Mets after Midnight ….

Moon over the Mets.

Moon over the Mets.

The Internet has made it easy to follow the Mets from any where at anytime. If you’re on the West Coast, like poster Patrick, you’re probably ready to talk Mets while most of us in the East Coast are calling it a night.

Not anymore. I will run this post for awhile, hopefully to find out how many friends I have from the West Coast. Ask questions and make your comments, and I’ll answer them in the morning. If it turns out there’s a lot of you out there, I’ll do a midnight Mets Chat Room.

Of course, if you’re on the East Coast and can’t sleep, which happens to almost nightly, I hope you jump in also.

14 thoughts on “Mets after Midnight ….

  1. Do you still have access to the Minaya press conference? Does he avoid calling on reporters who ask tough questions?

    Also why do you think the Angels have such trouble with the Red Sox (who are the defending world champions, but still…)?

  2. jd – I am ok the west coast. Thanks for keeping the hot stove alive. This is a withdrawal time for mets fans. Trying to figure out how to pass the time until pitchers and catchers report.

    I look at the bullpen that the angels are able to run out and can only dream about what could have been with our metsies if we had a reliable pen.

    JD – do you think the mets will increase their payroll next year or stay the same?

  3. Watching the Angels I see Juan Rivera is still buried on the Angels, what a waste…i wonder if he’s enough for left field or only a platoon player…

  4. Im surprised most papers today see Easley as done with the Mets, I wonder why he wouldn’t come back as a bench player he has a nice righty bat as long as he gets rest…

  5. Im in Arizona which is not west coast but close enough. My question is How about the Mets chances of picking up Manny? They went on and on today about how he helps everbody else in the lineup with his presence. He is the big righthanded bat the Mets need.

  6. ahh…some west coast love.

    to be honest i’m still digesting and coming to terms with this season’s outcome and another year with no october baseball for the mets.

    but i have been reading diligently to the thoughts, suggestions, trade proposals, and desired free agents that have been posted here.

    i think sometime in the near future i’ll post a “what i would do” scenario for the mets this offseason. JD – perhaps that might be a fun thing for everyone to do — but only if people didn’t approach it as if they were running a video game baseball team (i.e. you can’t trade heilman and castillo for matt holiday).

    maybe we could set a budget at around $140 mil meaning that you would have aprox. $30 million in free money to spend this offseason.

  7. Dan: Yes, I have access to the Minaya press conference. It will start in a few minutes.-JD

  8. Mackey: I don’t think they have any choice but to increase their payroll to fix their pitching holes. Sure, they will have money off the books with Alou, Duque, Pedro and Perez, but they all must be replaced.-JD

  9. Ray: There’s no doubt Manny and the Mets will talk. He would improve their offense, no doubt, but they still have too many pitching holes. I think that’s where the bulk of the money should go.-JD

  10. ed: I like Damion Easley and think he should return. He’s helped them a lot more than, say, Luis Castillo has. Guys like Easley are important.-JD

  11. Manny being Manny would surely bring some swagger to Queens. Of course the other side of Manny being Manny is just a 6 foot + tall headache.

    You have to take the good with the bad.

    Omar is fascinated by the long ball.

    Does Omar really believe you can win with a firestorm lineup and a mediocre staff? This year should have proven him wrong on that finally.

  12. SamG: You would think. And, when the Mets talk about needing to build up their pitching, they are talking about two starters, a closer, and maybe two set-up relievers. That’s five. I’d rather the Mets go there than Manny.-JD