Manuel update ….

Manuel: Should take the deal.

Manuel: Should take the deal.

Jerry Manuel wants three years to manage the Mets. The club is offering two. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those compromises where they can meet at 2 1/2 years.

Two years seems low and suggests maybe the Wilpons aren’t sold on him. However, the flip side is there are few managerial positions available so Manuel ought to think twice about playing hardball. If the Mets will spend to improve as they say, and Manuel is as good as he believes, then winning will take care of itself.

And, if they win, Manuel’s next contract will be more in line.

5 thoughts on “Manuel update ….

  1. Seeing how fast the GM with the 3 YEAR DEAL turns on a manager, Jerry is right to demand the same 3 YEAR DEAL. They can’t let him go without an offer so givce him one that won’t hurt too much when Omar needs a fall guy.

  2. I think that the Wilpons and Omar are not 100% on him if they were they would have done this deal already. They wanted Omar back and had a deal done before the season was over. Are they looking or do they already have someone in mind. It could be one of those situations that they make him an offer he will refuse so they can go in a different direction.

  3. I think the issue is that the Wilpons are trying to break this vicious cycle of having a payroll of fired managers. But, that said, Jerry ought to walk if they only offer him two years, because two years in New York isn’t a whole lot of security. There aren’t too many established big-league managers willing to come to New York on a two-year commitment. This is Wilponism 101.