Mets to announce Minaya contract tomorrow

Four more years.

Four more years.

The Mets scheduled a telephone news conference for tomorrow to announce a new contract for general manager Omar Minaya. After Minaya, the Mets are then expected to finalize a contract for manager Jerry Manuel.

I’m sure plenty of you have thoughts on this, many of them heated as the Mets lost on the final day of the season for the second straight year.

This season brought several defining moments in Minaya’s career, beginning with the trade for two-time American League Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins. Minaya also traded prospect Lastings Milledge to Washington for outfielder Ryan Church and catcher Brian Schneider.

The Mets, and Minaya, were criticized for their handling of Church’s concussion, and for circumstances surrounding the firing of manager Willie Randolph.

Minaya’s first order of business will be signing manager Jerry Manuel to an extension and patching a bullpen that blew 29 save opportunities.

14 thoughts on “Mets to announce Minaya contract tomorrow

  1. JD, what do you think of the Mets signing Manny? Alot of ppl say he’s a bad teammate but explain to me how the Dodgers (despite the division they play in) make the playofs when everyone said the last 2 years the Dodgers had bad chemistry.

    He be great for the Mets, he would take aot of pressure off DWright in clutch situations and really ease the pressure off of everyone.

    I expect the Mets to be in the talk b/c Minaya loves him but what do you think?

  2. When will Jerry become official and do you expect all the coaches back or will he get to pick a few… If so who goes…With Pedro probably leaving and the pen looking as it did is Conti in trouble, Aguoyo was horrible at times, does Hojo take blame for the clutch hitting. Alomar is a Manuel guy does he like Obie….

    Oh and does Tony B. stay

  3. Aguoyo was awful but if i remember correctly he is an Omar guy so one never knows. Unfortunately, i think hojo will be a fall guy for the clutch hitting.

  4. Like an ineffective president after a four-year term, Minaya doesn’t deserve to be back for next season, much less extended by three years.
    The Mets are worse off now, after his four seasons, despite winning a division title two years ago.

  5. Gil the team was a 294- 354 in the four years prior to Omar their only winning season was 82-80 in 2001. They were in last place or close to it and couldn’t get anyone to take them serious,,,,

    Since Omar the record is 350- 291 there worst season was his first which was a .512 winning percentage…

    I’m not happy with the last two years and I think he became way too conservative after 06 and the wilpon’s might of gotten a little fugel with all the new revenue but give him credit i think sometimes we forget where we came from in our impatience…

    In his

  6. ed: Excellent point. As bad as the bullpen has been the past two years, it was still good enough to take the Mets to the final day of the season.-JD

  7. I’m really not convinced the Omar should be brought back. For all the good moves, he sure made a lot of bad ones.

    Since I don’t really have anybody else in mind for the GM’s job, I guess I can live with it though.

    I’d think that some coaching changes are in order. I’d definitely replace Aguayo at third base, and Conti’s probably on thin ice with the bullpen struggles.

    Somebody is going to answer for the team’s poor clutch hitting, and my guess is that it will be HoJo.

  8. I was hoping tony B. would be out as he seems to be an undermining type i could see him doing to Omar what he did to willie….I thought maybe Kivinsky ( Former reds GM) was brought in for that purpose he was very good at evaluating young talent just look at some of the reds prospects and he goes way back to Texas with Omar…

  9. pvhornet: Could it be the Dodgers made the playoffs because they won 84 games in in a poor division? The Padres are small market and reached the end of a good run, finishing first 4 times since 1996 and making the world series once. The Giants have no farm for the last decade except a couple pitchers. The Rockies caught lightning in a bottle. despite humidors, it will be a struggle to develop pitching one mile high. The Diamond backs are alright.

    Bringing back Minaya is alright but I wouldn’t go for a four extension. Two would be enough, Cashman gets a new three year contract for signing Igawa instead of Lilly and not trading two injury-prone pitchers and a AAAA outfielder for Santana.
    I have heard the Wilpons love Minaya for increasing their presence in Latin America. It sounds nice if it means getting some bullpen help and bench strength so The Core doesn’t wear down.
    But the Wilpons need to develop a clear chain of command. Randolph wasn’t too good but he shouldn’t have been undermined by Bernazzard.

    One candidate I would like to see with a team willing to spend money is former Twins GM Terry Ryan. Don’t know how he is with the media, a necessity in this town with heavyweights on the radio

  10. Or you can say the Mets made it as far as they did in spite of the bullpen. I think that is a far more accurate take.