Loose threads: Saturday night playoffs edition.

What's on your mind?

What's on your mind?

Greetings all. Hope you had a good day. Watching the Brewers take an early 2-0 lead on the Phillies. Later the Dodgers can put away the Cubs. If you’d like to talk about the playoffs, or about Jerry Manuel getting a contract, or anything else, this is the place.

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  1. I don’t care much who wins the whole thing, I just want to see some good series. Right now everything is 2-0. I hope at least one of these series makes it to a fifth game.

  2. Why are they taking Bush out? I know Howard is up but Bush only threw 70 pitches with 1 out in the 6th inning! You’d think they’d want to avoid using that bullpen of theirs.

  3. TJ: I guess they are playing the percentages. Milwaukee’s pen has been good in the first two games.-JD

  4. It’s likely just a product of watching too many Mets games but I dislike playing the percentages. I like it better when they get as much out of the starting pitcher as they can.

  5. Philly is going to score more than one run tonight. I can feel it. Milwaukee needs to take on.-JD

  6. TJ: The reason they do it that way is because it is kind of a safeguard for managers to being second-guessed by going with their gut. Or, should I say, by doing some real managing?-JD

  7. Brewers have left a small village on the bases tonight. They need a hit here by Braun or it could cost them.-JD

  8. Was it me or was jerry’s press conference not sounding good for Hojo… not much said about that pen but alot about the offense…

  9. ed: It wasn’t you. I got that feeling, too. I was annoyed with the whole tenor of the situational hitting talk. These are major leaguers. They should know to hit to the right side of the infield to advance a runner, or talk a walk, or try for a sac fly. That’s something they should have learned in high school. It’s not just a reflection of HoJo, but of Manuel as a manager, and the teaching in the minor leagues. I think Jerry was basically saying he’s got a bunch of clueless and/or selfish players.-JD

  10. I think he was trying to say the big four didn’t have any complimentary players around them but it did come off sounding like they were all swinging for the fences and padding their stats…..

    Interesting looked up so of his old coaches he had a very well respected hitting coach in Chicago …Ron Jackson

  11. ed: Maybe so, but it’s the same thing. He’s got hitters who don’t know how to play the game.-JD

  12. Lets face it for two years sometimes they have acted like they dont know what their doing…..

    of this entire season I can’t forget man on third no outs ninth inning tied score with five games to go

  13. pvhornet05: Rudy would have been a good pick-up. The guy he might have helped the most was Jose Reyes in teaching him patience. As good as he is, Reyes is frustrating. Not enough walks and too many balls hit in the air.-JD

  14. JD, besides Hojo, do you see any other coaches in trouble like Warthen. I would love to see the Mets make a run at Leo Mazzone.

  15. Jim: I have a feeling it’s not going back to Chicago. But, if it does, the Cubs will find a way to lose.-JD

  16. I don’t see Reyes as a leadoff guy to be honest. Like you said he doesn’t walk enough. If we keep Luis I would like to see him leadoff with Reyes behind him. Atleast Castillo will take pitches before making an out.

  17. haha JD- very sad, but possibly true..they looked like deer in the headlights the last two games, i see them scoring some runs tonight vs. kuroda

  18. pvhornet05: I don’t know if Reyes is patient enough to hit second. Will he take a pitch? Can he hit behind the runner? I don’t know if he can do all those things.-JD

  19. hornet- i spent time down here watching mazzone with a young pitching staff…not impressive, warthen did well adapting to each pitcher, mazzone preaches one style for all (a la peterson)

  20. the list of arms he burnt out is amazing he had the big three and maddox was already established by then otherwise it was a revolving door starting with Steve Avery who had better stuff then Smoltz/Glavine coming up….

  21. Yea i guess we can get the wart hog.

    I was talking to my dad about Reyes and he was saying that he needs a coach who will yell at him for doing something stupid. I just think the Mets coaches and FO babied him too much.

  22. I think Conti has to take a hit for the pen….

    Aguoyo has to go… what exactly is a field director anyway…

    I’d like to see Jerry have an opposite on the bench good cop bad cop, but I think Alomar stays…

  23. Ed: All those division titles, but only one World Series. Is it possible he wore out his staff during the regular season?-JD

  24. I’d put Alomar as the 3rd base coach and Obie at 1st and see if we can get Lopes from the Philly’s. He would help Reyes for sure.

  25. The one are Rickey helped was reyes at the plate otherwise it turned out to be a train wreck,,,, but during the second half of 07 he was very patient and understood the importance of just getting on….

    I do think some thought there BA was very important…

  26. ed: I can see Conti, but I hope not. He’s one of my favorite coaches. His job is organizing the camp in spring training and monitoring the pitch counts and warm-up routines of the relievers. I think he just had a group of bad relievers. Honestly, with the bullpen, I think it is the players over the coaches.-JD

  27. Shane Victorino is up as the tying run. You talk about gritty players, he’s one. It would be great if the Mets had a couple of guys like him.-JD

  28. I think so , look at all those one hit wonders under them… starters pitched 200 innings on the mound and another 100 on rest days relievers 80innings and 50 innings…

  29. pvhornet05: Good call, but that’s basically a lateral move. Phillies won’t let him interview. … Great at-bat by Victorino.-JD

  30. If Conti has any say in whos used then i think he takes a hit but if they call and tell him then its not on him… several reliever decisions just didn’t make sense regardless of how bad the pen was….

  31. I agree with Jim as a hitting coach. Don’t know why it can’t be a dual role, however.-JD

  32. thats why people hate him..if you are a brewers pitcher tomorrow wouldnt you plunk him righti n the back??? he could have really hurt counsell

  33. Jim: He could have. It was a bad play. But, he could have forced a bad throw that could have opened up a big inning.-JD

  34. today john Franco was telling a story, on the radio about his days in the reds… said Pete Rose looked at the situation gave the line-up card to his bench coach and pinch hit. Now thats a coach

  35. ed: He was his best player. Same as when Frank Robinson was player-manager of the Indians. Yeah, I remember that. I’m old. I know.-JD

  36. Good to see the Brewers get the win and make the series more interesting. Would love to see a game 5 with CC on the mound.

    What does anyone think about making Obie the bench coach. Also I find it hard to blame Conti for much. He’s only the bullpen coach.

    Did anyone notice whats going on in Washington they kept Acta and fired all the coaches. Does that make any sense.

  37. i want the better team to win…whoever matches up with the phils the best
    i would HATE to have them win this thing

  38. JD: RE Msg #10 … The Twins seem to be competitive every year and they have a mere fraction of the Mets’payroll. That leads me to believe that the Twins’ organization has far better scouting & coaching at the farm level. The Marlins and DBacks are similar and even deep-pocket clubs like the Red Sox and Angels have had paradigm shifts.

    Why are the Mets — with their vast resources — lacking in this regard? Has Omar made any changes that will bear fruit in the near future? Has an organizational philosophy and structure been created so that every team is on the same page and will not skip a beat as coaches come and go? (er, sorry for all of the metaphors there. ugh.)

  39. Patrick: There’s more to aggressive scouting than opening up an academy in the Dominican Republic. … The Twins are the model. If they had the Mets’ resources they might be a dynasty. … They say there’s an organizational philosophy, but I don’t see a sense of that — at least not fundamentally.-JD

  40. Scott: Manny is boring, but so is the lore of the Cubs’ misery. I wish Milwaukee would run the table.-JD

  41. I think the clubs farm was that bad when he started and then he fired his first group after 05…. the first crop of farmhands that are Omars are just now popping up and they include players who never even made the top ten list but can contribute on a major league level…..I think long term Omar we’ll be very happy with our farm under Omar…

  42. George doesn’t look good. Like him or hate him, George was, and is, good for the game because he gets people talking and taking sides. He’s anything but dull, which makes him good.-JD

  43. I think the Rays vs the Brewers would be great, but MLB might have a coronary.

  44. ed: i certainly appreciate your point about omar’s crop of draftees being young. what i’d like to know is if he’s instituted a new paradigm that would emphasize teaching/coaching as well as creating a machine that will produce fundamentally sound and smart players for the major league team. john doesn’t seem to see evidence of that at this time.

    it seems to me that clubs (irrespective of performance) such as the twins, angels, marlins, red sox, dbacks, rays, and a’s have built solid foundations that should make them competitive for many years in the future. is omar doing the same? i hope so.

    that said, i support omar. he quickly made a horrible team viable.

  45. scott: re: msg# 67 …
    i’d prefer to see rays vs. dodgers. since i no longer have a dog in the baseball fight, i need to find reason to cheer for a team. i’d like to see the rays win simply because that’s an underdog story. otoh, and even though this will probably seem sacrilegious to my fellow mets diehards, i’d be happy to see joe torre win as well. he’s always been a class act and was rudely dismissed by the evil empire.

    in the meantime, i’ll settle for some well-played baseball as i turn my attention to the giants. :)

  46. Patrick: I second you on Torre. You’re right about him being classy. He deserves it.-JD

  47. Patrick
    I could never root for the Dodgers.
    Nothing against Joe but I despise Manny.
    The way he acted to get himself traded out of Boston should not be rewarded with a trip to the World Series.

  48. Scott: Manny is the bad that goes with good of Torre. Dodgers vs. Red Sox would have a lot of interesting story lines.-JD

  49. The best thing about a Dodger vs Red Sox WS is all the grief I could give Yankee fans.

  50. Scott: That would make them miserable, wouldn’t it? You never know about them, but if they don’t land Sabathia or some other stud pitcher, I don’t see them making the playoffs next year, either.-JD

  51. You look at Manny and marvel at his talent. Then you ask yourself what makes him such an ass?-JD

  52. JD
    I just keep thinking the Yankees will miss out on Sabathia and react by signing Ollie.
    For a Met fan that could be the gift that keeps on giving.

  53. Scott: If Boras cared at all about his client, he would keep him away from the Yankees. Trust me on this one, the Yankees are a different animal. The pressure there is on another level. It would eat him up.-JD

  54. Walking Ramirez intentionally. LA fans booing. What did they expect? The Dodgers can break it open right here.-JD

  55. With all the money coming off the Yankee books I can’t think of a situation where the Yankees DONT land Sabathia.
    UNLESS, A) Sabathia never ever wanted to pitch for the Yankees to begin with
    B) The Yankees have no interest in signing Sabathia.

    THose are the only things keeping the Yankees from Sabathia, they will outbid anyone.

  56. Of the three, I believe Fuentes is the most likely. They have the money to do Sabathia and Fuentes. I don’t think they will, or can, do Sabathia and K-Rod.-JD

  57. JD
    One can hope Boras has learned something this year. He did let Kyle Loshe resign in StLouis when he might have been able to get more money elsewhere.
    If Boras really had Ollie’s best interest at heart he would make a deal with the Mets. I know that sounds selfish but Met fans already understand what Ollie is about and have learned to deal with it. I am not sure how he would be received in some other city.

  58. The thing about signing a guy like Fuentes or K-Rod is that the Mets need more than just one guy. They seriously need a brand new bullpen.
    Joe Smith should be the ONLY guy gauranteed a spot in the pen.

    Scott Schoenwiess and Heilman should be traded without a doubt.
    Ayala should be let go as a FA.
    And guys like Brian Stokes and Dirty Sanchez should have to FIGHT and FIGHT hard during spring training for thier bullpen spot.

  59. JD
    Hope you are right about Fuentes.
    He would be a step in the right direction.

  60. Benny: Bingo. What good is a great closer if the bridge to him is awful? That’s where the real building has to come. I’ve always believed more of the crucial moments come before the ninth?-JD

  61. Benny
    The pen is a mess.
    I would have to say that Stokes showed enough to be back as the long man, something that this pen really missed having.
    As far as Show what really is scary is that he actually had a better season than Felicano. If I had to choose I would rather have Show back.

  62. Jim: No. He’s lost something off his fastball. Maybe 3 mph. He’ll lose more over the length of the contract. He wants five years. He’ll show breakdown signs before it’s over. Maybe by the third year. … Plus, they have to pay Billy $11 million. Twenty-six million for a closer is way too much. I don’t think K-Rod will happen.-JD

  63. Scott: re msg# 72 …

    i hear ya. manny is a punk and i’d never want him to play for my beloved mets. that said, i like torre and the schadenfreude in me would like to see the yankees’ front office eat some humble pie. torre took the high road and i’d like to see him rewarded for it. i’m a sucker for integrity. :)

    regardless, wouldn’t a red sox vs. manny (er, dodgers) series be intriguing? :)

  64. Scott: Schoeneweis has another year, so I think he’ll be back. I can’t see much interest in the trade market for him. … I see Stokes coming back. … Heilman, I can see being traded.-JD

  65. Patrick: Ditto on integrity. Yanks would look foolish if Torre wins. I don’t have a problem with Hank steaming.-JD

  66. Schoenweiss only having one year left also makes him a more attractive trade option, haha.

    Also, I think Ruddy Lugo should have been given a better chance at reliever. His fastball is electric. Certainly a better fastball than Stokes, he just needs better command.

    I like Juan Cruz but he has a long injury history and can’t be counted on.

  67. hey if krod resigns with the halos, i would like to see the mets try to trade for arrendondo or shields and sign fuentes

  68. pvhornet05: My gut tells me K-Rod will stay in Anaheim. Nothing to hang that on, but just a feeling.-JD

  69. JD- i agree completely. i dont really see fuentes in a met uniform either. who do you see being the closer next yr. i dunno about maine holding up in the rotation so maybe him? or do you see omar getting creative on the trade market (huston street or someone else?)

  70. Jim: I see the creative thing as the most likely. The splash will come for a starter.-JD

  71. benny
    is Lugo’s fastball really better than Stokes. Stokes was hitting 95 on the gun.

  72. JD
    Have you heard if the Mets will make a run at any of the Japanese pitchers who will be available.

  73. pvhornet05: Yes. Depending on the reliever, of course. The bullpen is more important. It’s harder to find a closer than another bat.-JD

  74. He has to get creative there are only so many arms out there. And he’s going to have to get REALLY creative because he doesn’t have much in the farm in terms of attractive trade options. ALl I could think of are Nick Evans and Mike Carp that could net a decent arm. Names that would be stretching the idea of being attractive enough for an arm are:
    Caleb Stewart, Emmanuel Garcia, Jose Corronado…ugh I’m gonna stop, these names are horrible. So yeah they just have Evans and Carp as trade chips.

    Although at the very least the Mets have Parnell and Kunz that could step up. I’m not a big fan of Kunz though, I didn’t like him when he got drafted and like him less, I don’t think he’s going to be very good. Although I’ve been wrong 😉

  75. Scott: I haven’t, but wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t think Kaz frightened them away from Japanese players.-JD

  76. Benny: I don’t see either Kunz or Parnell being the closer next year, but it is possible for them to make the pen as set-up or situational relievers.-JD

  77. Lugo’s fastball isn’t faster than Stokes he’s more in the 90-93 range BUT I personally feel it has more movement.

  78. I would like Lowe. Maybe get two guys who are 12- and 13-game winners. I don’t think they have to get Sabathia to win.-JD

  79. Let me throw this out to you guys. Suppose they don’t get a closer and have to go from within. Who do you think it should be?-JD

  80. scary proposition JD… i dont think stokes has the other pitch to be a closer and neither does parnell. i would honestly say maine but i think they want him in the rotation.

  81. The kid for the Dodgers Wade started the year at A ball. Maybe the best solution for the some of the Mets bullpen problems is internal.

  82. i see
    lowe (could take a lot of $ vs. yanks, dodgers, etc)
    brad penny?/jon garland?/pettite?/freddy garcia?
    niese (let him grow like pelf did, hopefully on the job)

  83. Closer from within?
    Ambiorix Burgos!

    Seriously though, from within? Nobody…seriously nobody. It’ll be a merry-go-round without the “merry” part with all the auditions like this season.
    Out of all of them though probably a minor league kid named Brant Rustich because he throws hard. He has horrible control and has been horrible in the minors but hey! atleast he throws hard.

  84. Broxton is bad under pressure, I woudln’t be surprised if the Cubs tie it or take the lead

  85. Brad Penny is a BLAH!
    And Jon Garland sucks… heck no. If he was as bad as he was with the Angels with that good infield defense behind him, I want no part of him.

  86. sucks in the AL is a lot different than in the NL benny but ok… how about a guy like paul byrd(or someone llike him) at the 4 spot in the rotation..someone who will eat innings

  87. benny
    A year ago no one had any idea who Murphy, Evans or Niese were. So while I believe they need to get Fuentes to close. At some of the solution could come from within.

  88. who do you see as the rotation next yr JD… i agree i think it will probably be

    niese?/or FA
    how about you

  89. Scott: They MUST get help from within. This all won’t get done by FA and trades.-JD

  90. Your right, sucking in the AL is different than in the NL but he faced the AL West most of the time, besides the Rangers WEAK offenses!

    He faced Seattle and Oakland 4 times and Toronto and Baltimore 3 times.
    THe tough lineups he faced were Texas 3 times, Boston, Detroit and Yankees twice.

  91. BP
    juan cruz
    will ohman
    any other guesses??
    still seems so weak to me.

  92. Scott, I’m a loser… I knew who Murphy, Evans, and Niese were. And if my dorky and goofy self knows who they are I’m sure the front office and scouts have a better idea about them, thier skills, and what they can do.

  93. I never would have thought the Cubs would be swept. That’s about to happen. I thought Milwaukee was the most likely to be swept.-JD

  94. i hope LA plays this well vs philly…please beat them, friend from philly lives next door, its already borderline sickening

  95. yea they are pretty cocky, especially for a town that hasnt seen a title since before i was born (1983 sixers)… i hope this isnt their yr

  96. Bradon Lyon is a FA
    He might be an option as a set up man.

    as far as Murphy, Evans and Niese go.
    I also knew who they were I just never thought they would contribute this year.

  97. seems like a great man, certainly a great manager…go head Joe, bring em to the WS

  98. i feel terrible for them..another heartbreak. i dont wanna feel that way mets! i love ya but dont put us thru over a century of that!

  99. Scott, you mentioned earlier about Japanese players. Well a REALLY good pitcher, Koji Uehara is a free agent and I would pick him up in the quickness.
    Uehara is a control freak.

    As far as relievers go, there’s a Japanese guy I wanted the Mets to go after last year, Iwase, but he resigned with his team and is a free agent again. Hopefully Iwase takes going to the MLB more seriously this time, he’s good. He’s a lefty.

  100. And when the Rays finish off the White Sox later today talk radio in Chicago should be a great listen.

    Good Night to all
    had a great time.

  101. Never underestimate the power of a good guy in sports.

    Lou Pinella may also be a good guy, but he’s been a poor example of sportsmanship with his tantrums and screaming.

    Conversely, Joe Torre, who had some real problems with the Yankee brass and turned down a contract that was meant to insult him, came to the Dodgers and was still the old Joe Torre.

    That old Joe Torre is now a revered baseball guy and I am thrilled and delighted that his new team is doing so well. Joe’s people skills combined with his many years of baseball and all that knowledge is paying off.

    Sometimes, the nice guys do finish first.

    Note to John – If Torre and I make the Series, I’ll be happy to take you and the Rays on.

  102. jd

    cery impressed.

    u got this site rocking.

    as for the team, i agree, it won’t be all FA and trades.

    i would like to see at least one of the relievers make the pen this year and hope Murphy has a role.

    I think they should get a cheap vet to help out in the OF and they need more righties in the lineup.

    I don’t think anyone knows about maine. this has been the second year in a row where he has had injuries.

  103. Chicago Cubs: Anybody can have a bad century. Or two.

    Congratulations to Joe Torre but he did win the NL West with 84 games, which would have put the Dodgers 5 games behind the Mets if they had the same record in the same division. Torre had bad luck as a players on three different teams that stopped going to the post season shortly before he got there. I suppose he deserves some good luck as a manager and he has had it in spades.

    Let’s hope the Red Sox vs Angels and Tampa vs Chisox series get more interesting.

  104. I still believe Torre is weak from a strategic standpoint. But he is exceptional in managing his players on a personal level.