Mets to announce Minaya today

The Mets will announce a contract extension today for general manager Omar Minaya to run through the 2012 season. His current contract runs through 2009.

After Minaya’s deal is announced, the Mets will focus on an extension for manager Jerry Manuel who replaced Willie Randolph, June 17.

Minaya said he took responsibility for the Randolph administration, and although the firing was clumsy, he should receive kudos for making the move when it would have been easy to stay put and hope for the turnaround.

Manuel has the player’s endorsement. Said Carlos Beltran: “I believe he should be back. He’s a great man and he did everything possible.’’

7 thoughts on “Mets to announce Minaya today

  1. Please tell Mr Minaya when he pats himself on the back to not forget to take credit for two great collapses in a row!! Well, at least we know that giving out contracts that are too long in duration goes to all levels in this inept organization.
    But, I’m glad they are keeping Minaya around. All the bad moves will keep the Met sites lively. What do Red sox fans get to complain about with Theo?
    To Jerry: Remember that as fast as Minaya is to support you, don’t turn that back or the knife will enter very quickly in order to save himself.

  2. JD: If the Mets low ball Jerry and they can’t get a deal done or he waits to see what other jobs are open where do theMets turn?? If they have a list who is on it? Do they go with an unproven manager or a vetran guy? Is there someone in the organization? Do you think if Jerry comes back does he make changes to the staff?

  3. Still can’t understand the love affair between the Mets and Minaya. He must have something on Jeff.

  4. Amazing how people forget what this team looked like before Omar got here. He deserves a chance to fix the pen, and to dump Castillo.

  5. If Duquette were given free reign to spend as much money as Omar has spent you never know how he would have done here. He wasn’t given the chance to succeed.

  6. Bosco: If things fell apart in negotiations with Manuel, the Mets have a short list of secondary candidates. I think Manuel will return, and he has the authority to make changes in his staff.-JD