10 thoughts on “REPORT: Manuel agrees to deal.

  1. As i tried to state in the Bobby V. blog. (spammed)

    Bobby may not be a good fit and manuel has had a half season and should take the 2 year to prove himself.

    He id the right thing. Though Bobby V was the man, he may not be a good fit right now.. Too much turmoil for the new prima donnas.

  2. Now that i know i can post again:

    In my original comment. I likened Bobby V. to Billy Martin. on and off again. Great managers but for the time and the era may not be the person for the job.
    If Manuel cant get it done in the next 2 years then … I say Bring in Keith. He would make sure the fundies would be there and make sure the first basemen new it was a real job and not a sunsetting position.

  3. Steve: Did you ever find out what went wrong on the posting? I haven’t on my end.-JD

  4. Manuel only got two years? Since Art Howe got four years, we must assume Manuel doesn’t light up the room like Howe did. It also means with Minaya signed on for four years, he will decide who the managewr is 730 days from now.
    Interesting how the Steinbrenners love to bring managers back and the Wilpons never do.
    Manuel deserves to stay but I wonder if playing Reyes, Wright, Beltran and Delgado 160 games a year is a good idea. Get some bench help and give these guys off one game every fortnight.

  5. JD: nope. all i know is now it works, and i am happy :-)

    Dan: Manuel hasnt earned 3 years. 2 years is a very good deal, all things considered.

    85-88 I new a team when almost every player played every game. and the pitchers pitched every inning.

    What shouldn’t happen is playing hurt where it hurts the team. This is why we need Keith and Ron to get out of the Booth send JD up there and they can start helping HoJo Coach and manage. 😉

  6. JD: LoHud was stupid. Of all their people. you got airtime,several times, on TV and was actually pointed out by Gary Cohen.

    Is it me or at times is their a weird vibe between Keith and crew? or is that only after he has had a few? 😉

  7. Thanks Steve for the kind words. It stings, but I’ll land on my feet. Their loss. … I think it’s just that Keith, by his very nature, sends out different vibes. That’s why he’s Keith.-JD

  8. about keith: true enough.

    –> you know i was thinking a little while ago. that Lenny Dykstra aged very poorly.
    He looks destroyed. When he was interviewed and and when he walked out on the field, i just saw this player that was just fully burnt.
    all that chaw and juice..*sigh*

  9. dont worry about nails.

    he has a financial blog on street.com

    i am sure he does well

    he did gain weight tho.