Mets Chat Room: Talking Mets.



Hi folks. Are you ready for some football? Not when you can talk about the Mets. I’ll do this regularly in the offseason and hope you’ll regard this as your vehicle to talk about the Mets.

Which coaches should stay or go? What moves will they make? How are the playoffs going for you? Still want K-Rod?

Whatever is on your mind, let’s talk about it.

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  1. JD- I’d like to see Aguoyo go and Alomar but i think the later will stay… Still a fiery bench coach would be a nice compliment to Manuel…Obie is fine and I not sure what Conti does but if jerry wants a guy he trusts to tell him how pitchers are looking in their session then it would make sense for a change… As much as I liked Hojo (as a player) I think all this selfless/situational hitting talk means Jerry wants him gone and to be honest it wouldn’t bother me…..

  2. I feel like our bullpen can be fix by this: Trading for JJ Putz from Seattle, and signing Juan Cruz and Brandon Lyon. Lyon could be a closer if Putz gets hurt or is ineffective. Add these 3 guys to Joe Smith, Pedro Feliciano, Luis Ayala, and Brian Stokes.

  3. As far as position players I really want Castillo moved and Hudson brought in…. A solid starting LF (Im thinking Juan Rivera) and return the rest but solidify the bench with a HR threat vertan slugger….

  4. Yes if Putz can be had he’d be a nice pick-up and I like Cruz and Lyon as Set-up men……

    I’d also like to sign Lowe to replace Ollie but dont forget he’s been a solid Set-up man and closer in his career if we had another emergency

  5. Well i think one of the main reasons Luis Castillo was signed to the 4 year deal was because of Johan…remember Johan was mad @ the Twins when they traded him and Torii. I still think he is a good player and I like the guy but he just isn’t a good fit for the Mets. O-dawg is my favorite 2B in the league so that would be a dream for me. BRING BACK CLIFF FLOYD!

  6. ed: The talk about the situational hitting can’t be a good sign for HoJo. The bullpen situation can’t be positive for Conti. … Too bad, I like them both. … But, you know Jerry has to bring in some of his own people.-JD

  7. Yea I know were gonna lose Ollie and Pedro or both. I don’t really think we need C.C. or Burnett for that matter. Lowe has a good makeup and has pitched in a lot of crucial games. There are a couple starters like him available too. If we have the right mix of the bullpen and use them in the right way I think they can become what they should be. And I don’t think Warthen (spelling?) is the right choice for the pitching coach.

  8. ed: Putz would be a good, but he will cost players, unlike the others. … Lowe is definitely on their radar.-JD

  9. hmm.. im looking for a register link for the blog :)

    I never really had the feeling that the players were connecting to him, maybe im wrong. I definitely didn’t like Peterson either for various reasons…but who did? I hope Manuel can get some of his guys in.

  10. When he was hired, Jerry said he liked the pitching coach decision and had a good relationship with Warthan. I don’t believe you’ll see a change there.-JD

  11. I’d like Willie bloomquist for the bench reminds me of Joe McEwing – plays every position but nothing flashy – over achiever type good clubhouse figure…. Bench= Castro, Tatis, Chavez, Bloomquist and Murphy

  12. isn’t Wheeler making too much money though? I believe he is under contract and everytime I seen him this year it hasn’t been good. I like Oliver though

  13. Dan: Darren Oliver probably would have been the difference in more than one game this season. Letting him go was a mistake. They aren’t going to get him back.-JD

  14. Would the 30 mil they have to spend bye them:
    Fuentes, Cruz or lyon, LF Juan Rivera, 2B Hudson, Bench Bloomquist and Starter Lowe or do they need to make trades

  15. Their first option in improving the roster will be free agency. They should try to hold onto their young guys unless there is a stud out there they can make a deal for.-JD

  16. JD What do you think If the Mets make some offers to the Jays to try and trade for Halladay and One of Jeremy Accardo or B.J. Ryan?

    Perhaps Start with Fernando Martinez,Nick Evans,Jon Niese,Brian Stokes and Mike Carp?

    I’m actually tired of hearing about F-Mart that I wouldn’t care if he’s dealt for a big time pitcher like Roy Halladay.

  17. ed: Where are you getting $30 million? They have more than that to spend on salaries. … The total package for Fuentes will be at least that much.-JD

  18. I don’t think money is an issue at this point. Citi is paying what 25 mill. a year for naming rights?? Mets also set a record for tickets sold this year…they have much more than 30 mill to spend..I think that is just what’s coming off the books from El Duque, Pedro, Moises etc

  19. How does this sound for the Mets bullpen? Trade for Brandon Lyon and K-Rod trade for Jason Frasor and Manny Delcarmen. Keep Scott schoenweis and Bobby Parnell or Eddie Kunz?

  20. Dan: Halladay is the kind of guy you’ll give up a prospect such as F-Mart. I don’t know what kind of contract Halladay has, but I’m sure there’s a no-trade in there somewhere. … Of the five guys you mentioned, Niese is the one I’d least like to deal.-JD

  21. 12-15mil for a starter
    10-12mil for a closer
    4 set-up
    8 second basemen
    8 LF
    plus bench players

    if they hold the budget to 140 they dont have enough to go around…

  22. Sign Fuentes, Derek Lowe, and Ibanez. Move Murphy to second or trade Delgado and make him the first basemen and sign O-dog.

    John, what do you know about Ryan Church, and his hatred for New York?

  23. Daniel, im sorry but that sounds like a worse situation than we already have..and what players are you trading for all these so-so relievers

  24. Lyon is a free agent and i think Show needs to go, not only did he struggle but he try to be the leader of that bunch…

  25. ed: OK, I get you on the $30 million, and yeah, that would buy you those guys.-JD

  26. Do you think the Mets will have a better chance of landing C.C. Sabthia or Francisco Rodriguez?

  27. Kyle: I know nothing of Ryan Church’s hatred for NY. I know he was frustrated about being injured, but in all the conversations I had with him he never mentioned, even off the record, not liking it here. … He was also genuinely touched about the ovation he received when he came back.-JD

  28. Relievers are so up and down, you buy low and nothings worse than what they have. We package Heilman,some minor leaugers I think it could be done.

  29. Daniel: K-Rod is a FA, so they wouldn’t be trading for him. … I don’t believe K-Rod is somebody they should chase. … The money would be better spent elsewhere.-JD

  30. If they can by everybody then why not, i just cant count Murph as much as i like him as a starter after only seeing him since Aug. I would pencil him in as a bench player not a starter and hope he won a job..

  31. Steiny: Of the two, I would say Sabathia, because they would be more inclined to spend that much for a starter. … However, I don’t believe they’ll get either.-JD

  32. ed: I like Dye a lot. He was on my HR pool. I had a good team. Dye, Thome, Pujols, Braun, Betlre.=JD

  33. K-Rod scares the oodles outta me everytime he throws a pitch. Even if he altered his delivery for a lesser chance of injury…he lost velocity on that…and he had A LOT of 1 out saves.. I’d rather have Shields

  34. Daniel Murphy is listed as a first baseman on Arizona Fall League roster. Many expected him to play second base. Does this hint that the Mets plan to move Delgado this off-season?

  35. Daniel: I can see them finally packaging Heilman. They might even end up taking less than what they turned down in the past.-JD

  36. There’s been a lot of talk that the Mets swapping Castillo for Eric Byrnes.

    What do you think the chances are of this happening, and what do you think of Byrnes.

  37. I’ll tell you what if Philly comes close to signing Manny Omar better throw the bank at him otherwise manny replacing Burell and the rest staying nobody catches that offense they can start Lima….

  38. Steiny: They are hedging their bets. I spoke with Omar about that this summer and he said they’d like to try it. As a corner infielder, Murphy should be able to handle first. But, I figure he’ll also get some playing time at second.-JD

  39. Sign Derek Lowe, Orlando Hudson and Casey Blake brings solid players with good leadership.

  40. Byrnes’ contract is just as bad as Castillo. He has never been a clutch batter anyway. I don’t know why Mets fans would want him…he wouldn’t make us any better.

  41. JD I’d do this. I’m not sure if you would agree.

    I’d sign Lowe and Penny It doesn’t matter to me that Penny couldn’t pitch at Shea. Shea is gone :).

    trade Martinez,Evans,Stokes,Carp and Niese for Halladay and Bj Ryan and a PTBNL.

    You get

    You sign Manny. and Trade Castillo and Schoenweiss and Feliciano to Arizona for Eric Byrnes and Tony Pena.

    Trade Endy,Castro and Heilman to San Francisco for Bengie Molina and Brian Wilson.

    Then Sign Wheeler and Darren Oliver.


    BJ Ryan

    Then you Sign Easley,Clark and Tatis for the Bench and get a line-up of

    1 Reyes
    2 Beltran
    3 Manny
    4 Delgado
    5 Wright
    6 Church/Byrnes
    7 Molina/Schneider
    8 Murphy


    Tony Clark

  42. ok so you trade both leftie specialists (Feliciano and Schoe) and then you keep Maine on the DL?? I dont really know where your going with that? why trade Endy? the fans love him and he plays with passion

  43. K-Rod is risky to me:

    1. That delivery of his, plus is workload, screams at an injury. Say, the third year.
    2. Five years and $75 million is a lot for a closer, especially with them also paying Wagner $11 million next year.
    3. The bridge is still bad. Building that is almost as important, if not moreso, than the closer.
    4. He’s lost something off his fastball.

    I think they should go elsewhere.-JD

  44. Hi John. This CC Sabathia stuff seems like nonsense to me. Wouldn’t the Mets be better off using that money to address their more pressing need, a closer, in the form of K-Rod instead?

  45. Steiny: I don’t know, but it will happen. I also think they should retire Keith’s number, too.-JD

  46. Sorry but Endy Chavez and Ramon Castro don’t have much value.

    And Church stays, I believe John over Mike Francessa, this guy was great for two months, and you have Tatis, Easley, and Chavez who can get him enough rest.

  47. How about this guy for the bench?:
    Ex-Met, this year had 29 HR, 100 RBI, .329 BA in only a little over 400 AB, mostly as DH. Had some baggage when he left here, but the team owner (Buddy Harrelson) says he’s reformed. Yes, I’m talking about Carl Everett.

    He can be signed VERY cheap to a AAA deal. If he behaves and hits at Buffalo, bring him up. If he fails at either one, nothing lost.

    Low risk, high reward.

  48. Brian: I’d like them to make a run at Burrell. I can almost assure you they’d get him if the Phillies got Manny Ramirez.-JD

  49. John, what roles will Evans, Murphy, Carp, Niese, Kunz, F-Mart have on the Mets next year?

  50. I think all the manny talk is nonsense. I think he will be a dodger for the rest of his career…. you think that possibly the mets could make a run at texiera?

  51. Anthony De Rosa: I can’t see Sabathia. And, you’re right, that kind of money can buy a lot more. … But, not K-Rod. I pointed out the risks, and I don’t see the Mets going there.-JD

  52. We all know that Omar love Manny Ramirez. Manny will want a three–or four-year deal. Do you think the Mets will try to sign him?

  53. Jesse I trade both specialist because they are specialist. I sign Oliver who can get both lefty’s and righty’s out. I also sign Ohman. to be a left specialist.

    I’d trade endy because even though we love him. He is a Defensive player. and He struggled a lot this year. I think Byrnes could do the defensive work and bring offense to the Table.

    I think

    2) Get a Bullpen…Yes a Legit Bullpen
    3) Rotation

    I left Maine out because we don’t know how maine is going to bounce back. I’d Love him in the pen. Setting up or closing.

  54. I would think they’ll make a “showing” offer to Ollie… but a betting man would say Ollie is gone. He needs another change of scenery.

  55. Hey JD do you really see the Mets as players for Manny? I doubt the Mets are interested in bringing another clown to the circus.

  56. Jon: Ollie will be expensive. Sabathia will set the bar in the starter market. If the Mets really want Perez, they should go after him with their best offer when they have the exclusive window.-JD

  57. I agree they are not pursuing K-Rod. JD — If you had to guess right now who the closer is in 2009, who would you guess? Fuentes? Street?

  58. I think Putz would be a good pick-up (depending on the price, of course), but I CRINGE at what the punsters and sickpos would make of Putz and Kunz both on the team.

  59. Roy: I see it the same way you do. Manny is a headache they don’t need. Besides, if they add him at the expense of their pitching, they won’t win anyway. Don’t know where Manny will land. Probably stay in LA.-JD

  60. I like the idea of a flyer on Everett. You’re right.. it’s a cheap investment if it pans out. They’ve signed much worse to minor league contracts and brought them up.

    Problem with Everett is can he really keep it together, especially at Citi Field with the crowd on him if he has a rough spell.

  61. Hey JD, Do you think Derek Lowe will be a Met next year? and could Carl Crawford be available this offseason. thanks

  62. I interviewed Everett many times the last two years at Citi Bank park – he is not the crazy man everyone thinks – much different perspective on life now

  63. Mike: Not that concerned about Burrell’s second-half BA. Just his power numbers. And getting him hurts the Phillies.-JD

  64. Len: On question No. 65: I have to check, but I believe the Rays have option of Crawford. Baldelli is a FA. I’d look at him.-JD

  65. Richard: On question 75: Unfortunately, I can see a return of Castillo. Not crazy about that. Murphy is supposed to get a look there. Second is a hole, but they can get by with what they have if they improve the pitching. Second base isn’t why they lost.-JD

  66. Hey JD do you think the Mets really need to upgrade their catcher position? I heard that Pudge might be a possibility but i don’t think it is necessary.

  67. Kyle: I don’t see the Mets trading Delgado. His option is reasonable to pick up. Signing him now takes a concern away and allows them to spend the big bucks on pitching.-JD

  68. I bet Sabathia interest is to drive the market up he’s not coming to Citi – i’d focus on Lowe…Starter, Set-up man and closer exp.

  69. Are the Astros still making noise about moving Oswalt?

    17 and 10 on a mediocre team would have fit in nicely here.

  70. Len: They need to add two starters. I figure Jon Niese has a chance at being one of them, but that might be a reach. He really didn’t give them a big sample of work for them to make those plans.-JD

  71. Orlando Hudson seems like the perfect FA addition–he’s a great player as well as the kind of guy who can energize the team. What are the chances of the Mets signing him?

  72. 2009 Rotation

    Santana, Lowe, Perez, Pelfrey, Maine

    we sign Ollie before Sabathia and others get deals for a lower price.

    Bullpen- Stokes, Feliciano, Ayala, Smith, Putz, Juan Cruz, Dennys Reyes and maybe Jose Veras ??

    Delgado, O-dawg, Reyes, Wright in the infield with the healthy platoon of Castro/Scheinder at C, Beltran, Church, and Raul Ibanez @ left.

    The bench would consist of Easley, Chavez, Murphy (kinda like keith mitchell, can play mult. positions), and maybe Cliff Floyd.

  73. Good point. Pudge is not a possibility, even I know that. I’d rather trade for Pierzynski.

  74. Jon: The closer I’d like them to go after is Fuentes. Three years at $30 million is reasonable. A lot easier to swallow than the five years an $75 K-Rod will ask for.-JD

  75. Safe idea – Murphy is on the bench and Niese is our 6th starter at the beginning of the year. There’s always injuries, we should know that by now.

  76. I agree to go after Fuentes but I would also sign a set-up man with the potential to close in case he flops rem. Manny Capps replaced him for a while last year…

    Set-up men Cruz, Lyon or Juan Rincon

  77. edfever Manny Corpas :) I like him…I wonder what the contract status of Octavio Dotel is? He would be a decent pen arm.

  78. I wonder where Heymans getting the idea Church isnt a good fit and could be moved – he put it in a post again today….

  79. Jon (On 94): If they go outside the organization for a 2B, they’ll put Hudson at the top of their list.-JD

  80. I hear all this talk about the closer, but what about the bridge to the closer? Should the Mets sign Ayala or go for someone else?

  81. I think many of us agree on Fuentes as the closer with a guy like Cruz setting up. That’s pretty doable, right? Any chance they sign those two then trade for Street to really solidify a weakness?

  82. ed (on 105): Not buying it. Church never told anybody during the season he didn’t like it here.-JD

  83. The Mets will have to eat a LOT of $$ to rid themselves of Castillo, or else rid someone else of THEIR financial burden on a player in exchange. Aaron Heilman needs a change of scenery to thrive as a starter, and probably will be traded for bullpen help. Church isn’t going anywhere- he wants to be in NY, in spite of what Francesca said (see Adam Rubin in the Daily News) and his trade value is too low coming off of the 2 concussions and decreased production as a result in the 2nd half. Murphy being able to handle second adequately in Arizona league is probably the biggest variable this off-season- if he can, we can save the $$ on Hudson, if he can’t, it’s back to a leftfield platoon and maybe signing Hudson. And next year, I think Schneider and Castro MUST get into a lefty-righty platoon- their splits practically dicate it!

    I saw K-Rod 5 times in Anaheim this season, and he looks to be a season or 2 away from Tommy John surgery. His velocity is down and he’s not a back-to-back reliever. I’d rather see Fuentes and Cruz signed as free agents, take a chance on Penny (if Dodgers don’t utilize their option which they probably won’t) and if they can’t sign Perez, I’d rather see them sign the more consistent Lowe.
    Do you think the Twins might be tempted into trading Joe Nathan if F-Mart’s name was thrown in?

  84. Beane and Omar are too similar they’ll never make a trade because there always trying to rip off the other team in a deal and they see through each other…

  85. Thanks John. Tell me this-what do you see the Mets doing to improve? Look into your crystal ball and tell me who you think will be a Met next year that is not on the current roster?

  86. well hearing the Twins talking about Delmon Young being available I highly doubt they’ll go after F-Mart especially for the stopper Nathan is. I think the Twins are done dealing us.

  87. Roy (on 107): Thank you. I’ve been mentioning that all along. The bridge is a rickety old think that fell apart. … I see Stokes, Feliciano and Schoeneweis (contract for next year) coming back. … Kunz and Parnell aren’t ready to close. They could get a chance to compete in spring training.-JD

  88. So basically by getting a closer we would solve half the problem without acquiring a good bridge. :( I guess we can try to trade Heilman for someone that can bridge the gap in the bullpen.

  89. JD — You left out Joe Smith. He’ll be back. And Show, despite his last pitch was a decent loogy who might have value on the market. I think the Mets move him.

  90. Delcos, dont be surprised if the mets deal Feliciano and Shoenweis, Shoenweis is erratic from year to year, and Feliciano’s ERa has gone up in 2 straight years.

  91. John—Why don’t you see Smith returning? He’ll be only 25 on OD and has a bright future IMO.

  92. Hey, everyone!
    Carlos Pena should get the AL MVP award. See how he’s leading the Rays?
    OK…I see you guys have been talking about coaches. I looked up which coaches Jerry had when he was with the White Sox — Von Joshua, Wallace Matthews, Don Cooper (still the Sox’ pitching coach). Jerry should be allowed to hire his own coaches.
    I’m not crazy about Brian Fuentes, but I’m all for the Mets signing Juan Cruz as a setup and also inking Jeremy Affeldt if the Reds don’t re-sign him. My number one target would be the Royals’ Joakim Soria, in a deal for Daniel Murphy, Joe Smith and Nick Evans.

  93. Richard (113): Need to think on that. I’ll give you a handful who I think MIGHT NOT BE for starters: Perez, Pedro, Castro, Castillo, Heilman, Alou, perhaps Ayala, Figueroa and Easley.-JD

  94. Lowe is getting old and Burnett is a career injury guy. Why do we need the same old routine?

  95. Bill, joe will indeed be back, the guy is too young and has shown too much potential to be dealt just yet.

  96. Gil in Savana, theres no way the royals will trade their young closer yet, and i doubt the mets would have a ton of interest in a guy coming off of one big year, who hasnt pitched a big game in his life

  97. I agree with Harry — I wouldn’t go after Derek Lowe or AJ Burnett. I WOULD trade for Bronson Arroyo.

  98. Should Castro get more playing time than Schneider. And what do you think of a Schneider + Church trade to San Fran for Rowand and Molina?

  99. Avinash, it would be nice, but theres not a chance in hell the Giants take that trade

  100. Seamus (119): Based on how Schoeneweis has pitched, do you really see teams that interested in him?-JD

  101. Seamus: Soria has had TWO consecutive seasons as the Royals closer. You could sell it this way: Kaufman Stadium is perfectly built for a doubles hitter like Murphy, who could be their DH. Smith could potentially replace Soira as their closer and the Royals need a young, inexpensive first-baseman and that’s where Evans come in.

  102. Hey Gil, How is it going… If KC is trying to become good they won’t deal. If they’re trying to be like the Piratesw I agree with you. But the main point is definitely correct. PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING…..

  103. Roy (117): Exactly. What good is the closer if there’s no bridge to him. Remember this: Wagner blew seven saves. The bullpen blew 29. That’s a lot of games that got away before Wagner.-JD

  104. If changes are going to be made in the coaching staff, one guy I’d like to add is Joe McEwing. He was regarded as a “coach” when he was here—respected by the veterans, a mentor to the kids (especially David). He’s coaching somewhere in the minors this year (White Sox, I think), and IMO he’d be a “fit” here as 3B,IF coach.

  105. Avinash: Castro, historically gives way to injuries. He only played in 52 games in 2008. He’s gotta go. Get a more durable player to platoon with Schneider — if you don’t trade him.

  106. Hey how about signing Gabe Kapler as an extra out fielder or a possible platoon with Murphy?

  107. Ed; If you keep OP you only need a 5th starter. sign a bunch of lesser guys and let them compete with Niese. And then get a bullpen. I disagree with Delcos about who tokeep. I’d keep Smith and Sanchez hoping Sanchez is stronger in 6 more months and can return closer to ’06 formm. I see Stokes as a 1 month aberration.

  108. Johm, yes i do, u could get something decent back from a team desperate for a lefty specialist. If the Brewers toom Mota, anybody can be traded

  109. Hey, Harry! If KC wants pitching, pitching, pitching, then mayve we offer three arms to get Soria: Heilman, Smith and insist they take Schoeneweis off our hands, with us paying half of his salary?

  110. Gil (133): I see your reasoning on wanting Soria, but then I look at Tampa Bay getting into the playoffs with a young team and wonder why the Royals will deal him so soon. The Royals don’t have to pay him, yet.-JD

  111. Joe McEwing!!!!!! Not if he teaches how to get ready in the batter’s box. Games will take 4.5 hours.

  112. Gil (142): Two of those arms, Heilman and Schoeneweis, aren’t that enticing.-JD

  113. Ollie will cost too much i cant see him staying, I think the rotation will be;

    Santana,Pelfrey, Maine, Lowe and either Niese or another FA

  114. Harry — You might be right about Stokes, but no harm having him come to camp and try and earn his way on the team.

    Bill — I like the Mcewing as coach idea.

    Anyone who says they should sign Juan Cruz — Amen

  115. Gil I meant the pitching pitching pitching as our mantra. I am really clueless as to KC’s needs. But if you were KC you know you wouldn’t take that deal. I’m ot sure you’d take Heilman and Schoeneweiss for batting practice balls.

  116. Roy: Gabe Kapler nearly retired before playing this year. I’d consider him as a coach. And while I love Murphy as much as the next Mets fan, he’s one of the few marketable players the Mets could offer in a trade. His .314 batting average isn’t as nearly as formidable as it once was.
    Two reasons to trade him:
    1. His trade value may never be higher.
    2. In order to get a player of high quality, you have to give up a player of high quality (see the Mets 1984 trade of Hubie Brooks, Mike Fitzgerald and two highly regarded prospects to get Gary Carter).

  117. there was an article in KC star saying they should trade Soria for three top prospects which is where all the speculation about him being available

  118. If Omar spends the Winter looking for starters we will have basically the same horrible pen.

  119. ed (150): Three prospects would get it done, but I don’t think Murphy and Evans are considered top prospects. Niese might be.-JD

  120. Harry: I’ve looked at KC’s roster. They have needs at 1B, catcher, DH and as you wisely point out, everyone needs pitching.
    So if I’m KC’s GM and know that my owner will never shell out big money to get veteran talent, I’d try and extract as much young, inexpensive talent as I could get from a trading partner.
    So, guys like Murphy and Evans would be very attractive to have on my team, as would a potential replacement for Soria.
    That’s two potential starting players and a replacement for Soria. Maybe you throw in Kunz along with the other three and that deal gets done.

  121. ed: You can’t take a hit if yu can get rid of Castillo, Anderson, Heilman and Show. They should just be non tendered and end the chance of them returning.

  122. avinash (151): One, maybe. I think to fix the pen Omar will have to be creative and go from within. … Perez, I can see going. … I don’t see them paying for Sabathia or K-Rod.-JD

  123. On that Soria proposal—IMO they’d give Heilman a shot as starting. I’d include Kunz in the deal, as a possible replacement Closer. If needed, other prospects–Evans, Parnell, Veloz (not all of them) could be added.

  124. Gil: Well Kapler isn’t that old. I thought he had some value of the bench. Trading Murphy? Only for something we can hold onto for a while…

  125. Gil: I wouldn’t trade any young pitching for anybody. Omar dumped lots of minor league releivers and left us short the last two years. Trade Murph, Evans, Carp anybody who earns his pay with a bat, but not pitching.

  126. Roy: If you’re new to the board, c’mon back. I like a sick sense of humor.-JD

  127. Gil: Desperate times call for desperate measures.Couldn’t say that with a straight face…

  128. Bill: Good thinking. That’s why I might offer Heilman in a potential Soria deal. They’d likely convert him into a starter.

  129. Aren’t we allowed to sign a maximum of 2 type A’s? but apparently Perez is an exception because he’s our guy. That’s what I read somewhere.

  130. Harry–You can’t non-tender a contract to a player who’s already got one. You could, if you desire, release Castillo and SS, but they’d get paid for the remaining years. IN FULL!

  131. Someone mentioned Feliciano ERA has increased each year but dont forget since returning from Japan his responsibility has increased as a LOOGY he is still solid
    05- early inning LOOGY
    06- Late inning LOOGY
    07- 7th inning
    08- attempted set-up man

  132. Bill (172): The more I think about it, the less inclined I am to think the Mets will eat Castillo’s contract. If they can’t deal him, he’ll stay. … Believe, I cursed my fingers for writing that.-JD

  133. Harry: I’m all for trading young pitching if it brings back players of equal or higher value.
    While I get all over Omar for trading young arms, let’s face it: Heath Bell was never going to make it in New York. He’s a SoCal guy and he and Tuscany Tile Peterson never got along.
    But trading Matt Lindstrom and Henry Owens and getting nothing worthwhile back made no sense.
    And by the way, anyone notice how well both Chad Bradford and Darren Oliver are still pitching?

  134. avinash: Roy Halladay isn’t the answer — fixing the bullpen is one of those answers — and NO WAY do I trade Jose Reyes.

  135. To look at possible landing places for Heilman, consider teams needing starters. … Wait a minute, aren’t the Mets one of them? Yeah, but they won’t give him the chance. It probably doesn’t matter anymore, because his confidence is shot to hell and I don’t know if he can pitch here anymore in any capacity.-JD

  136. Do you feel that Wright should be batting 5th instead of 3rd to take pressure of him? If the Mets sign someone like Manny they might have the luxury to do that.

  137. Castillo’s contract looks now as bad as Kaz’s did and they found someone to take him. we pay most and someone will give him a chance…I like the Castillo for byrnes deal exchange bad contracts

  138. No Raul Ibanez, please.
    Sign Milton Bradley.
    He could be convinced that by behaving and playing well in New York has great rewards. And maybe his passion would rub off on some of the other players.
    Remember, Bradley hit .321 last year, was an All-Star and his .436 OBP was third-best in the Majors.

  139. Milton Bradley would be a great addition IMO. He’s cheap, has pop, and is a switch hitter. I somewhat question his defense and attitude though.

  140. Bradley is mostly a DH now with his knees. And the tude scares me. Too bad because his righty bat and OBP is exactly what they need to balance out the lineup.

  141. avinash: Yes. I believe Wright is better at fifth. Assuming Delgado’s return, and here’s a bigger assumption, HE HITS AGAIN, then I’d move him to fifth and go Beltran, Delgado, Wright at 3-4-5. That was what they did in 2006.-JD

  142. Aaron Heilman has become Ed Whitson, Kenny Rogers, Mel Rojas, Armando Benitez and Guillermo Mota rolled into one.
    Maybe a team in the Taiwanese, Korean or Japanese leagues would take him off our hands…

  143. Gil- there were reasons for both being moved one was a converted catcher who struggled with control and the others delivery made him an injury risks,,, besides lefties are always more valueable

    Linstrom suddenly started throwing as hard as he is in his last year with the Mets take that for what its worth…suddenly 5mph increase in mid 20s

  144. avinash: I could live without him. His fastball isn’t what it was, both in velocity and movement.-JD

  145. I heard somewhere that the Mets are planning on putting the home plate from Shea Stadium on the moon. Is that correct?

  146. Jon: Bradley can still play the OF. And as I pointed out on thsi board, lots of teams were scared off by Josh Hamilton, who unlike Bradley, was involved in illegal drug use. Hamilton seemed to work out fine.
    And in one of those on-field incidents involving Bradley, it stemmed from an umpire calling Bradley a piece of $#*% after he asked for time. The umpire was actually disciplined after that incident.
    People can change and Bradley might flourish under a players’ manager like Jerry Manuel.

  147. Duaner is all mental he needs time in the minors not sure if he has options by the end of the year he was fatigued but to satrt he was tenative because he was afraid of injury… I was hoping he would play winter ball and just air it out without the pressure of what making a mistake would mean

  148. Steiny: With how they hit with runners in scoring position this year, home plate might as well have been on the moon.-JD

  149. JD: As I said before, Bradley and Evans are two different players, just as two othr hotheads, Scott Olsen and Cody Ross. :)

  150. Ed: I agree about Duaner- I’d rather not get rid of him yet, and he definitely needs time to get his head on straight. Disappointed he’s not playing winter ball but maybe he’s just too tired?

    John: Have you heard any interesting names (potenially available that we’ve not heard mentioned yet) to solve our bullpen depth problems?

  151. ed: If pro athletes who have broken the law, like Josh Hamilton (drugs), Scott Olsen (drunken driving), Pac Man Jones (everything under the sun), then why can’t Bradley — whose only “crimes” have been displaying a bad temper — get a chance with the Mets?

  152. Jphn—I certainly don’t expect the Mets to eat Castillo’s contract—I was just ex-plaining why he can’t be non-tendered.

    My opinion of Castillo is that he was activated too soon after ST—he should’ve started the season in Florida, like Sanchez—and as a result never fully healed from the surgery.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if a winter of rest/rehab does wonders for him and he comes to ST (for whichever team is paying his ’09 contract) ready to compete and win a job.

  153. Steiny – were not thinking of the same guy the one I want is Kenshin Kawakami – 33 y/o and ground ball specialist been a starter most of his career with several championships and for a few years was a closer when the teams went down… Boddy V. said he couls make it here was coming out last year but wasa month short of service time….

  154. Roy: Bradley ain’t comin’ cheap. He’s coming off a great year. He’s not worth Carlos Beltran money, but give him some security at market value, plus the off-field potential value of playing in New York and he might be down.

  155. What are your thoughts on Ambiorix Burgos? Do you ever see him pitching for the Mets again?

  156. 2006 Rotation 1+2 – Glavine, El Duque
    2006 3-5: Beltran, Delgado, Wright

    2009 Rotation 1+2 – Santana, Pelfrey
    2009 3-5: Beltran, Delgado, Wright

    Top of the rotation will be way better then in 2006 and the meat of the lineup will be the same, the key is the bullpen. Get Fuentes, Juan Cruz, and go from there.

  157. Bradley plays poor defense, could risk chemistry and is no ironman. Lots of red flags there.

    He could add a lot to the offense, but not sure there are not less risky bets out there.

  158. Steiny: You’re kidding on Burgos, right? He has a better chance of pitching for the Santo Domingo prison squad than for the Mets. Someone better tell him not to bend over for the soap.

  159. Gil: I want it to happen, but i don’t see it. Maybe after they address the bullpen and SP.

  160. Steiny (212): He’ll never pitch for the Mets again. Hell, he might never see NY again.-JD

  161. If Ambi develops as we had expected, the Dominican Prison team will have a better closer than the Mets did in Sept 2008.

  162. If Delgado stays, which it seems you believe, then do you think the Mets will sign O-dog even with castillo on the team, and would Murphy platoon Left or would they go after experience.

  163. Jon: Chemistry? Please. We’ve had essentially the same group of guys the last three years and what has that chemistry gotten us?
    How could Bradley be worse for chemistry than Billy Wagner, who routinely went to the press to throw his teammates under the bus?

  164. Gil – I’m with you I’ve wanted bradley for two years, he’s a hitting machine and somehow his fiery ness is called a problem, I think this team has too many boyscouts

  165. Fair point on the chemistry issue, but he is a poor defensive player and does get hurt a lot a la Cliff Floyd.

  166. Wow. Some help Ken Griffey Jr. was for the White Sox. He just struck out as the last out and now the Rays move on to the ALCS.

  167. Re: the Japanese pitcher—

    The next Asian player who is successful for the Mets will be the first.

    Shinjo, Matsui, Nomo, Park, the “Japanese Greg Maddux” (I forget his name)—not a solid season between them.

  168. JD- who would you put in left… In-house, trade or free agent and why…..

    by the way Soria might not be available without giving up too much but how about David Dejesus in Left…

  169. Kyle (219): With Castillo, Murphy would play mostly left and they would not add a veteran second baseman.-JD

  170. ed: I agree with you on the Boy Scout troupe. Wright, Delgado, Beltran and Reyes are all nice guys, but maybe Bradley would be like the Jules Winfield from “Pulp Fiction” the Mets need. I hear Bradley has a wallet that says “Bad MF” on it! :)

  171. I don’t think the Mets are too concerned about selling tickets next year. I think the fans are more concerned about being able to BUY tickets.

  172. what do you think of the idea of signing mark prior to an incentive-heavy one year deal to be…..a reliever and possibly a closer?

    it worked for wood

  173. Jeeze, that scares me with Murphy’s defense in left and castillo’s lack of ability at the game of baseball. That could really hurt us.

  174. Bill- Dice K isn’t doing too shabby and they usually give you a year or two before they get lit up… Heck Park is doing a solid job for LA again I always liked his SO/BB ratio thought the Mets should have used him in the pen that year…

  175. bill metsiac – the pitcher you’re thinking of is masato yoshii : the japanese greg maddux. he actually did ok for the mets. decent 4th starter.

  176. Bill: That was Satoru Komiyama. But the Mets inability to sign Japanese players who pan out is more a reflection on Mets’ scouts. Remember: Jeff Wilpon NEVER saw Kaz Matsui play and he was hit to sign him, but Bobby Valentine, when he was the Mets’ skipper, begged the Mets to outbid everyone else for some outfielder named…Ichiro Suzuki. Bobby V said at the time he was one of the world’s best five players. Hard to argue against that assessment.

  177. robert (232): They probably wouldn’t have much competition for him. When I covered the Yankees, they signed Jon Lieber under similar circumstances. They have the money to sign him and let him rehab. But, they wouldn’t sign him with the expectations of getting anything.-JD

  178. Bring another 2nd basemen in at least, they can’t go into the season with only Castillo, Brian Roberts might come available.

  179. ed–Last time I checked, Dice K never pitched for the Mets. “For the Mets” was the essence of my comment.

    Robert—Thanks for the name. He was OK for a while, but nothing like we were expecting.

  180. This will be my only socially conscious post of this forum, I promise, but has anyone stopped to think about how our current economic crisis and bleak outlook offered by economists may affect Major League Baseball teams and Major League Baseball itself?

  181. I’m sorry to say it, but I really hope the Rays fail. As good of a story as it seems, to me it sends a terrible message. Its not about trust in a farm system and growing talent, its about frugality and compiling the best prospects for 10 years. I mean look at the Marlins in 97 and 03, these aren’t great stories, they are depressing ones where a team was bought and sold and returned back to the cellar the following season. With the profit these small market teams are making off of the luxury tax of the Yanks, Sox, Mets, etc, there is no excuse for not spending money for talent. The Marlins payroll was what, 22 Million? The Rays 40? The Marlins and Rays are just reinforcing the message that owners can be cheap as hell and trade their elite talent for prospects and sometimes have a fluke season, but that freak occurrence strips their legitimate fans (if there are any after atrocious leadership they present) of a regular chance to compete. I live in Orlando and know that no one gives a damn about the Rays or Marlins year after year, and they still don’t. Just a few people hop on the bandwagon when they are winning.

  182. Gil—Yes, BV did push hard re: Ichiro. But he also said Kaz was the better of the 2 Matsuis.

  183. Gil (244): I know the owners haven’t. It would be nice if MLB cut all ticket and concession costs by five percent next year, but I am dreaming. The next round and WS will still be on too late because of MLB’s quest for the last buck. Remember TV calls the shots.-JD

  184. Shouldn’t the mets focus on finding a left fielder? There’s something missing in the lineup. They need that Jayson Werth/Shane Victorino pesty type, somebody that plays with fire….maybe Aaron Rowand? Who else?

  185. Kevin (245): Talk about bringing the ants to the picnic. But, you’re not wrong.-JD

  186. Jay L (248): If they improve their rotation and bullpen, they can live with Murphy and or a platoon in left.-JD

  187. Too true, JD. Too true.
    And I’m afraid it’s the die-hard fans like us, most of whom I would imagine are middle class, who are likely to be priced out.

  188. No,JD. Bringing ants to the picnic would be talking about that impressive young lefty that Tampas started in Game #2

  189. Haha, sorry for the downer JD, I think I’m just bitter because I have to listen to the Marlins announcers every year act like the won the world series when they beat us on the final day of the season. Its disgusting.

  190. Kevin: But the Rays won’t have a fire sale this off-season. In fact, their owners are committed to building a new ballpark.
    Their success sends a great message — hat you don’t have to buy championships like the Yankees.

  191. Hey JD, were you part of the many who was excited when they found out that Bobby V was interested in managing the Mets again and Manuel hadn’t signed the contract yet?

  192. Roy (255): Yawn … not me. Been there, done that. It never would have happened.-JD

  193. By the way, i don’t feel a big need to improve on offense, we were second in runs scored this season. Something like that…

  194. i don’t think derek lowe is the answer like many people do. he underwelms me. the other thing is that they are folly to think they can simply earmark a rotation spot for niese. that’s dangerous – niese should be your “in case of injury” guy who comes up when somebody goes down or pitches ineffective.

    i think they are going to go hard on AJ Burnett and a cast of thousands for the 5th start to compete with niese and parnell. Minaya loves the Figeroas, Limas, etc and i can see him bringing in a bunch of guys in hopes of finding the pitching version of tatis. How about Mike Hampton on a minor league deal?

  195. And Gil, if that is the case, that I agree that this would be a good story. I’m just sick of “small market team’s” making money hand over fist and crying wolf while not even attempting to sell their product or put a decent team on the field.

  196. Kevin: Seems like the Rays offer a great product — too bad Tampa fans don’t support it. The Rays, by the way, are the only MLB franchise to offer fans free parking!

  197. john – thanks for answering my question. what’s your take on evans. murphy was the big rookie story, but evans held his own in limited duty and darling and hernandez seemed very high on him during the broadcasts.

  198. Jay L (260): If they sign Lowe, they’ll still need to sign somebody else. By himself, he’s not enough to push them over the top.-JD

  199. robert (263): Evans has a lot of potential and will probably hit for more power than Murphy. I see him starting the season in the minors.-JD

  200. but why give lowe over 10M or whatever it will cost? they should not pay for mediocrity.

  201. JD — I know he’s more 2010 than 2009, but did you ever get to any Cyclones games this year and get a look at Brad Holt? Seems he may have the highest upside among their minor league pitchers.

  202. JD – Do you every see Nick Evans becoming a full time player one day?Or is he nothing more than a fourth OF?

  203. Hey JD, If available, does Crawford make sense?..Carl Crawford’s Contract Status: 2009-$8.25 mil with a $2.5 mil buyout, and 2010 -$10 mil with a $1.25 mil buyout

  204. Krusty (269): Too soon to tell for me to say that. A lot depends on how else the team is built.-JD

  205. JD – Whats your view on John Maine? Is he a top of the rotation guy or just a middle guy?

  206. Jon (268): I didn’t get out there. I should make a point of it in the future.-JD

  207. Could they:

    Sign Delgado and trade him to AL team for a reliever or starter or prospects

    Sign Adam Dunn to play first

    Trade Murphy, Carp, A. Reyes, Parnell for Soria

    Trade Castillo for Byrnes

    Sign Lyon, J Cruz, J Beimel, D Lowe or B Sheets (or both)

  208. … more on maine, last yr people thought he could win 17 games and be a great #2, not people r saying hes just an average 3-5. whats your view on him?

  209. Why has everyone seemingly consigned Tatis to the scrap heap? With all this talk about “we need a RH LFer with power to platoon with Murphy or replace him if he moves to 2B, I have to wonder if anyone watched Fernando at all this season.

  210. Krusty (273): For now, just a No. 3. They say he should be ready for spring training. And, despite all that talk at the end of the season, the plan is still for him to start.-JD

  211. bill (278): Tatis isn’t on my scrap heap. A Murphy-Tatis should be fine. That’s why I’m in no hurry to get an outfielder and would rather spend on pitching.-JD

  212. J_k: I’m definitely on board with your Soria and Eric Byrnes ideas.
    As for your pitchers, not so much. Lyon and Cruz, yes–though I’d rather have Chad Qualls than Lyons. Just say no to drunken Joe Biemel, Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets, the Moises Alou of starting pitchers.
    No thanks to Adam Dunn and Delgado is just fine at first.

  213. Dunn (who is Dave Kingman re-incarnated—HR or K, with a lot of walks added)has (Thank God!) repeatedly said he has NO desire to play 1B.

  214. When Tatis first arrived on the scene, he was the ONLY guy who ran hard to first every time he put the ball in play. That’s worth something to me.

  215. Gil: Adam Dunn is nine years younger than Delgado, though, and I really think Delgado could bring in a nice haul for a team looking to add some power (Yankees, Blue Jays, Orioles, Twins, Angels).

    Also, walks are good, not bad. Dunn has hit 160 home runs in the last four years: 40, 40, 40, 40. His BA is only 20-30 points lower than Delgado’s.

  216. j_k (276): I don’t think Delgado is easily tradeable. He’s got a no-trade, for one thing that would need to be waived. … His contract is manageable to the right team, but I don’t see a team unloading prospects for a 36 year-old who had a hot three months. … Don’t see KC making that deal.-JD

  217. John, I apologize I have been for Krod during the playoffs, but after last night I think we should sign Fuentes and go after Lowe. And if there is enough money maybe I would go after Hudson.

  218. Guys, I’m gonna call it a night. Fun as always exchanging ideas and thoughts with all of you. Catch you next time. Keep the faith!

  219. j_k (285): I forgot to add that I like Dunn and wouldn’t be opposed to signing him and buying out Delgado.-JD

  220. bill (283): Dunn would have to change that thinking if I were to sign him. In fact, signing him would be contingent on him playing first.-JD

  221. pvhornet05 (287): Look at it this way. For what K-Rod wants, you could get both Fuentes and Lowe.-JD

  222. Instead of buying out Delgado, why not trade him and eat 4MM of his contract – I think a lot of teams would be willing to pay 8MM for a guy who hit as well as he did last year.

    As far as Soria is concerned – I feel like they should do whatever it takes.

    Also, is Delmon Young available now? What do you think the Twins would want for him? He struggled last year but he has an absolute cannon arm and a developing bat.

  223. Jay L (293): I don’t think it will greatly impact teams who want to speed. The Yankees, for example, have never been curtailed by anything.-JD

  224. j_k (292): See my comment 286 on why Delgado would be difficult to trade. … Young is available, I hear, but he won’t come cheaply.-JD

  225. Fuentes wants 3 year 38 mil. Lowe prob wants something in the 3 year 30-35 mil range, and Krod wants 5 year 75 mil.

  226. Dunn strikes out a TON! .247 Career AVG. Although he does walk a lot but I wouldn’t be interested in him..Ill grind it out with delgado for a year..If they feel like they need someone else at first, Ill suggest Casey Blake

  227. avinash (296): You could get Fuentes and Lowe for less, which combined is less than what K-Rod wants.-JD

  228. Is there any thought of Sheets becoming a closer – like Smoltz – because of his injury problems? I remember Sheets absolutely shutting down the Mets and outpitching Santana earlier in the year. His fastball/curve combo would be pretty tough out of the pen.

  229. JD – do you think maybe the Mets should try to implement an idea that 1 bullpen guys starts the game. Like next yr start heilman for 2 innings then put in johan so he can go 7 innings and the pen wouldnt need to be used

  230. Len (297): Casey Blake? Interesting. And, he wouldn’t break the bank. It would let them add a position player and still be able to sign pitching. … I’ve been enamored with Dunn’s power, but I’d rather spend the money on pitching.-JD

  231. Krusty (301): So you’d rather the bullpen start the game and the Mets being in a 4-0 hole rather than give up those runs on the back end?-JD

  232. j_k (299): I don’t know if Sheets is thinking about that. It’s not an unrealistic idea. It worked for Smoltz and it worked for Kerry Wood. … The Mets said they aren’t thinking about that now for Maine.-JD

  233. Trying to catch up, lots of stuff to read.
    Not likely the Mets will sign Hudson another injury prone 2nd baseman in his 30’s
    Not likely Bradley will be signed. I guess most of you missed the incident when he wanted to got after a broadcaster this summer for something he said about him.

    One move that would not surprise me is Duaner Sanchez getting non tendered.
    Ryan Church was reported very miffed that he showed up late for Saturday game against the Marlins ( last weekend of the season )
    Sanchez does have a history of not being the most dedicated player.

  234. Scott (306): I might add this. Church wouldn’t have been miffed at Sanchez if he wanted out of NY so badly.-JD

  235. Didn’t LaRussa try starting his relievers? The craziest thing you could do, too, would be to start a game with a defensive specialist AND a reliever, and then double switch the starter into the game. You could get a turn through the lineup before a pitcher has to bat.

    I think the point was to take the pressure off of the relievers. Someone like Heilman could benefit from that quite a bit.

  236. JD – I guess the point was, we could sign Sheets to be a closer – he’d be cheaper than K-Rod and has better stuff than Fuentes by quite a bit. If there’s limited interest in him, he might be worth a signing with the idea of him being either a reliever or a starter.

  237. Hudson injury prone? Before this year, he was on the DL ONCE—in ’04, for about 3 weeks.

    I don’t think that fits the definition.

  238. yeah, having heilman start for say, two innings might take pressure off him and he would be in a good mind state since hes always wanted to start anyways

  239. Let Sanchez get healthy, Church is our starting RF. We have one real hole, LF, and Murphy could play there. You sign Lowe, Fuentes, and another bullpen guy and then you see if you can get a second basemen or a LF.

  240. Krusty (313): I think Heilman will get a chance to start, and I have hunch he’ll turn things around. But, I don’t think it will be with the Mets.-JD

  241. I also see Minaya making a STRONG push for Manny.. IT seems like Omar is in love with the guy

  242. what aboutr maybe signing Mark Prior to be the closer? worked for the cubs with wood

  243. JJ Putz will make third graders all over the New York area snicker every time he comes out of the pen.

    Hell, I can’t watch the Mariners without snickering.

  244. I know this may sound bad, but the Mets need a 37-40 yr old RP whos been through the wars and can provide a solid 80 innings with a 3.50 sum era. Last year when billy went down the “vet” in the pen was schoenweiss. They should sing some1 like Mike Timlin, alan embree, doug brocail, russ springer, david weathers etc

  245. Bill ( 312 )
    what makes you think that this will not be a trend with Hudson. Also do you think he is worth 8-10 million a year.
    I thought the idea was to stop overpaying guys on the downside of their career.

  246. Manny would be a terrible mistake. Everyone talks about changing the culture of this team – our culture is age. A lot of our problems would have been solved if we had young players instead of old ones. If we sign any free agents, they really should be young. Dunn still makes sense, he’s only 29, he’d be the most powerful #2 hitter in baseball. Reyes, Dunn, Beltran, Wright, Church would be a great 1-5.

  247. Len (319): I hope not. Manny is wrong for them on several levels:

    1. They proved they could score. Pitching is their problem.
    2. I didn’t care for his power play to get out of Boston. Real selfish. I don’t want Jose Reyes anywhere near that.
    3. He’s going to tie up a lot of money, and still be a headache.-JD

  248. This is bad, Mets need atleast 1 SP, a closer, a new pen, a new 2ndbeasemen, a new LF, and new bench, and some cajones

  249. Len – TB will definitely pick up his option. If they don’t, we should break the bank to get him. Crawford would be an incredible pickup for the team. You could even get nuts and shift Reyes to batting second or third, or have Crawford second or third, or do it based on matchups.

  250. JD – Idk if this has been asked but are the mets planing on moving murphy to second this yr?

  251. Burrell would be a good signing at a lower cost than Rivera. And, hurting the Phillies is a bonus.-JD

  252. JD, I agree. but the only thing positive I can get out of Manny coming here is his ENERGY in Citi field Would be out of this WORLD! but besides that It’s not worth it

  253. It seems like the Mets could get 2-3 big free agents and need to go bargain shopping or hit the trade market for the rest of the roster. If you figure they have 40 million to spend for this year (they must be at peace with eating Wagner’s contract this year), they could potentially sign a big bat, a big reliever, and a good but not great SP. The rest would have to be classic Minaya scrap-heap.

    On another topic – Dan Uggla will be available. Yes, his defense sucks, but he can hit and would be an offensive plus where there was a minus before.

  254. Hey John, All this talk tonite about free agents and trades and so on, But no one has brought up Jake Peavy. If the papers all think the yankees could realistically land him, how could the Met’s not. Johhan Santana anyone?

    I mean 63 mil over 4 years is pretty nice. Be happy to trigger any options to make the deal happen.

    I’d be willing to part with a mix of Fmart, Carp, Evans, Parnell. Not all of course. With Wilmer Flores right behind Fmart, i really think Peavy is more valuable than Fmart.

    And while we are trades, IF you can pull off a Peavy deal, do you got back to the well and try to land Huston Street a la Brad Lidge? Could the Mets afford to trade for both [and have anough parts that interest both teams?]?

    It would solve a lot of issues in two moves. Go back and sign a few bullpen bits and peices. Get your bridge. Could it be a converted starter? Or a long time releiver. I really don’t know what fits best here.

    That being said, imagine a rotation of Santana, Peavy, Pelfrey, Maine, [neise, lowe, f. garcia, etc].


  255. Crawford has all around consistent numbers every year..he’s not a franchise player or anything jeez

  256. jk – Uggla is intriguing…. maybe trade delgado to toronto for prospects and Jesse Litsch then flip them to the marlins for uggla and put uggla at 1st

  257. Pat Burrell makes a lot of sense.
    RH bat will balance the line up and could possibly play 1B in 2010 when Delgado is no longer a Met. Burrell did play some 1b early in his career.

  258. And i forgot to mention, that we’d be getting back a first rounder for ollie P.

    With both first 2008 rounders healthy and on target for 2010, plus the solid international free agents the mets have brought in, I don’t mind trading away a few young players ot get back a young veteran like Peavy and street.


  259. How bout Mets sign burrel and possible trade castillo + eating his contract + prospects for eric byrnres

    have byrnes/church platoon in right(both are hard nose players)

    move purhpy to 2nd

    1. Reyes
    2. Beltran
    3. Wright
    4. Delgado
    5. Burell
    6. Murphy
    8. Schnieder/Castro

  260. Scott (324)-What makes you think it WILL be a trend? Two trips to the DL in a 7-year ML career is not a cause for concern.

    And since when is 30 (except for the Hippies in the 60s) on the “downside of a career”? He’ll turn 31 in 2 months.

  261. Absolutely no way do we get Peavy. No Way.

    Street is a great idea, we should get him. Daniel Murphy is a classic Billy Beane player – Maybe straight up? Or Murphy and Heilman.

  262. jk october – im not trading murphy for any1 right now, this kid will be youkilous in a yr or so watch. im also especially not trading him for a crappy rp

  263. The idea of signing 2 type A FA’s and possibly a type B is interesting.
    Of course that means having no picks in the first 3 rounds of next years draft.
    This also means not having many prospects to make trades with.

  264. JD – do you find it feasible that the Mets could sign Lowe, Burell, and Fuentes?

  265. wow john, long chat.

    i know mets fans are tired of dealing with him, but would the mets bring back moises alou if he doesnt retire? i know he’s injury-prone, but he can still hit and as long as the mets dont RELY on him i think he could be of use.

  266. I like Murphy a lot – but his value is pretty high right now. Mets need to make a few changes, and he’s a chip.

  267. Mets need some new faces in the pen, get rid of the show and feliciano, I like feliciano but the NL east hitters know him all to well by now. His FB reaches 86 tops, and has a pretty flat slider

  268. Scott (351): They’ll make only Type A splash if any, and it will be a pitcher. … I still think most of getting better will have to come from Omar being creative and from within.-JD

  269. Fernando Martinez is one of few trade baits this year. Anyone think “F-Mart” will be dealt this offseason?

  270. Robert – the only way id want alou back IS IF they already shore up the OF with players who can provide solid value

  271. robert – if they bring back Alou, they should consider signing Randolph to play 2B, Sandy Alomar for C, and Seaver for SP. We could go on barnburning tours – the geriatric mets.

  272. twice we had a lead with 17 games to play and twice we see a slump immediately afterwards.

    you think someone might be giving us a hint about a certain number needing to be retired?

  273. Bill
    2nd baseman tend to age faster than other postions.
    Also 2nd base has been a black hole for the Mets for years. Spending more big money at this time makes no sense. The money is better spent on pitching.

  274. Krusty (352): That trio could get them into the World Series. Then again, so was Santana. Two would be fine.-JD

  275. the mets need to get creative with the pen, no way in hell should rps like heilman, show, feliciano, etc should just be handed the jobs this yr. They all should be equal, the only rps who deserves spots are Smith, stokes, and ayala. Omar should sign like 10-15 rps and have all of them battle it out in spring training

  276. John – if you had to make a trade for a reliever or two, who would you go after and who would you offer up?

  277. j_k (367): I wouldn’t trade and give up prospects when there’s a closer (Fuentes) who is out there. … Two prospects, Kunz and Parnell, I would give a shot to make the bullpen in set-up roles.-JD

  278. I’ve been telling my friends the same thing, PAT THE BAT!!! I think it would be a hilarious turn of events. He’s not the mouthy one on the team anyway. I only ever hated the guy because of how often he crushed Met pitching. At least until this year.

  279. Krusty (372): Three years would put him at 36, which isn’t bad. And, in three years Kunz or Parnell might be ready.-JD

  280. JD
    It seems Ken Davidoff wants the Mets to sign K-Rod and Hudson.
    To me this seems like going down the same old road once again.
    Lots of stars and no role players to support them.
    Any thoughts on this.

  281. As good as K-Rod was this year, I think it will be downhill from here for him. Eventually that violent delivery will get to him physically. I believe they could get Fuentes for less and have money to address the rest of the pen.-JD

  282. I see at least one big move to put a Buzz in citi field – if they bring the same group except compliment them with a few role players even if they are a playoff team it will be the all-star break before people are buzzing something big is coming….

  283. JD
    If you see Omar tell him to add some sushi to the post game buffet and sign a couple of Japenese pitchers.
    That would be creative.

  284. Adding A sushi chef to the club house would be even more creative, unless the Yankees already have one.

  285. This is a total back burner item but if omar gets done early I like to see Schnieder get a back-up whos as offensive as castro but can stay healthy… Castro might even have value.. Bengie Molina and Schnieder would be a heck of a tandum for example

  286. ed: I know what you’re saying, but Omar has so much to do that I don’t see him finishing this early.-JD

  287. Gerald Laird may be available
    2 years from being a free agent and Scott Boras is his agent.
    Texas has a surplus of catchers.

  288. unless he just goes crazy spending, which isn’t the mets style some things will still be uncertain with pitchers/catchers reporting…

  289. ed: Their payroll last year was $143 million. There will be money coming off the books, but they will still get close to that if not exceed it.-JD

  290. I’d love to see Burrell in a Mets uniform doing the same thing to the Phillies he did to the Mets.

  291. Francona should have gone with Papelbon to start the inning. Angels lose, he’s going to answer that question. He’ll answer it anyway.-JD

  292. I don’t know about you, but these Frank TV commercials are annoying. Makes me not want to watch.-JD

  293. Terrible bunt attempt. You have to foul the ball off if nothing else. … That’s an inside-the-parker if it doesn’t go in the stands.-JD

  294. TJ (415): A culture shock for Bay. They are better off with him than Manny. … Remind me again, where are Bay’s roots?-JD

  295. Why would you squeeze with a Lefty at bat. Makes no sense. You kinda knew the Sox were going to win after that inning.

  296. Actually, he was originally signed by Montreal. He was traded to the Mets in 2002 and traded that year at the deadline.-JD

  297. pvhornet05: A squeeze should be a surprise. Buck Martinez was talking about it before the at-bat started.-JD

  298. And from the Mets (actually the Mets AA farm) to San Diego to Pitt to Boston.

    He’s been A-Round!

  299. yeah, what jim (bmore) said.

    i was doing that whole west coast work-thing again during the chat. it would’ve been fun to participate.

  300. Patrick: Is there a group of Mets fans you hang with out there, or are you running solo? If there is, there’s a Dunkin Donuts near me. I can grab a cup and do a late night with you guys.-JD

  301. I guess if Burrell comes aboard…Wags if definately, definately not going to be around the team next year

  302. I would not mind to have Burrell, therefore he can stop beating us. While were at it why don’t we get Chipper Jones as well.