Minaya: “Something is missing.”

Minaya: Has a lot of work to do.

Minaya: Has a lot of work to do.

One of the first things Omar Minaya said this morning on a conference call to announce his contract extension through 2012 (with club options for 2013 and 2014), was to admit something is wrong with the make-up of his team.

“There is something there, something missing, that the club needs to get over,” Minaya said.

Minaya singled out the bullpen as the area of main concern, but did not name and possible FA replacements.

“One of the top areas we need to address is the bullpen and the closer,” Minaya said. “There’s only a few guys in the game what we say can, ‘lock-out an inning,’ so we’ll have to look in the market place, or look internally, because for a championship team that is very important.”

To fill that void, and the projected starting pitching void without Pedro Martinez and Oliver Perez, Minaya said he would listen to trade offers for anyone, and that includes core players David Wright, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran.

Minaya called the trio, “winning players,” but added, “we owe it to ourselves to look at all areas. I’m going to be open-mined all winter.”

Minaya, however, isn’t shopping these three, and I got the impression this was GM clichespeak, in that all GM’s say they will listen to any proposals that could improve the team.

Minaya also said:

-Discussions are on-going on a contract extension for manager Jerry Manuel. It’s believed the Mets have a two-year deal on the table but Manuel is thinking three.

-The team is interested in bringing back Carlos Delgado, and has told his agent this.

-He’s interested in having Oliver Perez return and said he made progress.

-Said the team is waiting to complete its investigation and let the legal process take its course before making a decision on troubled reliever Ambiorix Burgos.

15 thoughts on “Minaya: “Something is missing.”

  1. “Something is missing”

    Nice of him to notice. You would think he would have noticed it last season.

    Sometimes he says some of the most incomprehensible things when talking about the team.

    Hopefully with the extension he’ll get his head together and do some more good.

    Looking back he’s made some killer deals.

  2. i think omar has made some terrible deals as well, but i also think he has done well in other areas. giving him such a long extension is odd timing though. i think this offseason is his time to put up or shut up. yes he got santana last yr but this yr is where he needs to earn his money. put together a bullpen, fill holes in the rotatiom, and add a bat…can he do it?

  3. I been posting this at various blogs to see different people’s opinion on this.

    Just thought of this… My biggest complaint over the years has always been settling for the mediocre guy when the impact guy would “only” be $3-$5million more.
    So with that in mind, lets look at Oliver Perez, he made $6.5 million this season. He’s expected to make, what? $10-$12 million over 4 years or so.

    CC Sabathia made $11 million this season. I mean, I have no idea how much he’s going to end up getting but a fair guesstimate would be $15-17 million over 6 years or so. Which is VERY similar to what Johan’s contract situation.
    CC is a year younger than Johan but a year older than Perez but is a HUGE upgrade over Perez. So for an extra $5million or so, would it be worth it to go after CC Sabathia?

    This whole time I thought it was dumb and would never happen and thought whoever reccomended that is living in la-la land and think there are infinite funds BUT when put into that perspective comparing Oliver Perez and CC Sabathia, it makes a little more sense, looks feasible, and in my opinion doesn’t look so far fetched anymore.
    Hopefully Omar is thinking this way and deems it worthy, I certainly do.

  4. Benny, try $20 million a year for Sabathia or close. The Mets could not pay him more than Johan.

  5. CC will get more than Johan.
    Minaya is my favorite GM, excpet he’s starting to make it to easy to criticize him. But if he does keep Delgado I won’t disagree. If he resigns OP I won’t disagree. Signing OP will keep Delcos boiling every 5 nights…what’s to dislike? Would love to hear his internal options on the pen…..

  6. benny- you make good points, but i just dont think the mets will spend 17 mill plus a yr on another pitcher
    i would prefer them not spend 15 mil on a closer either

  7. Harry: So, let me get this straight, you want them to re-sign Perez just to drive me crazy? Nice. … The thing that scares me about Sabathia is his weight. He’s huge now. How long before he breaks down? That, and age, are advantages to Perez. But, if I had to choose between the two for one night it would be Sabathia.-JD

  8. JD, totally agree on Sabathia. His weight is terrifying and the amount of innings he ahs thrown in such a short period of time is also frightening. I say sign derek lowe. nice ground ball pitcher who doesn’t destroy his arm with his motion. I would also offer ollie arbitration, if he takes it great, if not, take the draft picks and run. Jon Garland is also a nice option.

  9. Sabathia’s weight scares me, and so does the financial commitment he’ll require. (I fully expect he’ll get a bigger contract than Santana, and the price will only go up higher if he has a big run in the playoffs.)

    I want Omar break out of the bargain-bin mindset that he’s had when addressing the bullpen problems. “Internal options” aren’t going to cut it — do you really want to go into the spring planning to have a rookie closer? (Or worse – a retread from the bullpen that failed us in 2008?)

    More importantly, I want him to think outside the box. There’s no way the Wilpons are going to spend enough to solve all the team’s problems through free agency, so Omar is going to have to be creative if we’re going to see postseason baseball at Citi Field in 2009.

  10. Harry: I couldnt agree more who are these internal options and where were they this year???

  11. If Sabathis required more financial and yearly commitment than Johan I’d back off.
    But I threw it out there to have something to discuss, its certainly something to consider.

    Derek Lowe is good, I like him, a positive for him is he used to be a reliever and doesn’t have milleage on his arm, he’s only been a starter for 7 years.

    Nick Evans is a trade chip and unfortunately is pretty much the only one.

  12. I would certainly take CC over almost every pitcher in baseball for one night but I don’t see CC coming to Queens. And I don’t see a pitcher 27 who, altho he is is very erratic, has pitched big in many big games, being replaced by somebody equal or better and when you need to replace one starter and a whole bullpen already, you better keep OP, plus yes, I want OP, not because he drives you nuts but since he does that to you, how many fans does he do that to as well making the blog very entertaining…..

  13. I don’t know who is available, but quality is quality just look at Johan and then the rest of the staff.