Gooooood morning.

Good morning all. Hope this weekend is smiling on you.

It was fun last night. I didn’t expect that much talk on a Saturday night. It makes me feel good that people are responding to the blog. I can’t explain the Cubs. No curse. They just got waxed there was no bad luck. The series was decided with Game 2.

Off to get some breakfast. A veggie omelet. I like to put Tabasco and strawberry preserves on mine. I call it `sweet heat.’ Try it, you’ll like it.

Will spend much of the day sending out resumes and clips. This job hunting is a bear. Will have the playoffs and football on, and, of course, I’ll be monitoring on-line so feel free to drop a comment or two.

My NFL picks:

Chicago over Detroit
Green Bay over Atlanta
San Diego over Miami
NY Giants over Seattle
Philly over Washington
Carolina over KC
Baltimore over Tennessee
Indy over Houston
Denver over Tampa Bay
Dallas over Cincinnati
Arizona over Buffalo
NE over SF
NO over Minnesota

In the playoffs, I like the White Sox, Brewers and Red Sox.

Enjoy the morning. I’ll look for you this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Gooooood morning.

  1. Best explanation for the Cubs losing is they are heavily right handed hitting (Soriano, Lee, Ramirez) and the Dodger starting pitching is right handed.
    Anybody notice that Alfonso Soriano, who was 2 for 14 last year, got even worse this year with a 1 for 14 performance? I figure since hitting the home run off Curt Schilling in the 2001 World Series, he is 14 for 97 (.144). That is A-Rod territory.

  2. John the ammount of success you have had on blogs and the following you have HAS to lead to a job. Unlike many others you have truely taken the online community and embraced it. You know what having a blog is all about.

    If the cubs had won yesterday today would have been a sports filled day, jeesus. I say all the series end today.

    Dan, the thing about Soriano that kills me, like it makes me laugh everytime, is the approach pitchers take. Throw breaking pitches low and away and he’s down before you know it. I just wonder why teams don’t pitch like this during the regular season.

  3. Benny: Thanks for your encouraging words. I have contacted several media outlets and hoping something will develop. I’m hoping I will be able to stay in NY, which would mean a lot.-JD

  4. Seeing the Phillies whoop Suppan really irked me. Not because its the Phillies but because of 2006. I’ll never get over that.