Playoff ticket refunds ….

I spoke with the Mets this morning and they said refunds for unused playoff tickets will automatically be credited to your account. I’m trying to find out about their season-ticket plans for next season and will keep you up to speed.

14 thoughts on “Playoff ticket refunds ….

  1. Thanks, JD. I am sure they will hold onto them for a little longer, collecting the interest.

  2. cicefoj: Don’t you know it. I imagine they aren’t refunded with interest.-JD

  3. Do you know how to get refunds for Season Ticket holders for games not played, such as the Fri rainout against the Braves the final 3 weeks (doubleheader played next day)

  4. Why is this okay? why aren’t they sending me a check?

    I know you are not personally responsible for this. But it makes me crabby.

  5. caryn: It should make you crabby. That’s a big assumption on their part. You really should have the option of how you are to be refunded. It’s not like returning a sweater to the department store. These are big bucks.-JD

  6. PG: You should check your credit card statement for a credit. I would look at your statements for October. If it doesn’t show up, call the ticket office.-JD

  7. They are sending letters out and giving people the option to either roll it over or get the refund. Last year they didnt send out the refunds till after the world Series

  8. Have they said nothing about partial-season plans for CitiField?

    I’ve had a Saturday or Sunday plan (with interruption) since 1992. I shopuld at least have the option…

  9. They’re giving us partial-plan holders the choice of taking the refund or using it as a deposit for an ’09 plan that they haven’t decided to offer yet.

    Simple, huh?