Manuel announced: Pledges different mindset.

The interim label is off Jerry Manuel. The team announced he was signed to a two-year deal with an option for a third year.

Among the highlights of the conference call:

-In addition to the bullpen, Manuel said the offense needs a different mindset, with a concentration on fundamentals and situational hitting. “We have to place a value on getting a walk,” Manuel said. “We have to place a value on hitting a ground ball to advance a runner.”

-On the bullpen, he said: “Our dilemma is it is difficult to evaluate people not in roles they are accustomed to.”

-Manuel said no decisions have been made on his coaching staff.

More to follow.

6 thoughts on “Manuel announced: Pledges different mindset.

  1. Jim: No decision on the coaches, but from how he talked I wouldn’t be surprised.-JD

  2. Things better work well Jerry. With a two year deal Omar will have no problem turning on you if things go bad for a while.

  3. Finally, some common sense from the Mets management. They’ve hired a baseball man, not a stats freak. A man who understands that baseball is a team game, not a personal performance lottery. A man who knows about bunting, moving the hitter over, the suicide squeeze and all the little stuff that produces runs, not big egos.

    What he needs more than ever now is a pitching coach who also understands the basics of pitching instead of some odd philosophy – remember “The Jacket”? If he weren’t so good in the booth and perhaps a future candidate for Commissioner, I’d like Ron Darling for the job. In the meantime, is Roger McDowell happy where he is????

    Good luck with the team, Jerry – it’s all yours now.