21 thoughts on “The coaching staff ….

  1. I just hope they don’t bring back Tom Nieto…

    Seriously, the most interesting decision will likely center around Ken Obkerfell, who was foisted upon Jerry last June and is often discussed as an heir apparent. It’ll be interesting to see if Jerry feels comfortable with that arrangement going forward.

  2. Much as I liked Hojo as a player, I doubt he’ll be around long as HC. Jerry said early in his managing stint that he’ll “have to talk to Hojo about the situational hitting”, and for a while that improved.

    But the lack of it (along with the pen) killed the team down the stretch, especially for Reyes and Wright (who calls Hojo his “guru”). The David who used to spray hits to all fields, especially with 2 strikes, is gone. And Jose, with his speed, hasn’t learned to take advantage of it via bunts or to control his HR swing that results in pop-up outs with men on base.

    I’ll be surprised if Hojo is with the Mets in ST.

  3. I believe that Aquyao should go, and, that Hojo will probably go, especially if the Mets will give him an organization job. I think with Pelfrey’s rise in efficiency and OP’s more consistent performance overall in the second half, that Warthen has deserved to stay. The one surprise that I see may occur is that Alomar may be moved to one of the corner coaching positions to allow Manuel his pick of a bench coach. I just see Jerry as wanting his own choice on the bench, no matter how well he and Alomar get along. As for Obkerfell, he has done what has been asked of him and I do not see him going unless Jerry specifically requests it. Then I see him possibly managing Triple A Buffalo unless something else in the majors with another team comes along.

  4. If Pedro is gone, I doubt they’ll keep hold of Guy Conti. How much input does a bullpen coach really have? Can they be held accountable? He’s really only there to oversee the warmups and make sure the player is ready.

    What else is part of that function?

  5. Im totally pulling this out of my backside, but I’d love to see a guy like John Olerud as a hitting coach. He was always a guy who I loved to watch hit and seemed to have a plan before every AB.

  6. 1st base coach- oberkfell
    3rd base coach- alomar?
    bench- new
    Hitting coach- new
    pitching coach- warthen
    bullpen- dont they just answer phone anyway?

  7. The only coach that might be safe is Warthan. If Jerry wants to change the mind set of the team and the philosophy the quickest way is with his staff.

    Larry Bowa type bench coach.
    HC the idea of Johnny O is a good one he hit the way Jerry wants these guys to.
    First base bring back Mookie.
    Third alomar if he wants a job.

  8. Bench Coach: Bugs Bunny
    1b coach: Bugs Bunny
    3b coach: Bugs Bunny
    Pitching coach: Bugs Bunny
    Hitting Coach: Bugs Bunny
    Bullpen Coach: Bugs Bunny

    Yeah…that should round out the staff. lol

  9. Steve: C’mon, you didn’t leave room for Daffy Duck, Fred Flintstone or George Jetson.-JD

  10. JD: Hey, if it was good enough to beat the Gashouse Gorilla’s, then it’s good enough for me! :-)

  11. I doubt it’ll be happen, but one guy I’d give a shot to as 3B/IF coach is Joe McEwing. After retiring a year ago, he coached in the minors this year (White Sox system?).

    While at Shea, he had a great reputation for “smarts”, was respected by veterans and looked up to by kids, and was a great proponent of hustling all the time.

    David Wright gave him credit for helping him start his ML career in the right direction.

  12. Having nothing to do with the coaching staff question, K-Rod has been unimpressive in this ALCS. Not even basing it on that, 34 walks in 68 innings is not good at all. Plus he is essentially a one inning guy. Add that to the dip in his velocity and less bite on his breaking stuff do not make for a good fit for the Mets.

  13. Eddie Coleman is working with Mike Francesa this afternoon. Jerry Manuel in a few minutes. YES/WFAN

  14. Hope some/all of you watched or listened to Jerry this afternoon. He is one charming talented man – and a good manager.

  15. Did he say anything new Annie? Or was it the same of what we have heard from the news conference?

  16. IMO, they need a “bad cop” type of bench coach.

    Then again, I don’t expect Omar to let Jerry pick ALL the coaches, so expect to see a few Omar/Tony B cronies in the mix.