Loose threads: Talking playoffs edition.

Talking playoffs.

Talking playoffs.

I didn’t buy the Red Sox having a curse, and I don’t buy it with the Cubs, either. The Cubs are down 2-0 to the Dodgers not because of bad luck, but because they’ve been pounded. It’s amusing to watch the forlorn expressions on the faces of Cubs’ fans. It’s almost as if they relish in the misery.

What would they do if they ever won? Probably win again, just like the Red Sox did.

I’m watching the Rays-Sox. Tampa Bay losing in the second and Scott Kazmir is struggling. The Rays are the best story of the playoffs, but you can bet the networks hope it will be Boston and the Cubs. Two storied franchises playing in antique stadiums. They are salivating over the potential ratings already.

I’m watching, so if you want to chat, feel free.

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  1. I don’t buy the course stuff too much although it could affect players if you keep asking about it. But the reason why the Red Sox went 86 years without winning and the Cubs 100 years is primarily poor ownership.

  2. Dan: Exactly. The Cubs are more interested in promoting the ivy at Wrigley then their ballclub. It has been that way for years.-JD

  3. Watching the Rays, and thinking it isn’t a stretch to compare their story to the 69 Mets. I think the Mets had better pitching, but Tampa’s position players might be better. … But, the underdog angle is comparable.-JD

  4. I saw a few Devil Rays games in 2007 and thought they might be pretty good if they could either get their bullpen in order or get games shortened to 7 innings. The former happened. So there is hope for the 2009 Mets!

    Kazmir has struggled but he is keeping the game close.

  5. 92 pitches by Kazmir. See how long Maddon goes with him now that Iwamura has given the Rays the lead. Don’t blow it Joe!

  6. He’ll need four innings from his pen. That wasn’t a good scenario for the Mets. This guy Balfour looks like a piece of work. Throws gas.-JD

  7. When I think of the job Kazmir did tonight, I’m just glad the Mets didn’t cave last winter and deal Pelfrey to the Twins. I don’t know how good Humber will be, but Pelfrey looks like he could be something special.-JD

  8. I still think the Mets might have been able to get Santana for less because the Yankees and Boston weren’t interested. They were playing chicken with each other.-JD

  9. First and second and no outs … and the White Sox couldn’t get a run. I could have sworn I was watching the Mets again.-JD

  10. Who do you think will come back…

    Hojo – blame for offense
    Conti- no Pedro no caddy
    Obie- was solid
    Agouyo- better go he was awful
    Alomar – liked by jerry but I could see them bringing in a fiery coach kinda like torre has Bowa…

  11. The Mets scored enough runs to win, but I can how their performance with RISP making HoJo vulnerable. … They might make a change at with the third base coach, maybe flip him with Obie. … I don’t think Conti’s return is totally tied to Pedro.-JD

  12. I think the Mets need a deeper bench this year… a solid corner infielder who can spell both Wright/Delgado….An outfielder with some pop not just chavy and a back-up catcher who can stay healthy… they werent as deep as the playoff teams, I keep seeing pinch hitters and go man they have him too…

  13. What do you know, Chad Bradford is warming up for the Rays. … They could have used him this year. Yeah, yeah, that’s too easy.-JD

  14. Ed: Agreed. There really was no sub for Delgado, and that’s something that has to change. … Tatis, Endy and Easley should come back (at least I want Easley). … Another bat with power is needed.-JD

  15. Ed: I know. Too bad. He’s a heady player. He knows how to play the game. I’d take him hands down over Castillo.-JD

  16. I’d love to see Mets trade for Bengie Molina – 34 y/o gold glove catcher, brought up alot of young pitchers and one of the best offensive catchers in the league – always plays 100 games and is on the last year of a contract on a team re-building

  17. This would be a huge run if the Rays can get Upton home here in the eighth. Tack on runs. Where have I heard that expression?-JD

  18. edfever: They had a chance at Molina the year they got Lo Duca. I don’t see them needing to spend whatever resources they have left on a catcher. Schneider/Castro did fine. They are better off going after pitching.-JD

  19. Rays get a lead off triple and follow it with a hit to go up 4-2? So that’s what a clutch hit looks like. Maybe The Second Best Manager Named Manuel should show that to his players like Lombardi showing and saying “Gentlemen, this is a football”.

  20. i thought Molina turned them down…. I agree about catcher but Schnieder/Molina would be very solid and I’m sick of Castro’s injuries he hasn’t seen August in years…. Left fielder will be very important also because basically the rest of the starters are returning the difference maker is coming from LF unless they move Castillo ( but who takes that contract)

  21. ed: Molina did turn them down. Castro is soft, that’s why he gets injured. He’s not in great shape. That’s why the Mets never thought of him as a potential starter. … I wouldn’t be upset with Murphy in left. However, that’s an opinion based on two months. Over the long haul, will he be able to do it full time. … I don’t know who takes Castillo’s contract. Minaya got somebody to take Guillermo Mota, so maybe Castillo is a possibility.-JD

  22. I was just looking up our team.

    cant believe castillo is making more than jose and david

  23. I think Murphy deserves a real shot. I would be fine with him in LF but would want to get a utility OF who has moderate power to back up the corners.

  24. JD

    I am just thinking back to last off season. the argument was this was the price for starting IF.

    but wow.

    maybe the answer is that omar just likes him

  25. He can hit off the bench i would rather see him as a super sub maybe get four games a week he can play 3B, 2B, 1B, LF… count on him in a position and the bench is weaker bring in a starter and teams are going oh man they have him too….

  26. ed: You really can’t lament the Matsui deal because he really wasn’t going to make it in New York. The pressure got to him and they had no choice but to deal.-JD

  27. Here’s what I never understood. Bradford proved he could do it in NY, but they wouldn’t give him three years. But, they gave three years to Schoeneweis instead. Made no sense to me. Still doesn’t.-JD

  28. He wasn’t of the professors mold I bet peterson had alot to do with that…

    Here’s my sleeper for us this year
    Kenshin Kawakami

  29. Heilman was solid in 2006, but the last two years have been rough. He’s been especially vulnerable to the home run. … Would Heilman be any better as a starter?-JD

  30. Replay looks like Dye might have been tagged at first. If they are going to do replay, why not do it all the way?-JD

  31. how many pitchers go 3 1/2 years in the pen then become starters plus if he had starter material he’d be able to go multiple innings which is a rarity…

  32. ed: If you’re talking about Heilman, not many make that switch after 3 1/2 years in the pen. He’s been honed to go short, but if he went to spring training thinking to start he could be able to be stretched out. He’ll get a chance once he leaves the Mets, and he will in two years.-JD

  33. Three of the four series are at 2-0. Not counting on that to hold in the second game. I like the Angels to go to Fenway tied at a game apiece.-JD

  34. The bullpen is an Angels’ strength and has been for a long time. I don’t see where it is a given Francisco Rodriguez will leave. It’s not like the Angels don’t have the money to keep him.-JD

  35. Think it’s fair to say the Red Sox don’t miss Manny all that much. About this going back to Fenway … never mind.-JD

  36. The Red Sox got the better end of the Ramirez/Bay trade. They got a quality player for less money and rid themselves of a headache.-JD

  37. Ed: No way. As dynamic a hitter as he is, offense wasn’t the Mets’ primary problem and the $20 million-a-season it would take to sign him is better spent on pitching. Plus, I didn’t like his power play that got him out of Boston. He’s a selfish player and I don’t like selfish players. I don’t care how good he is.-JD

  38. JD, did you read Bob Klapisch’s story about a bidding war between the Yanks and the Mets for CC. As dominant as our staff would be with CC, we need RELIEF PITCHERS.

  39. pvhornet05: I read. You know the Mets won’t outbid the Yankees for Sabathia or anybody else for that matter. Let’s not talk about Beltran, because the Yankees weren’t in that. … Actually, Sabathia in the market gives the Mets a chance to retain Perez, if that’s what they want to do.-JD

  40. I would pick up a solid pitcher but not a front line starter and then focus on the pen but along the way get a LF and improve the bench

  41. edfever: I would, too. Go after several players who can help rather than the big fish. The holes with the Mets are the bullpen and two starters. If they fill those, they can pretty much get by with what they currently have as position players.-JD

  42. JD, how can you say the Mets don’t need offense. They scored 5 runs in 27 innings in the Fish series and they need a clutch hitter (Manny Ramirez). I really don’t think Manny will give the Mets or whoever he signs with any problems as long as the team he is on is competitive.

    I don’t know if I want Perez back, he is too inconsistent. I’d rather sign Krod and Lowe and if we can dump Castillo sign Manny for LF with Murph at 2nd.

  43. pvhornet05: I’m saying pitching is more of a priority than another bat … especially a bat that’s going to cost them $20 million a year. They can get another hitter for far less, and if they improve their pitching they’ll be better off.-JD

  44. I agree with you on the pitching but if you can sign Lowe and give Niese the 5th spot. Hopefully we can sign Krod as the closer.

    John, do you actually think C-Delgado can repeat his performance next year. I don’t, he is in the same position as AJ Burnett, he does good the option gets picked up if he doesn’t they let him go and plus he’s not getting any younger. The only difference is Aj’s option is a player and Delgado’s is a team option.

  45. ed: They’ll probably need to go outside, because there’s nothing really inside. If Murphy does play second, that puts a need for an outfielder. I don’t think F-Mart is ready. Still, you can get a productive outfielder at the fraction of what Manny would make.-JD

  46. pvhornet05: Frankly, no. I don’t see Delgado duplicating this season. However, with the option what it is, it makes sense to pick it up and spend the money elsewhere. Bringing back Delgado takes one more thing off Minaya’s offseason plate.-JD

  47. pvhornet05: I see them going after Brian Fuentes before F-Rod. He’ll cost less. Five years and $75 million is a lot for a closer. Think how much he’s been worked the last few years. Eventually, it will take a toll. Probably around the third year.-JD

  48. ed: I haven’t given Griffey much thought. Is he not one of those aged veterans everybody gets on Omar for signing?-JD

  49. I definitely think you had to pick up Delgado’s option but i think when push comes to shove Minaya will sign Manny along with Kroda and Lowe or Garland.

  50. Manny and Rodriguez? That’s a lot of bucks and you haven’t even touched the starting pitching.-JD

  51. yes he is but suddenly everybodies saying we need a fiery veteran guy whos been through the wars and won…. Giffey not very fiery but he has the experience not doing bad for the SOx CF .260…. Personally I’d like to see them bring in Juan Rivera but would pick Griffey over Manny ….

  52. Bosco: Thanks for mentioning Burrell. Also, Baldelli, Adam Dunn and Abreu will be free agents. … White Sox have option on Griffey for next year.-JD

  53. John, this team choked 2 years in a row, if the Wilpons are worried about spending too much money then they should sell the team. They are shredding 31.5 million dollars and they are getting money from their new stadium and their own TV network.

    Ok so lets say they don’t go after Manny, would you make a trade for a guy like Rowand from the Giants?

  54. pvhornet05: Interesting question. Because Rowand can demand a trade if he’s dealt during the middle of a FA contract, the Mets might have to give him an extension to avoid that. I like Rowand, but who are you going to give up?-JD

  55. Willie Bloomquist plays every position except catcher… 31 y/o free agent…lifetime .263 hitter this year in an awful offense hit .279.. known as a scrappy player who over achieves… enough speed to pinch run and steal…

  56. ed: In the end, if the Mets get a hitter, I don’t see him being a big money guy like Ramirez or Teixeira. Probably not even Burrell. Their biggest new contract for next year will be a pitcher.-JD

  57. They haven’t increased salary since 2006 when they got to the level their currently at but revenues have increased every year… money should not be a factor plus 30 mil. off the books this year…

  58. with all of the holes that the Mets have do you think they will try and trade F-Mart for pitching help? Will they look to do something with Schneider and Castro?

  59. I agree i believe they will try at all cost to move castillo and then replace him but 2B dont cost that much…. Then I see them getting a role player LF Juan Rivera or Bloomquist type, maybe a bench player or two…. i see Murph as a utility guy with Evans either tradebait or in the minors… I think big changes in the pen and one severiceable starter….Lowe, Jennings level guy

  60. ed: You would think money wouldn’t be an issue, but it always is. They will have $30 million taken off the books, but will replace it quickly. Their payroll last year was $143 million. It should roughly be the same, maybe a little more.-JD

  61. Bosco: They would like to keep Martinez, but if the right deal comes a long for a pitcher they’ll do it. Martinez is still two years away.-JD

  62. ed: When you talk about talking money off the books, it won’t count with Castillo because they are going to pay him something one way or another.-JD

  63. Their getting 20 mil in the Citi bank deal that should go directly into salary 143 + 20= 163 = 50 mil to spend…. 8mil catcher, 8mil LF, 4mil bench, 30 mil in pitching…

  64. if you had to guess what percentage of the roster will get turned over for next year? will it be over 50%.

  65. Off the top of my head:

    1. Perez
    2. Martinez
    3. Wagner
    4. Heilman
    5. Anderson
    6. Easley
    7. Castillo
    8. Sanchez
    9. Castro
    10. Schoeneweis

    All these guys could be gone. So might Ayala.-JD

  66. Gone….
    Anderson, Castillo, Heilman, Sanchez, Schoenweis, Easley, Pedro, Perez, Evans(minors), A. Reyes


    Santana, Peflrey, Maine, Ayala, Feliciano, Stokes, Wright, Reyes, Delgado, Church, Beltran, Schnieder, Castro, Tatis, Murphy,

  67. That was what I was thinking but would not be surprised if they traded schnieder and went in a different direction at C. They both seemed to be very fragile at times.

  68. they must really like this gustavo Molina kept him on the roster all year, called up and then had him come back along with playing winter ball… cant hit at all must be Defense

  69. I agree with JD

    We can’t spend $20mm on a player who is not flat out awsome with no downside

    we need a lot of pieces. i dont think manny is the answer

    they need a closer. can they/ will they pay for the best?

    we did that a few years ago and ppl griped. he makes 10mm a year and is now injured.

    i would get a stud starter. has cc been damaged by his current team? is his weight a problem?

    if the answer is no i would go for him. get a closer and sign a bunch of 1mm pen guys.

    then i would get an older OF who will platoon and maybe a 2b if we can unload our buddy castillo

    i would trade fmart for the right player. i dont think he is a sure deal and may be too far away before players like beltran age.

    in large part my stance on fmart has changed because of what i see in murphy.

    bottom line. i would like to have 2 hot pitchers with possibly 3 on the staff(pelf).

    i dont even think of ollie. i think his agent has made him irrelevant. i will be fine with the picks we get back.

    i like easley/reyes at 2b. maybe not the best but they work for me.

    nite folks

  70. On the subject of payroll, the Mets have for the most part stayed within a consostant range over the past 3 years. Add in their deal with Citibank, add in the new stadium and all the amenities that come with it, add in the fact revenues have continued to increase at tremendous rates, and finally add in the fact that according to forbes, the Mets ranked #2 in overall net profit for 2007, a ranking I expect them to maintain for 2008.

    With all that said, and considering all those factors, I’d be offended if the Mets don’t ante up for impact-quality type of players.