What is enough when it comes to Burgos?

When is enough going to be enough for the Mets when it comes to Ambiorix Burgos?

The Mets got a clue of his smarts when he left almost $200 thousand in jewelry lying around his hotel room in spring training. Well, being stupid isn’t a crime. However, assault on his girl friend and hit-and-run that left two women dead are crimes.

Obviously, Burgos isn’t wired properly. What investigation can the Mets do that will shed any different light then law enforcement agencies in New York and the Dominican Republic. I don’t care if Burgos can still throw 100 mph.

Why can’t the Mets just say, “we don’t want a guy with this moral fiber on our team,” and be done with it? So what if the Players Association argues? Just be done with him and move on.

18 thoughts on “What is enough when it comes to Burgos?

  1. You’re absolutely right, Franco. If he’s convicted, he’ll be lucky to see the outside of a cell for years.

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  3. I doubt Burgos will ever wear a Mets uniform again, but I think the organization is afraid to ruffle the feathers of the players’ association by acting prior to a conviction on one of the charges.

  4. To hell with the MLBPA if you have a problem with releasing this dead weight and terminating his contract. He’s done more to embarass the organization than he has to help the on the field.

  5. I think the point is that where there is smoke, there is fire.

    Why are the Mets investigating. This is a complete waste of resources when they can simply release this loser.

  6. If everything is true, he needs to go…and it certainly doesn’t sound good. But to act on allegations alone is never a good idea. Case in point? Duke lacrosse players.

    They don’t start playing again for a while, so they have plenty of time to see where this goes and act accordingly.

  7. There would be no issue with the union. Until sometime in December, any team can non-tender a contract to any player not signed for more than one year, as is Burgos. If he were under contract thru ’09 or beyond, there’d be a problem terminating it.

    Not now.

  8. Amby should be given the benefit of the doubt. He is a great player with a great disposition.

    The Mets need to build their pen around him.

    He is a great example of an athlete who gives back to the community.

    If the Mets let him go they will let go their moral fiber.

  9. BH: The duke lacrosse argument would be a valid one, however your talking about the word of “several” witness who witnessed Burgos hit and run, on top of that he’s also wanted on a gun possesion charge. Add to that his arrest earlier this month for assaulting his girlfriend put that all together and you have far more than the word of one stripper and a DA with a hard on to make a name for himself.

  10. i occasionally have collection problems with clients. maybe i should get in touch with burgos once he’s released from the mets and jail.

    i joke, of course. just get rid of the dude.

  11. I have to agree. Being a baseball player means you are an icon/role model. Many players don’t want that status, but when it comes to sports. thats what u r a role model.

    We dont need another Lima 😉

  12. I predict he signs with the Oakland Raiders (or the Portland Trailblazers) when he is kicked out the door. Man’s gone!