Manny wants BIG bucks

Ramirez: Mets need to run away from him.

Ramirez: Mets need to run away from him.

Tracy Ringolsby of The Rocky Mountain News is in the writer’s wing of the Hall of Fame for a reason. He knows his stuff. Covering the NL Division Series, Ringolsby is reporting Manny Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras (what a surprise), wants a five-year deal worth $85 million.

In 53 games for the Dodgers, Ramirez batted .396 with 17 HR and 53 RBI. No doubt, despite that short window of playing time, he’ll get some MVP consideration.

That’s fine, as long as the Mets don’t give him any consideration in the off-season. The Mets, their problems hitting with RISP, were still second in the league in runs scored. They need to spent the money on pitching.

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  1. Its not a problem the Mets have but man it would be nice to see him in the middle of that lineup. I agree though, pitching pitching pitching is what we need, along with a 2nd basemen and left fielder and a righty bat…….. Omar has his work cut out for him that is for sure!!!!

  2. This is a short-sighted post, surprising coming from someone that watches this team everyday.
    Bora$ bluster–that’s just a starting point. Omar needs to see how the market for Manny shapes up. At fewer years, $17 mil isn’t that much for an offensive force of nature. 3 with a team option for the 4th would be tough to turn down, especially since Manny would be surrounded by gold glove and near gold glove players in the field. Maybe this wouldn’t materialize, but Omar needs to inquire. Everyone knows the Mets have other problems, but this offense needs an enema particularly since they’re counting on Delgado at first apparently. They need a holistic change of personnel outside the big four; Omar stood pat on a part of the team that couldn’t get it done last off season too, and look where it got them: watching comparable teams make a run at the world series. Sometimes it’s when you score the runs, baby.

  3. John Heyman said that an opposing GM said that Minaya will make a “big play” for Manny.

  4. Manny is a once in a lifetime player. While I would like the Mets to go ina different direction I’m not 100% against Manny. If they can improve the entire pitching staff and make some other upgrade to the role and bench players and still have money for Manny and a spot for him than why not make a run at him.

  5. i don’t want manny anywhere near queens. the hitting is good enough.

    i wish man-ram on the yankees ‘cuz angry and frustrated steinbrenners are fun to watch.

    re: pitching … unlike most people, i actually want perez to return as the 4th starter with the caveat that the mets couldn’t get someone like lowe. then spend a small fortune on the bullpen.

  6. i would love to see manny htting in a met uniform BUT…how can you trust he is going ot give his all for the full length of that contract??? Do you really want someone like him around Jose Reyes? QUestionable effort, lack of hustle… he is a unreal hitter but i just dont know if you can trust him showing up everday and performing

  7. JD- i thought manny would actually want more $$. but 5 years, come on..no1 should even consider that.

  8. Man, i know teh guy is a headache, but slotting him in RF hitting behind Beltran and in front of delgado is quite scary. it’s tough to turn down, but understandable also if they do

  9. To I.M. Forme: Is that you Manny? Your screen name says you’re all about you, which is Manny’s mantra and the reason to avoid totally avoid him. And, that comes from somebody who is around the team. Listen, they were second in the NL in runs scored. They lost primarily because of their pitching. Manny does not help them in that regard.-JD

  10. The guys has played 16 years and been to the post season 10 of those years. 4 WS, going into his 7th LCS; 20 post season series in total. How do you not take a look at Manny age 36 or not? He’s not getting 5 years from anyone in the NL but perhaps the AL.

    I’m not advocating the Mets going crazy to get him but if he’s going to someone in the NL they need to block that.

  11. Franco: There’s no doubt that would be a scary offense. Reyes-Wright-Beltran-Delgado-Ramirez. The offensive potential is scary, but how many great hitting teams didn’t win because their pitching was bad? Too many to count.-JD

  12. Manny on a two-year deal is an intriguing option, but anybody in their right mind will stay far, far away if he sticks to the 5-year demand.

    That said, I’d just like to pick up Orlando Hudson to play second base and focus the rest of my resources on pitching. I’ll trust Jerry Manuel to get the guys we have to become better situational hitters.

  13. Pedro: There is no disputing how good this guy is, but he also has some baggage and age on him. He’s the perfect DH, but I don’t know if that’s his thinking. There will come a time during those five years when boredom, and then trouble will set in.-JD

  14. Paul: Two years IS a lot more palatable. I’m all for Hudson over Castillo, but the more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to think there’s no way the Wilpons will eat the remaining $18 million of his contract.-JD

  15. This is a hard decision, I keep on flipflopping almost everyday.

    I’d understand if we got him and if we didn’t.

    I want to stay away from 5 year though, 3 is enough.

  16. JD, maybe they could take back a slightly bad contract as well and maybe ship two pieces together, because Castillo is never going to win the fans over.

    He is always hurt, he can’t hit, no XB ability, rally killer, etc.

    He needs to get out of here and hopefully the Wilpons see that. Hudson especially wants to play here but he’s also in his 30s and an injury risk, I don’t want to give him 4 years either, we could be in the same exact situation a year from now.

  17. I definitely think we need to fix up the pitching staff, the offense let us down the last week but the pitching was the reason we were even in that position.

    We currently have 3 starters for next year, 2 starters need to be brought, Perez/Lowe? and I wouldn’t just hand the 5th starter job to Niese, he had 2 bad outings and a dominating one against a AAA Braves line up.

    Also, I don’t want K-Rod because he wouldn’t allow for enough payroll flexibilty to fix the rest of the team. Fuentes would be a better fit, but they need to find a few quality set up men as well, maybe guys like Ohman, Beimel, or Cruz?

  18. Azy: They’ll have to eat something to get rid of Castillo. I just can’t see them eating the entire $18 million. That’s too much to throw away.-JD

  19. Azy: Two starters, a closer and maybe another reliever. That’s a long shopping list. All, which are more important than spending $85 million over the next five years on a headache waiting to happen.-JD

  20. Yeah, I agree with you on that. It’s hard trying to be realistic and not falling in love with seeing a middle of the order of Beltran-Manny-Delgado-Wright.

    Would you maybe think of signing A.J. Burnett?

  21. Azy (25): Sure. All the focus is on Sabathia and Perez, but he’s solid and would make the Mets substantially better. He won’t come cheaply, but he won’t cost as much as Sabathia.-JD

  22. huh, i never noticed that about my screen name.

    John, like i tried to say, the pitching problems are obvious, but the Mets also need another big bat–if not because Delgado may well need to be platooned by mid season, then because these three thus far have let the september pressure get to them with bad at bats in key moments, etc. Manny just hits. He doesn’t freeze up like the guys we have cause he only cares about himself as you say. Sure he’d make a better DH. This is a big market team and although I normally prefer a more low key approach, I have seen no indication that Omar has a long range plan plus, these are desperate times, and call for Manny measures.

    By the way, this team is not entertaining–they’re thrilling in a bad way. Manny makes them entertaining no matter what you think of him personally. So there’s that.

  23. To IM (27/28): Yes, I think Fuentes is good enough and they should avoid the K-Rod mess. … Everything you say about Manny is true. As far as a bat, there’s Burrell and Baldelli, who would upgrade. Granted, it wouldn’t be Manny, but they’d come for less and enable them to still get pitching.-JD

  24. I think we need a solid pitcher.

    Then we need a bunch of pieces – not expensive. Much of the pen is expensive and unreliable. I am sure we can get some $1MM arms and one or two good relievers – not great and be much better.

    We need to get rid of the domination of situational relievers and bring in some people who can pitch one inning. That’s all I ask.

    Then we need role players. Hopefully some young ones, but also a veteran who is willing to sit on the bench and then come off it.

    How many times did we need someone to hit a sacrifice fly with a runner on 3rd? Or someone to just get the ball in play? We don’t need manny. I don’t want to be the Yankee’s. I want a team I can root for, not self indulgent entitled players.