Please subscribe to us …. at no cost.

Please go to the right of this post and click on Subscribe to Feed. That will keep you up to date on new posts, and let you know when we’ll do another Mets Chat Room. Also, I’m trying to find a way where new posts can be automatically sent to your email address.

If this is possible, and you’re interested, let me know.


6 thoughts on “Please subscribe to us …. at no cost.

  1. I have had you in my RSS Reader from LoHud days and now here. I use google reader and it sends me all the posts you make as they are updated – obviously I dont get chat posts (comments) but every time you make a new entry I get it and I think that works the best in case anyone is looking for a way to get this content sent to them.

  2. John– I love this blog! I followed you from LoHud and never looked back!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. I subscribe to some Yahoo groups. They send email summaries of postings there.

    I wouldn’t/couldn’t get these at work and you get too much traffic to want to read an email at the end of the day of 300 posts for one thread!

  4. When I click on the “subscribe to feed” link all that comes up is a lot of scrambled letters. What can I do about this?

  5. This looks like a nice blog…but for chr!st’s sake, PLEASE quit SPAMMING the MOFO with your rapid fire posts!! It looks like John Delcos Mets Report is taking over the MOFO and I think that sux. Most of the stuff you post has already been posted by members anyway. There should be a “John Delcos Mets Report” filter impelemented.