11 thoughts on “Met Chat Room tonight at 7

  1. After watching K-Rod againstagainst the Red Sox so far in the ALDS, is he gonna be worth the $75mil/5year contract he’ll be seeking. He hasn’t been looking very lights out.

  2. Blake: I don’t think he’s worth that much in the first place. But, you’re right. His value could be dropping.-JD

  3. K-Rod’s decline scares me- too much $$ for too big a risk. Fuentes for 3 yrs, $35 mil range makes more sense, with Orlando Hudson and a starter thrown in. What do you think?

  4. I live in SoCal and saw K-Rod live 5 times this season – his fastball doesn’t have the speed it used to, and he isn’t a reliever who can go back-to-back as well as he used to. At that young of an age, you’d have to be scared that Tommy John surgery is somewhere in his future. But Omar has to sign 2-3 bullpen arms in addition to possible promotions of Kunz, Muniz, Parnell, etc…

  5. So John, there is what we all think the Mets should do, and what the Mets really do. I don’t trust Omar.

    How do you see the off season shaping up. if you were a betting man, what do you see happening?

  6. i see mets dumping heilman, giving castillo another chance, possibley dealing church………….i want them to resign tatis

  7. They will have to eat a LOT of $$ to rid themselves of Castillo, or else rid someone else of THEIR financial burden on a player in exchange. Heilman needs a change of scenery to thrive as a starter, and probably will be traded for bullpen help. Tatis will most probably be back and Church isn’t going anywhere- he wants to be in NY, in spite of what Francesca said (see Adam Rubin in the Daily News) and his trade value is too low coming off of the 2 concussions and decreased production as a result in the 2nd half. Murphy being able to handle second adequately in Arizona league is probably the biggest variable this off-season- if he can, we can save the $$ on Hudson, if he can’t, it’s back to a leftfield platoon and maybe signing Hudson. And next year, I think Schneider and Castro MUST get into a lefty-righty platoon- their splits practically dicate it!