Channel surfing on a Sunday ….

Watched the Phillies advance, the Giants crush Seattle and the Colts pull off a wild one. Rays up early in Chicago. Will watch the Red Sox tonight. If there’s anything you’d like to say, feel free.

Just a reminder, tomorrow night at 7 I’ll host another Mets Chat Room. Looking forward to your participation.

127 thoughts on “Channel surfing on a Sunday ….

  1. JD: Re: a previous thread … Good luck w/the job search. It’s never an enjoyable process. Maybe you can send Burgos to have a chat with some managing editors on your behalf.

    I obviously don’t know what your plans are, but hopefully you’re considering working in mediums other than only print. I heard your discussions with Matt Cerrone as well as Joe (???) on this blog. You have excellent radio presence. You’d be a tremendous asset to a mulitmedia company where you could write articles, blog and do some radio work.

    I’ll be working during the Mets Chat tomorrow, but I’ll surely read the entire thread later in the night. Your posters (myself excluded) are the most informed Mets fans in the blogosphere.

    To All: Did today’s Giants game numb any of your Mets pain? It sure did for me. The word “bullpen” didn’t enter my thoughts for three consecutive hours.

  2. Patrick: Thanks for your support. I am looking into several things in addition to print. Currently watching Dallas-Cincinnati, and hoping the Bengals can pull this off.-JD

  3. Anytime Sinorice Moss outscores the opponent you know the G-Men are doing something right.

  4. JD: Bummer ’bout the Bengals. The Cowboys are giving up a lot of points and don’t scare me the same way they did at the beginning of the season. I’m more concerned about the ‘Skins at this point.

  5. What the Giants did last year can never be matched…. Being an underdog every playoff game, having a Coach who proved all the fans and all the experts wrong, having a front office that let the team work through their problems, was an awesome thing to behold, and something Omat Minaya learned nothing from. Whet the Giants do this year is just gravy.

    Watching Bradford in the playoffs is just one more reminder of the sleeping Minaya. Trade deadline – Minaya sleeps and lets a bad bullpen collapse. Even lowly cheap Tampa Bay made a deadline move to improve themselves. 4 more years of Minaya, the Giants better be in the hunt for a long time to overcome his failings, blame game crap, and buttinsky ownership.

  6. Patrick: The Skins are a pretty good story, winning at Dallas and Philly. I agree with you about the Cowboys. They’ve won a couple they could have lost.-JD

  7. David:

    I had been reading that Moss was still on the roster but didn’t believe it until today.

    Any word from the local media re: the severity of concussions to Hixon and McKenzie?

  8. White Sox win 5-3 to stay alive. Red Sox trailing 1-0 in the first but I fully expect them to win and wrap the series up tonight.

  9. Dan: Thinking the same because of Beckett. I would like to see one of these go the distance. That could happen with Tampa-Chicago. Which, of course, would give the Red Sox a huge advantage if they wrap it up tonight.-JD

  10. How does that happen? Hunter should have taken charge. That play could end the series for the Angels tonight.-JD

  11. LA all the way. They should take it to Philly. I’m pulling for Torre and LA. Plus I can’t stand Rollins and most of the Philly roster.

  12. I’ll pick Philly to beat the Dodgers. I think Ryan Howard will have a huge series.

  13. JD – I think that Utley and Howard really have to step up against all of those Dodgers RHPs. Both had a sub-par Division Series. Also, the Phillies pitchers will be facing a very, very solid batting order that is on fire right now. I’m drooling over the Hamels/Manny matchup, should make for great TV. Especially in that band box.

  14. Ciceroj: Dodgers are hot. Wondering how long the layoff might hurt them. Of course, Phillies have long wait, too.-JD

  15. Harry Chiti
    I understand the pain seeing Bradford,but the Rays have still not named the player they are trading to the Orioles. I am curious to see what they gave up.

    Also everytime I see Jason Bay it reminds me how bad a GM Steve Phillips was.

  16. Scott: As long as people want to chat, I’ll stay on. Last week it was three hours.-JD

  17. Did you see that stat? 12 of 15 runs Boston has scored have come with two outs. The anti-Mets.-JD

  18. JD: “Anybody have any thoughts on LA-Philly?”

    If my new and improved Phillies Voodoo doll performs as expected, the Dodgers will sweep the series. My previous model was clearly defective.

  19. need another big bat…right-handed..
    i think aaron rowand should seriously be looked at

  20. Jim: He’s worth taking a look at. I mentioned this earlier, but I’d take a run at Pat Burrell.-JD

  21. yea i could see that JD…maybe move him to 1st after next yr if u had to…but i dunno, so many swings and misses and hot/cold streaks

  22. It would be nice to get another RH power bat. Add him to Wright, Beltran and Delgado, and that’s as powerful group as you’ll find.-JD

  23. JD
    That list of ex-Mets is why I have to give Omar credit for not trading what was left of the farm for a quick fix at the trade deadline.
    At some point you need to make a commitment to building from within. Role players are just as important stars when trying to build long term.

  24. What do you know, Darren Oliver. Another one that got away. He and Bradford are in the playoffs and the Mets are home.-JD

  25. Scott: I couldn’t agree more. That’s why all this talk about the core is nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with the Mets’ core. It’s the complimentary players that were lacking. Oliver, Bradford are two examples of role players in the bullpen that would have made a huge difference.-JD

  26. Scott: BTW. I don’t know if you caught my answer to your question. I’ll be on tomorrow as long as there is talk.-JD

  27. maybe player hitting coach. Because you can wake him up christmas morning ad he’ll hit a line drive.

  28. Jim: You’re using a roster spot for a one-dimensional player. I wouldn’t go there. … However, given what’s happened in the past, would I be stunned if Alou convinced Omar he was healthy and was re-signed? Nope. … But, it’s time to retire.-JD

  29. Bosco: I’ll give you that. Too bad the Mets don’t play on Christmas. … But, he was sound asleep all summer.-JD

  30. hey john,
    is there any word on when the Mets might refund post-season ticket purchases? thanks!

  31. Been surfing back to the Steelers. Good game there. Pittsburgh driving late in the game to take the lead. Big Ben having a great game.-JD

  32. Hi Abbey: I haven’t heard, but I’ll call them tomorrow and try to get an answer for you.-JD

  33. jd- do you believe church should play everyday next yr? i know he started out well vs lefties and i know the concussion cerainly killed his season but b4 this yr he was ineffective in small doses vs. lefties…maybe tatis plays some right vs lefties?? a full time left fielder is needed, cant count on evans or tatis everday

  34. an empty roster spot is better then Marlon this season. What he end the season hitting? Looks like Big Bens arm might fall off.

  35. Jim: He was playing all the time before he got hurt and should get that chance again. I wouldn’t platoon him until he proves he can’t hit lefties.-JD

  36. Steelers just scored. You know, the best way to listen to Al Michaels is with the sound off.-JD

  37. Sheilds looks nasty tonight.
    I can take small amounts of Michaels but its Madden that I cant take.

  38. The Red Sox are going to win it right here. The Angels had their chances. They’ve left 11. Their defense was shoddy. Let four runs to score.-JD

  39. I don’t have a strong feeling where K-Rod will end up. Part of me thinks he’ll stay with the Angels.-JD

  40. The Angels are going to have some big decisions to make. K-Rod and Tex. Then long term deals or extensions for Vlad and Lackey and a few others.

  41. Look at Rodriguez’s delivery. Very violent. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been hurt. You have to think it will catch up to him. Have to think twice about five years.-JD

  42. The Angels are really good, although you wouldn’t know it by this series. They need to do everything they can to keep this team intact.-JD

  43. very violent…and like i said, i always see him going nuts after saving a game AFTER letting on base runners

  44. wow…feels like a bloop hit coming for lowrie???? and really on these non-strike calls?

  45. Bosco: I want them to make a run at Fuentes. Neither Kunz nor Parnell are ready to be the closer, but they should get a chance to win a spot in the bullpen for a set-up role.-JD

  46. bosco
    I think Fuentes is the guy. He will be a better bang for the buck. In addition better to have a lefty closer to stop Howard and Utley.

  47. Bosco: I can’t see that happening. He’ll stay with the Padres, and five years after retiring will go to the Hall of Fame.-JD

  48. Jim: Fuentes is 33 and made $5 million last year. I can see a three-year deal at $24 million. That’s speculation.-JD

  49. if krod gets 15 mill dont u see fuentes asking for at least 10 a yr….woud you sign him for 3 for 30

  50. Jim: I was low balling him, but yeah, it can go that high and I’d give him that.-JD

  51. i think fuentes may want to come to NY…the big stage. show everyone that he is the right signing…if you get him at 3 for 27 its a great deal…three for 30 is still probably a go for me. i heard some say he may not have the make up for NY?? hear anything about that JD?

  52. yea , dunno how much i buy into that..remember beltran wont be able to handle NY…doesnt seem to stop him fro being a GG and good bat in the lineup

    too bad there are not more closers available but fuentes for the right price would be solid

  53. not that they are same type of pitchers but look what happened to Gagne and Thigpen after they set the closer records. Gagne was never the same and Thigpen never saved more then 30 games again. Mo is the best and he never saved 60 games or saved 50 some in a row. Just way to much work for 1 pitcher.

  54. i dont love the crazy celebrations from releivers now…joba, papelbon, krod….even in a tie game, a wild display from both

  55. The bullpen is a lot like an offensive line. You need all the pieces to work together.-JD

  56. i love seeing them show emotion but screaming and pumping the fist excessively for getting out of a jam, THEY PUT THEMSELVES IN, in a TIE game…too much for me

  57. …but hey when you dont have to stand at the plate and have to worry about 90 MPH+ fastball coming at you in retaliation, i guess dont worry about it

  58. i would love to see the DH abolished. i love the feel of an NL game, double switches, pitcher batting…seems like true baseball

  59. The looks on some of those fan’s faces. “I paid how much for just this one game and now I might not get to see them clinch this series tonight??”

  60. they still might. who do the Angels have left in the pen. They need to get the heart of the line up out.

  61. TJ: I know. But, there are probably a lot of Boston fans with tickets for tomorrow (today) secretly hoping the Sox lose otherwise they wouldn’t get to go.-JD

  62. Oh I don’t feel bad for them in the least. Afterall, I’ve got three NLDS Home Game 1 tickets on my desk and no refund as of yet 😉

  63. I don’t believe they specified. I know the website for purchase did state that they refund you for games not played. Perhaps they’ll give me the option of putting the money towards seats for next season, which I’d only bother with if they continue to offer 7 packs.

  64. This is why the DH sucks.
    If this were NL game you could have a starting pitcher run for Ortiz.

  65. TJ: They would prefer that. It lets them keep your money and earn interest on it.-JD

  66. Very true, it’s not a lot of money though. It was just the one game, that’s all they let you buy as a 7 pack holder. Though I doubt they’ll offer those anymore. I had heard rumors that the smallest packages will be a dozen to two dozen games, which would be a shame as I like the 7 packs. Especially if one would include Opening Day seats 😉