Bobby V. would welcome return to Mets ….

Former Mets manager Bobby Valentine told ESPN he would be interested in returning if the club can’t re-sign Jerry Manuel.

In an email response to the question of his interesting in returning, Valentine wrote: “I am working for a team that needs me and wants me as their man. I love it here, but I am an American and love great challenges. I was a in a Met uniform in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, 2000, and would love to be there in the next decade.”

Valentine, who managed the Mets to the 2000 World Series, is currently managing Chiba Lotte.

Well, would you like Bobby: The Sequel?

12 thoughts on “Bobby V. would welcome return to Mets ….

  1. Shades of Billy Martin, yeah yeah i mentioned a Yankee manager I know… But the similarities of on again off again are amazing.

    Bobby V. is a gritty Manager. Not sure if some of these prima donnas could handle him.
    manuel is similar to Bobby V. but there’s crap Bobby will not put up with at all. but he always stands by the team. Just not sure if Bobby has it in him still. I think Manuel should get 2 years that seems fair.
    3 is pushing… because lets be honest he had his half year did well but the players didnt finish it for him.

    So he gets the next 2 years to prove he can do it and if he does then the contract will be long standing..

    Hey JD.. whisper into manuel’s ear not to blow this… 😉

  2. He’s got a great point though. Managing a team assembled by a GM employed by the NY Mets is more often than not a challenge.

  3. I’d like to see BobbyV:The Sequel. Keep in mind how quickly Bobby burns bridges though. You bring him in to win because he’ll be gone in a couple of years.

    His mouth has always gotten him in trouble.
    The obvious joke aside, I don’t know how he’s lasted in Japan so long.

  4. No way, Jose. Bobby’s a superb in-game tactician and he’s great at getting fringe guys to play over their heads — but he is quite possibly the worst manager of high-priced veterans in the game.

  5. I would not mind Bobby V coming back. It would take more in years and dollars then Jerry will. What is Bobby V contract like? If not Bobby V then who should manage this team if he or jerry turn it down.

  6. I’d welcome him back with open arms. Not only is he a proven winner as a baseball man, but I will never forget how he turned Shea into a staging area for Ground Zero and worked day and night getting supplies to the site.

    Bring Back Bobby –

    The Wilpons love him, too.

    Jerry Manuel hasn’t won anything and he’s pushing the Wilpons for a multi-year contract? No, Jerry, that’s not the way the Wilpons do business.

  7. Heyman confirmed that Manuel signed a 2 year contract with an option for the 3rd year. I’d rather had Bobby V, but good luck Jerry.