Gooood morning with a season-ticket update ….

Have a good day.

Have a good day.

Very crowded last night in Mets Chat Room. Just the way I like it. For those who joined us for the first time, I hope you had a good time and will be back.

More of the same for me today. Back to the library with the laptop.

I checked in with the Mets this morning about season tickets, and there’s partial plans haven’t been determined yet. I’ll keep an eye on it for you.

In the interim, if you have any questions for the Mets you aren’t getting answered, forward them to me and I’ll make the calls.

6 thoughts on “Gooood morning with a season-ticket update ….

  1. John, do you know if they have any season tickets available in the cheap seats? I don’t want to make a deposit and be saddled with anything more than $25 a ticket.

  2. I really do hope they bring back the 7 packs. Now that I’m out of college and working, those are perfect for me. I like going only once or twice a month. Anything more is a bit too much. I went to more than 7 this season but those other ones were decisions I made on the fly.

  3. j_k (3): I don’t know what they will do with the season ticket packages. The situation you described won’t happen. They won’t make you put a deposit on a package without all the details of the package being known.-JD

  4. They already are doing that – look at the website – you have to put a $250 deposit but they don’t tell you anything about available seats…