Gooood morning ….

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning folks.

Do you guys remember the library? When I had reports to do we’d go to the library after school. There were even such things as library dates. Of course, that was before the Internet.

Anyway, I’ve re-discovered the library. It has become my office. I’ll go there in the morning to write and email letters. Some times there are too many distractions at home. Plus, I have to get out of the house.

I will get some breakfast and head there. Work until lunchtime then come home and make some calls.

I have to check in with the Mets today on ticket refunds. You know, if they would just make the damn playoffs there wouldn’t be this hassle. Also, see what’s going on with Jerry Manuel’s coaching staff.

And, of course, if anything happens during the day you can read about it here. Have a good day.

7 thoughts on “Gooood morning ….

  1. being in my senior yr of college, i do know the library. it is so large here it reminds me of an airport. i hate it

  2. I live in the center of a small Connecticut town where I can walk to the Library and do, several times a week.

    It’s hard to explain my affection for the place except to call it a sanctuary. It takes me into the world of information, of reading, of quiet and peace.

    It’s a place where questions are answered and facts found.

    It’s a place where the staff wants to help you, and does.

    Libraries are very special places and if you have a good one in your town, you are blessed. Be thankful.

  3. I love libraries. Be glad you have one you can go to and use like this.

    John, I’m very interested to hear what the Mets say about post-season refunds. Today is the day I feel that I can handle that call unemotionally.

    The thing is, every other year for the past few, I’ve been fine with letting them hold onto it because my plan invoice would need to be paid in about six weeks.

    This year, there is no plan. And if they try to talk me into a full season I will go postal on them. For them to continue to play the cat and mouse game with fans at this point is disrespectful in the extreme. Tell me if you’re going to offer partial plans, and when. Exactly.

    Otherwise, I’m not sure why Sterling Equities LLC should continue to make interest profits off of my playoff deposit.

  4. caryn: The Mets told me today the money will be automatically refunded to your account. They say it should have been done already.-JD

  5. They may have credited it back to my Mets account, but not back to my credit card.

    And there the conflict lies.

  6. Being a freshman in college, the library has kept me in check. As long as I go there, I know I will get my work done. John–great blog so far, being a “lohud”er, I’m glad you back…keep up the good work.

  7. libraries are strange places. the one at midtown is very busy.

    but at home it is quiet and secluded.

    the one at home is a place you can go and read and just be in a library.

    others’ you just want to get away from or they can just be a busy bookstore without the price tags