2 thoughts on “Time for another Mets Chat Room

  1. Sure John —

    Many of us are still checking in as there are still baseball games going on.

    If you limit yourself to just one team, you are missing out on some very interesting post season action.

    Tampa Bay looks strong, the Cubbies seem lost at home, and Joe Torre and his transplanted staff are still winning as the Dodgers – a former NY team.

    (even I don’t want a political blog)

  2. JD,

    Just had to chime in that Manny’s bad attitude is killing the Dodgers. If he would just stop taking Cy Young-caliber pitchers deep into the stratosphere, the poor saps of LA would realize this. I’ll tell what you can’t let happen w/ Manny: don’t let him lead your team to a couple World Series titles; that is the last thing you want that cancer to do.