healthy. Never.

    3. Not a Burrell fan. Had huge issues with Wagner. Certainly better than the left field situation this year. Part of me want a platoon in left so Endy can play more…one of the few Mets who knows how to win as a team.

  17. Whats all this talk about getting a LF? Dont you all know that spot is reserved for the teenage hitting machine?

  18. Ray: The teenage hitting machine isn’t going to be ready for at least two years. Mark my words.

  19. Although I did suggest Blake, The thing with Blake is he’s good enough to be presented with a starting job and I think he will get a starting job from somebody. Just off the top of my head without knowing anything, the DBacks, Phillies, and Cardinals could be teams that can offer more gauranteed playing time.

    The problem with Pat Burrell isn’t his skills or his talent. Its what his skill is. He hits homeruns and walks but strikes out alot. Although he is VERY productive he is a very frusterating player to watch because of the three outcomes he has. And him being a former Phillie gives him less of a leash to be liked. Plus he is HORRIBLE defensively.

    With Milto nBradley, the guy get sinjured playing DH… ugh

  20. David R

    Endy had more than THE CATCH. Altho that one was replayed for a month.

    I agree his bat is weak tho. Part of the problem with him is he is so good in the field you don’t realize what a problem others’ would have with the same ball.