Loose threads: What’s on your mind?

What's on your mind?

What's on your mind?

Pretty quiet day in Met Land. Jerry Manuel plans to finalize his coaching staff next week, so it could be that way until then.

We talked about Manny Ramirez this afternoon. But, if those topics aren’t on your mind, or you have something else you want to talk about, feel free. Pretty much anything goes. That’s why I call it “Loose threads.”

41 thoughts on “Loose threads: What’s on your mind?

  1. I’d like to talk about something that I mentioned a couple of days ago in the Japanese player market althoguh I know you’ve confessed you don’t know too much about them, John.
    Its been wierd how in most years the names being targeted have been thrown around since August and this season havn’t really heard much about them. I know there’s no Dice-K but last year even Kuroda got alot of pub.
    I’ll say it right now though, Koji Uehara is going to be pretty good.
    The other dude I like is a reliever, Hitoki Iwase.

    I mean we’re no scouts but you guys can youtube them and they’ll come up and you can make your own opinion based on those clips.

    Oh and I’m super duper excited about the World Baseball Classic again.

  2. Benny: I wish I knew more about the Japanese players. I should study them more than I do. Going to Tokyo with the Yankees a few years ago was a thrill. What an amazing city.-JD

  3. Benny – this guys going to be solid for someone this year-Kenshin Kawakami not only successful in Japan tons of international experience – missed coming out last year by a month- ground ball machine

  4. Here’s a trade idea Freddy Sanchez for 2B….What a perfect place for Heilman to try and become a starter maybe throw in a player to make it even..Pitt is rumored to be shopping Sanchez because he’s too old at 30 for their youth movement….still have to move Castillo

  5. benny (re msg# 2):

    i don’t mind the idea of the WBC, but i’d prefer it be played either shortly after the world series or immediately prior to spring training. imo, the MLB season begins the first day of spring training and i don’t want it to be interrupted.

    i can’t imagine the nba and nfl would ever let their teams splinter during the official training period.

    what do you think?

  6. I think it would be fantastic if it it was played shortly after the World Series. It would help out the boring non-baseball months :)

  7. Patrick (9): They wouldn’t. MLB is odd that way. … I wouldn’t mind before spring training, but the key is getting the pitchers ready. … I keep hearing about a Real World Series, but don’t see it because of the pitching. … There are only so many pitches in an arm.

    Let’s suppose for a moment the Mets win the World Series. (Sorry, I don’t mean to mess with you). But, if they did, figure Santana would make 34 starts during the season and five more in the postseason. If I’m paying him $20 million a year, I don’t want him to risk getting injured.-JD

  8. I’m just killing time until the debate tonight @9PM – but wanted to mention that I am really looking forward to the League Championships over the next ten days.

    Despite the fact that neither the Mets nor the Yankees are involved this year, there is bound to be some pretty good baseball played in these contests – Red Sox/Rays and Phillies/Dodgers.

    No real surprises there.

    Has Burgos been found/caught yet? Never underestimate the probability of a Professional Athlete to get into trouble – they could probably field a couple of teams with those already incarcerated. Just my opinion.

    Enough Loose Threads, back to the real world now – these debates are for all the marbles.

  9. Annie (12): I’m looking forward to the next round, too. … Tampa Bay in the World Series would be a great story. Don’t need to see the Red Sox again. … I’d like LA because of Torre.-JD

  10. John: Going back to the 2nd to last game of the season, were any details released about Duaner Sanchez and Ricardo Rincon showing up late to the game and why they were “excused”? I know Church was disturbed by this. If there was no legitimate reason for their lateness, it disturbs me too.

  11. John –

    I like LA because of Torre, too and all the familiar people working with him. I also remember the 1988 series and how exciting it was – Orel Hershheiser, Kurt Gibson, Dennis Eckersley etc – right?

    I agree with you about Tampa Bay, but I always enjoy seeing Fenway baseball – it’s such a great old ballpark – not too many of them left nowadays.

  12. Benny (16): I like it. A lot. I’d love for him to take to the position. A problem would be solved.-JD

  13. TJ (14): Nobody was happy about it, but what could anybody do? They weren’t going to bench them with the season on the line. I have a feeling Jerry will be running a tighter ship than people expect.-JD

  14. Oh and Ed, I know about Kawakimi but decided to not mention him because I’m a jerk.
    I personally don’t think he’s going to be THAT good, I think Uehara will be better.
    But then again, I was wrong about how good Kuroda would be, he was straight up nasty at certain points.

    I am so excited about the ALCS you would think I been a long suffering Rays fan.

  15. Annie (re Msg# 15):

    I asked my Magic 8-Ball if it would be a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series. The answer was: “It is decidedly so.”

    Just sayin’. :)

  16. To edfever: If the Pirates want to trade Sanchez because he’s too old at 30 then why would anyone propse Heilman who is amazingly going to be 30 next month?
    People hinting on other thread that HoJo will be 08 scapegoat. Indeed, it makes typical OMAR Sense. The hitting coach screwed up the bullpen for 2 straight years, the hitting coach failed to make any trades to improve the bullpen for two straight years, and the hitting coach only had an offense that finished tied for 2nd in runs scored, tied with the Phillies who play in as band box while HoJos guys played in a pticher’s park. Yes, indeed, Omar knows how to find a scape goat.

  17. John – It’s not mine, it’s Patrick’s (20). I’m reading tea leaves :)

    Off to see whether this debate will be a contact sport tonight – it’s been getting nastier by the day as the markets drop like a rock.

  18. To JD (re msg# 22):

    It was my comment to which you referred, not Annie’s.

    I don’t know if Magic 8-Balls are still in production, but I keep one on my desk. I got mine at a retro store a few years ago for a dollar. I consult it for all sports-related issues. It’s extremely accurate except when it’s not. :)

  19. Patrick (25): I had one of those, but GI Joe might have been my favorite toy as a kid.-JD

  20. JD (18)

    You bench them. If you lose you tell the team to look at their compadre’s who blew them off.

    Otherwise where do you draw the line?

  21. I just don’t really understand why HoJo is being used as a scapegoat. While the offense (namely David Wright at times) was inconsistent at times, it certainly wasn’t the reason we were left on the outside looking in.

    It would make more sense to me if Warthen took more heat, given the bullpen struggles. Though, as the quote goes, you can’t polish a turd.

    In all honesty, I don’t think this current group of leaders, outside of Omar Minaya, is really too blame at all. They took over when we were in a huge hole and got us within a whisker of the playoffs..

  22. Bryan (28): I don’t know for a fact HoJo will be fired, I’m just speculating. Fact is, somebody has to take the hit, and with Jerry’s comments about the offense, I’m putting two and two together.-JD

  23. We keep hearing about the same potential free agents possibly coming to the Mets. K-Rod, Manny, Fuentes, Hudson. What other possible free agents should the Mets looking at. I think depth is a big issue after this season, having a great starting lineup is one thing but the Mets need a better bench aswell. For one I think Milton Bradley would be worth a look.

  24. Blake (30): I think the Mets should look at outfielders Rocco Baldelli and Pat Burrell.-JD

  25. Talking about other players, I like Casey Blake, although I expect someone to offer him a starting job but he’d be perfect as a roving starter, LF, RF, 1B, and 3B. A backup for that kind of player could be Rich Aurilia. You know a bench player with power SHOCKER! What a concept.

    Mark Loretta, for like the 3rd year in a row, I like as a solid bench bat and can actually fill in as a starter though something happen in the middle infield, although his range sucks.

    Everyone talks about Orlando Hudson, but a good consolation prize could be Mark Ellis.

  26. Baldelli interests me, though I’m a bit worried about his injury history. When healthy he can certainly play and he has a pretty unique skillset.

    I’m just hoping we don’t have to see Burrell in that Phillies jersey any more. He seems like the type of player that would drive Mets fans crazy though, with his extreme hot/cold swings…

  27. John, how do you feel about Juan Cruz and Marte (if Yanks decline his option which is 6 mil with a .25 mil buyout)

  28. I’m sorry one more person. Now I don’t if what’s sup wih him but what about Mark Prior.

  29. Mark Prior? might as well give that money to charity.

    I really like Juan Cruz. He can ya know… actually strike someone out. My only problem with him is his health but whatever.

    Gagne’s fastball=flat.

  30. the thinking on Sanchez is he is due a bump from 2 mil to 4 in 09 ( and to 6 in 2010 a per his contract). Heilman made about a mil last year and is still under control for another year. he had some injury problems last year (nagging shoulder) but bit very well in the second half.

    He could he a cheap option for them as a starter. And if he converts well to starting with a change of scenery he’ll continue to be a cheap option for them or trade bait.

  31. I think there has to be a line drawn somewhere with the players the Mets bring in, I can take players who have moved through the Phillies at sometime during their careers but Pat Burrell is a Phillie – full stop. Whether he stays there or goes somewhere else, I personally never want to see him in a Mets uniform.

  32. I like the idea of someone like Casey Blake as a roving starter. If the Mets get Manny plus having Church in RF and Delgado at 1B, he should still get plenty of playing time. I love what Tatis did for the team this season but I don’t think the Mets should have him as the number 1 bench option.