Will you follow the playoffs?

Apparently, I’m not off to a good start following the playoffs. It is the eighth inning of the Phillies’ game. I can assume most of you aren’t pulling for the Phillies, but with the Mets not in it, will you watch with a rooting interest if you watch at all.

I’m an underdog rooter, so I want Tampa Bay to run the table. That would drive George crazy, by the way.

14 thoughts on “Will you follow the playoffs?

  1. unreal, francesca, if he did not hear this straight from church’s mouth then he needs serious help

    ill root for the cubs i guess

  2. I’m not really interested. I’m skipping the opening round, but I may start watching the LCS if the Cubbies are still in it.

    I think I could get into a Tampa/Chicago World Series.

  3. ed: I talked with Church several times and never heard anything like that. … And yes, I believe Schneider will return.-JD

  4. Cubs and Rays, I guess. I wont really be into it though. I Dont even have the Yankees to root against this year.

  5. I’ll watch it when I can and hope some underdog like Tampa or Milwaukee wins it (cursed Ron Gardenhire as they lost the playoff). Don’t want to see the Cubs..the cutesy stuff about the “goat curse” makes me sick. They didn’t have no curse.. they had poor ownership (Wrigley and tribune) that for decades didn’t care about winning. Plus the first rivalry I remember (besides wanting to be less horrible than the Colt .45s/Astros) was with Leo durocher, Ron Santo and the slimeball Bleacher Bums.

    Right now time to get ready for hockey. Just got back from seeing the Islanders lose 3-0 to the Devils. How bad are the Islanders? (Rodney Dangerfield time) They couldn’t score against the Mets bullpen.
    Garth Snow is more inept than Omar Minaya. Mike Milbury is the worst GM ever! But I know they will be bad I can go and cheer happily for a close loss.