Warrant issued for Burgos

An arrest warrant was issued Friday in the Dominican Republic for Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos on charges stemming from a hit-and-run accident that killed two women.

“We recommend that Mr. Burgos turn himself in so we can start the judicial process,” Prosecutor Raul Quiroz said.

Burgos’ SUV struck Josefina Minaya Martinez, 38, and Angely Fana, 29, Tuesday in the town of Nagua, and both died at a hospital. Witnesses placed Burgos behind the wheel, but his cousin Edwin Silvestre Sanchez claimed to be driving. Sanchez was released from police custody Friday.

Quiroz said Burgos had recently been arrested on a charge of illegal weapon possession and released. Burgos was also arrested last month in New York on assault and harassment charges.

5 thoughts on “Warrant issued for Burgos

  1. He shouldn’t have been associated with the team ever since the incident he had with his girlfriend last month.

  2. fled the scene of a homocide? he makes enuf for a good lawyer.

    sounds like he needs one.

  3. You are right on Benny. However, MLB doesn’t seem to have a problem with players beating up their wives or girlfriends.

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