Mets after Midnight: The playoffs and Omar Edition.

Moon over the Mets.

Moon over the Mets.

On the day the Mets extended Omar Minaya through 2014 (counting the two option years), their nemesis, the Phillies, took a commanding 2-0 lead in their NL Division Series with Milwaukee. Philly is looking pretty good.

I watched part of the LA-Cubs game. I’ve always liked Joe Torre so I’m happy for him considering how tacky the Yankees were in pushing him out. I had a good working relationship with him when I covered the Yankees, and when I was taken off the beat he called to wish me well.

He didn’t have to, but it made me proud because it showed he respected my work.

I also have a good friend who works with Tampa Bay, so I’m pulling for his team in the AL. Don’t know what I’ll do if they meet in the Series.

My take on the Minaya extension is it was a no-brainer. Sure, the Mets fell short a second straight season, but the truth is they are better now than they were when he took over. There’s no doubt Minaya made some decision that backfired, but he’s also added players that brought them this far.

I understand the frustration, but the Mets remain a contending team. There’s a lot of pitching work that needs to be done, but with the right acquisitions they can get back to the playoffs. This is not a hopeless situation they are in.

That’s about it from me for today. I think I’ll watch some of “Tombstone,” before calling it a night. I’ll answer your comments and questions in the morning. Good night all.

20 thoughts on “Mets after Midnight: The playoffs and Omar Edition.

  1. Im willing to give Minaya a chance to fix things most notably but he needs to do something pretty big this offseason and I dont mean one sexy name like Johan last winter. He needs to bring in a couple pieces and changes some things. Essentially he needs to do something that will tell the national league the mets are coming and hell’s coming with them (JD I hope you get the rference)

  2. I was really hoping the Cubs would win so that they could at least knock of the Phillies. I really can’t stand to see the Phillies make the World Series, or even win a playoff game for that matter.

  3. I love the West Coast shout-out, JD! These internets things make the distance between Seattle and Inwood much smaller.

    Random thoughts …
    Minaya seems to get a lot of guff. He’s not been able to address some glaring issues, and he’s certainly made a couple of questionable trades, but the dude has made the team relevant again. Heck, it wasn’t too long ago that I was afraid to look at the box score when I drank my coffee. Am I crazy to think that he’s one of the better GMs in baseball?

    We all know the bullpen is the biggest problem, but I’d like to know what you think about acquiring some gritty, dirt-in-the-face sort of players. Ya know, the hard-core, bad-a** guys like Wally Backman, Kevin Millar, Dustin Pedroia, Eric Byrnes, etc.

    That said, the Mets have flexibility with two outfield positions, second base, catcher and on the bench. Do you think the Mets can get a couple of hard-nosed, over-achieving guys on the team next year? If so, who would you suggest the team pursue? Do you think a couple of mediocre, gritty players would be beneficial to the team?

  4. my thoughts on minaya are two-fold.

    yes, i agree with the many who have expressed disappointment in both the act and timing of his new 3 year extension coming on the heels of a second (or even possibly third depending on your pov) collapse to end the season.


    i also don’t like the idea of a lame duck GM. the pressure to win now is high enough in this city without the man in charge of deciding which prospects to keep and which players to sign (not to mention at what cost and for how long) without him having to make said decisions with the knowledge that if he doesn’t win in ’09 he may not have a job in 2010.

    that type of situation can only lead to GM’s making irrational decisions and trading away chips to bring in more win now guys that can hurt the organization long term.

    so for that reason i think it’s best that Minaya or any GM always be under contract for a few years, so as to allow them to make decisions with the big picture in mind.

    though i probably would have preferred it if Minaya had only received a 2 year extension.

  5. after watching manny in the playoffs, how can u not imagine him in a met uniform…another tough decision for omar

  6. On Minaya, all i have to say is I may not agree with everything he has done. But he he is FAR FAR better than Steve Phillips.

    Just last year he took a half crap team and after injuries build a contender. The fact that 2 years in a row they choked? Well that is a deeper issue.

    Jerry Manuel is a fiery manager, The Mets need that…

    So lets see what next year brings…
    But i said it again way too many players are playing with some bad injuries and that takes away from the game…

    As for Torre, he’s an old time brooklyn boy, class all the way. My dad used to play handball with him and Frank in the neighborhood, when they were kids.

  7. I have a major correction to make. Maybe CC isn’t the pitcher to have when you need a guy for one game! Maybe he was worn out. Whatever, after a great stretch run, he laid a big egg in Philly.
    I would like to disagree with some of the comments above:
    The long term deal is irrelevant. Does anyone think Omar would be here in 2010 if the Mets would win 73 games next year?
    To Jim: I like the idea of a hungry Manny in here, not an old satisfued Manny who is eating left field until he is 40.
    To Patrick: Th Mets had at least 2 hard nosed overachieving guys this year: Easley and Tatis and maybe a thrid until his head was banged in Church. What difference did it make? With the world’s worse pen its irrelevant. Don’t let the last weekend guide the needs. The offense scored enough runs this year.
    To all: Remember Omar’s love affair for the big name. After 2006 he spent most of the winter chasing the big name of the time Zito, and even though we were lucky he didn’t get him he also slept through the losses to the bullpen, and let it slide horribly at the last minute making a desperate sign in Schoeneweis. And he also slept while guys like Lilly were signed to be solid 3-4s. If he goes after one pretty good starter we win in ’07 because he doesn’t have to rush Pelfrey. Last Winter he lived with the Twins again letting the biggest need go unanswered while he got one guy.

  8. Minaya isnt perfect, but last year through adversity he made a contending team. They melted down 2 years in a row. That’s the team’s fault. Many are playin injured and maybe not telling.. thats bad for the whole team!

    Minaya is FAR better than Steve Phillips. I lived through those years of crappy deal after crappy deal, sellin off great players for scrubs.

    Jerry Manuel is a fiery manager and that is what they need. I think next year will be the turning point.

    So as always there’s always next year!
    Lets Go mets Go!

  9. Is Omar trying to push Jerry out the door? I wonder if this is his idea of shaking things up. Newsday says maybe the Mets will go after Bobby V. In that case, Manuel can go. Otherwise, I dont see a better candidate out there.

  10. What is happening to the Crew is no surprise. They only have one pitcher, and he is pooped. I doubt the Mets would have made it out of the first round if they got in as well.

  11. I thought minaya wanted Manuel?
    I am not sure these boys can handle an old salt like Bobby V.

  12. I saw this morning that Bobby V. said he’d be interested in returning to the Mets. I doubt that would happen given the Mets didn’t even acknowledge him in the Shea Goodbye ceremony, but I would love it if he came back.

  13. Ray, given that the Mets didn’t even acknowledge Bobby V., in the Shea Goodbye ceremony, I doubt that he would be hired to manage the club. I’d love it. But I doubt it will happen.

  14. Mike F: The Brewers won 90 games. Why shouldn’t they belong? Remember, they did what they needed to do unlike the team we root for.

  15. I’d love to see a Dodgers (Like Torre, Upsets Yankees ownership and fans, Love watching Manny hit in the clutch) vs Rays (The story, Kazmir)

    Omar deserves to be back. The only question is the number of years. 4 total is a lot. I’d prefer 3.

  16. Mike F.: Don’t worry about the Brewers, they’ll soon be out of the playoffs. Maybe the same would have happened to the Mets.-JD

  17. Steve C.. Did you hate that year when the Steve Phillips Mets went to the world Seris? I know they didn’t do as good as the Mets team Omar put together that went to the World Series, Remind me what year did Omar get a team to the World Series. 200never or something like that? And man that 1999 playoff against the DBacks and Braves they were totally boring weren’t they, I know the finales in 2007 and 2008 with Omat’s boys, they were so enjoyable. That pen that Omar put together, boy did it save us from those kids Steve Phillps left him, somebody named Wright and another named Reyes. Yeah, Phillips was totally worthless, and Omar is king……

  18. Harry,

    first off, don’t be so condescending. As if i aimed my opinion at you.

    Secondly it was Phillips who sold off any good met we had. Remind me who got us No Vaughn? and Jeremy Burnitz and.. oh yeah a slew of others.
    who sold Xavier Nady?
    shall i go on. Dude dont take it so personally. I was born a met. I may not remember every met, because in the late 90s and 2ks it was a revolving door. But i remember Milestones.

    Trust me, anyone that lived through 60+ until now understands what being a met is and how trades make or break.

    All of Brooklyn heard me scream when right after the 86 series they sold off Ray knight and by 89 the team was shattered. Yeah they were still in it but the rhythm was broken.

    We are all arm chair GMs and coaches. all that matters is that we try to enjoy the game. 😉

  19. a little sarcasm is not condescending , its sarcasm… I always get a kick out the Phillips haters who conveniently forget the WS and the fact that the team he took over was a heck of a lot worse than what Minaya the Great took over. For a team that has constantly spent a fortune to fail getting to one of the franchise’s 4 WS appearances is quite an accomplishment.
    Yes Steve did bad… He was a total failure for bringing Piazza in wasn’t he. I know the guy we got now makes Piazza look like a Little Leaguer. And how about that trade for Mike Hampton. Boy Hampton did indeed suck. And did he bring in Robin Ventura/ And Todd Zeile…. Sure he made mistakes but if you’re gonna blast hiom and defend Omar you ahave no basis. Omar has built a team of chokers. No WS appearances. only one playoff appearance. Destroyed farm system, constantly giving out contracts too long in length, blaming everyone but himself for the team’s failure. Announcing before Spring training that he has a WS team and if it doesn’t make it its not his fault, failing to make a deadline deal 2 years in a row to improve his bullpen./ So what is it he dies so right, Setve.

    And by the way Steve. Remember the Polo Grounds??? Did you ever go there? Don’t brag about your Met longevity when you don’t have a clue what your comparing to…. Do you remember the first spring with a .500 record that everyone thought meant something. Remeber Kranepool’s debut and Lindsay Nelson talking for years about how he broke Hank Greenberg’s HS HR record in the Bronx? Remember the Agee trade that most Met fans panned? Remember the Ron Hunt trade? How about the day we traded me for me?
    And who did Omar give us? Chan Ho Park, El Duque, Billy choke and burn his mates Wagner, Castillo, over the hill Alou, Schoeneweis, Mota, Lima, Gonzalez, Lawrence, Newhan, Burgos, Adkins, Green, Johnson, shall I go on dude?
    And if all try to enjoy the game why are you so bitter toward the GM that got you your only WS appearance in over 20 years?